Love A.D.D.erall

At 21 they diagnosed me with AD/HD & gave me smart pills. My grades shot up & my future brightened & some said I was better. But I am numb inside of this drug. People I love become distant strangers sometimes, so proud of me for victories I didn’t earn. How do I tell them I am not what I do or have done. I’ll never be happy on this drug, but I’ll never be successful without it. If only I could Love Adderall.

Teva’s Generic Adderall XR

In April of 2009, Adderall XR went generic.

According to this article in Philadelphia Business Journal:

“(O)n Thursday, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries became the first company to launch a generic version of Shire’s attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder drug Adderall XR.”

My first thought was: here we go again.

When the immediate release form of Adderall went generic a few years ago, it caused a shitstorm.  In particular, CorePharma’s cheap pink generic version of Adderall IR caused a shitstorm that I participated in.

For one, the pink generic Adderall was noticeably different from its orange predecessor.  Moreover, I simply do not believe the standard industry line that generic medications are “exactly the same” as their branded counterparts, given the leeway that generic drug producers have when it comes to binders and fillers.

The thousands of responses I received to my posts on this topic indicate that others tend to agree.  I’m wondering if some of these same issues arose (or are arising) with the generic extended release form of Adderall.

The new generic Adderall XR is produced by Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, a pharmaceutical company based in Jerusalem that mergered with Barr Pharmaceuticals in 2008.   Barr laboratories had previously produced a generic Adderall immediate release, which I found less unpleasant than CorePharma’s pink Adderall.

But it’s also noteworthy that Teva was sued by Shire Laboratories in 2006 over patent issues.  Shire was the original patent holder for brand named Adderall.  It was around that time that many of us first began to notice the difference between generic and brand Adderall.  (I sure hope the clowns at CorePharma weren’t tinkering with the recipe to avoid lawsuits.)

I can’t speak from personal experience regarding Teva’s new generic Adderall XR, but early reports from friends and associates of mine are that “The timed release went generic and now it sucks.”

The Food & Drug Administration has a contact page.  People who notice these sorts of problems are encouraged to notify the FDA.


  Anonymous wrote @

this teva shit is pure garbage!

  CityCat wrote @

Wait a sec, according to Shire they are currently the only manufacturer making the new generic Adderall XR and with the identical formulation as the brand. The labeling is different, but they are still the manufacturer for now. That will probably change later. Do you think Shire is lying about keeping the formulation the same for the generic?

  Voorhees wrote @

Hi CityCat-

By selling a patent, the contract sometimes stipulates that the original company will cooperate with the generic company in producing the drug at first.

Shire is focused mainly focused on Vyvanse, now a competitor of Adderall. With a cheap generic version of Adderall XR on the market, it will effectively discontinue the Shire’s production of this drug under the brand name Adderall XR.

Not saying they’re liars. In fact, I’d be interested to read the link where Shire claims the formulations are “identical” rather than simply compliant with the legal parameters established in generic interchange legislation.

  Cindy wrote @

I can tell you this from experience. I have been taking Adderall XR for about 2 yrs. Was diagnosed in my 50’s, best thing that ever happened to me. My last script I filled I was given the generic without even letting me know it was generic. I realized when I paid for it since it was so much cheaper. It is not the same. Feels like it is watered down. I talked to my doctor about it and he said that I am not the first to complain to him about it. He also told me that “generic” can be manufactured at 80% of the name brand and still be able to call itself generic of the brand name. I asked him and he agreed to write my next script for “brand only” that way I can get through my insurance, even though I still have to pay a higher price than the copay for generic. I much rather pay the extra. The problem at this point that I can see is that the pharmacies are not carrying as much of the name brand and I have to call ahead to make sure they actually have the name brand in stock, and as you know, since it is a narcotic you cannot fill until a certain day and you cannot leave the script with them. Makes it very inconvenient. Looks to me like another case of money and profits rule.

  Courtney wrote @

I have been taking Adderall XR since December 08 with very positive and successful results. In June 2009, Medco by Mail switched the prescription to generic. The Amphetamine Mixed ER caps look nearly identical so I did not realize they had been switched. Since June, I have been extremely irritable, unfocused, lethargic, and (in the last few weeks) experiencing severe depression. I could not understand what went wrong until I noticed that the medication I had been taking was not the same. I believe that there is something different in the generic that has caused such an adverse reaction in me and I have just filed a formal complaint with the FDA.

  beth wrote @

Our insurance switched my son to generic adderall xr two weeks ago. In that time, he progressively lost sleep and developed increasing and acute anxiety. I’ve just today connected the likely cause with the generic med. What a nightmare.

  kirk storm wrote @

The generic is garbage (for me)

  Amy wrote @

I never tried brand name adderall xr. My only experiences were with barr’s ir adderall. iIwanted to see if add improved with a long acting adderall. I filled it and was given barr’s xr caps, 30 mg.

This has been a completely different feeling and one I do not like. It makes me angry, jumpy and depressed! Dose increase or decrese has no effect on these feelings. I have never experienced this with the ir.

My original thoughts were the time release formula was causing problems. I tried two methods to seperate the time release portion and ir portion, both were effective in process, but neither helped change the feeling. I’ll never take this again.

  anonymous wrote @

For me the Barr generic 30mg Adderall tab is too sweet, crumbly and offers about 75% potency compared to the 30 mg Shire. That tab is orange and oval.

I feel I had better results from an orange, round, 4 scored harder compounded 30 mg tab, but don’t know which company makes it. Is that the CorePharma brand. If so, I prefer that brand compared to Barr.
I read on another ADD forum than many patients taking Barr Adderall generics didn’t like them and went back to Shire, but Shire is literally about 10 times the cost of generics

  bill wrote @

The fact that people are experiencing withdrawl symptoms from these smaller dosages just proves to me that these drugs are nothing more than prescription addiction.

  Jason wrote @

When a person has a chemical inbalance which causes them to have problems falling asleep, and causes them to unwillingly stay up till 5 in the morning, this effects other aspects of their life. A doctor may perscribe a sleeping pill. With increased sleep other aspects of their life improve. Without the sleeping pill this person can not fall asleep. Would you consider this an addiction?
ADHD works in the same way by improving attention spam and the ability to focus other aspects of a person’s life also improve. A different chemical introduced to the brain by a different generic filler – you can’t tell me the a different chemical composition will have the same effect as a previous chemical.
While some people abuse perscription drugs, the fact you blame a drug I find it ammusing.
Ex. A doctor perscribes you sleeping pills.
“Your addicted to sleeping pills.”
“I couldn’t get to sleep before and now I can”
*sarcasm* Your right this person who couldn’t get to sleep before and now can with the aid of a drug is obviously addicted to their sleeping pills *sarcasm*

  unknown wrote @

I would say they are DEPENDENT but not addicted or an addict. An addict is someone who abuses the medication. I am sure they would be fine if the skipped a dose.

  David wrote @

Most will never admit this, but they really are taking the drug because it improves their mood, and gives them a high. That’s why you all like the orange………. let’s lay the cards on the table.

  Corine wrote @

About the generic adderall: this summer, my son, 24, experienced terrible adverse reactions with the Corepharma pink pill. He has ADD, and so far, CVS sold him the Barr generic. But this summer, without any warning, they sold him the Ranbaxy Corepharma pill 20mg. As soon as he tasted this pink pill he knew that something was seriously off. He went back to CVS but was told by the pharmacist that this pink pill “was the same recipe” as the others. Anyway, seeing what my son went trhough, I decided to do something to maybe protect other patients. I filed a complaint to the FDA , wrote to Ranbaxy, Corepharma, everywhere I could to protest. Would you guys send me an email describing your experience with this pink pill. I need help because they are not really responding to my complaint. Email me at Thanks.

  Vince wrote @

I just received the generic for Adderall EX 20mg through my prescription insurance plan’s “by mail” plan after taking the brand name for almost a year. The capsules look identical except for the text on them. It is definitely not the same drug. I can’t believe the FDA let’s this happen. I am on my fourth day with these and I feel horrible. Something needs to be done to stop this unacceptable substitute.

  corine wrote @

Could you please tell me the generic name of your pill? Thanks.

  Brittany wrote @

I have been unknowingly taking the generic XR 30mg for two months now and in those two months i have been complaining to my friends that i just don’t feel right and can’t sleep even when i take it at 7 am. I know thats a typically side effect but i’ve been taking it for years and never experienced it unless i took it after 2pm. This month when my mother sent me my perscription (i’m away at college) i looked at the bottle and realized it was the generic form and then i looked at my previous bottles and the symptoms started when the generic version was given to me. Since the pills look the same i just naturally thought it was. I also realized that the new ones smell different. I feel like they have a lower effectiveness and worse side effects. I never really had a problem with generics until now and i hope enough complaints are sent for the FDA to listen and place stricter control on these generic manufacturing guidlines.

  corine wrote @


Could you please tell me the generic name of your pill? Thanks

  Maggie wrote @

My son took Vyvanse last Spring. He took summer vacation from his meds. When school started back up, he started taking the Vyvanse again. He hated it. He said it depressed him – temporarily. A teacher confirmed that he seemed in a trance. So he started taking 2 – 10mg Ranbaxy (CORE) tablets of Adderall (blue). These had been for use when working a big homework project at night. He says they are great. I am guessing he feels this way because they probably aren’t doing much. Thanks for all of your comments. He’s a senior in high school this year and we are struggling with him and his school work – again. I am thinking it could be because the Ranbaxy isn’t very effective. I have a call into his doctor. Thank you all again.

Info that I’ve learned today. TEVA took over Barr – generic formula and the Duramed – Shire Brand formula. I cannot tell if the Brand formula is really still available. Right now TEVA’s site shows the 20 mg “Adderall Brand” as an orange oval tablet with p 973 imprinted on it. People seem to like the Barr (or is it TEVA) generic formula better than the Ranbaxy (CORE) generic formula. It seems Shire has already stopped making IR – I think it passed to Barr and then to TEVA. It sounds like Shire will stop making XR in early 2010. They want to focus on Vyvanse. It seems the Ranbaxy generic may be manufactured in India. Several of Ranbaxy’s India plants have had issues with the FDA in the past. I cannot tell where the TEVA/Barr is/will be made. But I will be calling pharmacies before I fill another prescription. I will try to locate a TEVA/Barr/Duramed generic. Wish me luck.

  Anonymous wrote @

No offense, but i really think most of you guys are crazy.
The xr made by teva has the same ingredients, its just the time of release that makes the brandname and generic different. Take for instance the IR brand name/generic battle. It’s the fillers that are different. People who had been on barr generics (which i suspect have faster dissolving fillers) complained that the Corr generics didn’t do anything, but lasted too long. The corr generics customers complained that the barr generics are too short lasting and too speedy. if you’re following what i’m saying, the corr customers were used to a slower, smaller release of medicine over the day. Now, i suggest to you all to just fricken break up your immediate release pills. if you have a problem with the fillers, do something about it. its an INSTANT release pill and will be dissolved within 30 minutes anyway, so just break it up and stop bitching about fillers and differences.

  blah wrote @

You have no idea what you’re taking about. It always astounds me, the people on these forumns with your attitude. You obviously haven’t been through the hell we have been through or else you’d realize that what you see as contradictions in people’s descriptions of the subjective effects of the medications, are actually accurate. Your paraphrazed description above DOES sound like a contradiction. But you explained it perfectly. It’s as if the Corr generics didn’t do anything for my ADD. Yet were powerfull in their effects. Hundreds of people are saying this. If they are right, then this would indicate that their are active chemicals in these medications coming out of substandard manufacturing processes, that change what else is in that pill. For me, they triggered a different mechanism of action having NOTHING to do with fillers or binders. This has NOTHING to do with speed of delivery. The chemical in my body, acted so profoundly different. It wrecked me when I was on it, no matter how small the dose, it felt like poison as I tapered off as quick as possible. Afterwords, the effects remained in my system for days. Blind fold me, change the doses, I’d be able to pick out a core pharma generic after 20 minutes without fail. I always smile to myself when I run into minds like yours. You remind me of that one kid in class in grade school, who never questioned the god-like authority of a teacher or parent. What the teacher said was true, because a teacher said it. You just think that Corr generics are merely a difference of binders and fillers, because their is a law saying they should be no different!!?? And you trust, in the absolute inability for the powers that be. The powers like the FDA that have failed at their only job time and time again, to protect us from hard to see/test for differences in molecular structure of these pills.? That’s pretty trusting of you. I wonder what causes people like you so much agitation when there’s a bunch of people going through something like this. Why do you try to oversimplify or brush their opinnions off. Is it because if they are right, it feels uncomfortable if you have to admit to yourself that these large comforting organizations like the FDA are rubbish?

  G wrote @

Agree. Great post.

  Anonymous wrote @


  Anonymous wrote @

I am trying to do research, investigating the side effects of the generic adderall xr vs. the side effects of the name brand adderall xr. My husband was doing really great with his ADD being controlled and he was able to focus at work. 0 side effects, until a few weeks ago I noticed that he was behaving differently. Much more moody and lack of sex drive. I realized that his medication was not the same, it was the generic for adderall and I wonder if his current side effects are due to the change of medication? Anyone having any issues with their sex drive on this GENERIC Crap?

  sharposts wrote @

There is another generic company (Eon labs owned by Sandoz owned by Novartis who manufacture brand ritalin) who make adderall generic.

I switched to it and its awesome. It is the best adderall available now after both the brand adderall and the generic barr changed to ineffective formiula

“(1) Eon labs is Owned now by Sandoz
Sandoz is a generic company owned by Novartis (makers of brand Ritalin).

(2) Eon labs still make adderall generic
they now use the same formula as sandoz for their generic

(3) sandoz generic = eon lab generic is reported to be very smooth and equal to the brand when made by shire if not better because they do clinical trials and studies on their generics

You will get good adderall formula or at least better than teva new formula for generic price”

  tara wrote @

I think it really is a cheap sneaky criminal attempt to not only make the new Barr 30 mg orange round tablets almost identical looking to the real Brand Shire Adderall, but actually give patients a completely inferior non effective pill. Not only does it not work at all it actually makes me feel worse. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me last month after picking up the same all brand 5 meds that i have been for 10 years + because they looked all the same and even said Adderall on the bottle. However after a week of feeling sick depressed , completely unmotivated and just plain awful, I just happened to look at that orange adderall SWEET tablet that did not say AD on the side but some other letter or symbol and then I realized those MO t er F hers had given me a useless bottle of crap. Oh but wait, its too late tlo bring it back because i took them for a week already and I was already almost half out of them due to no active ingredient even close to Shire. I had to wait until the next month to make sure I got Brand and guess what they were the same thing that i took out of The bag at which time the pharmacist showed a stupid looking bottle that said Adde all to prove it was the same. That’s all they carry now because Shire is gone he said. Bull sh t! Anyone who wants to try to say that oh they work the same and no difference at all in anything is either a liar, does not have adhd or works for Barr. Shut up and I really mean that because how dare you say anything to patients that are feeling like crap and cant even focus function and are more depressed than ever. And no its not about being addicted idiot, its called if my doctor wanted to lower my dose with my permission he would do it like its supposed to be done for the safety of the patient. Its called TAPER you idiots! You don’t just stop abruptly taking any medication that is prescribed to you for a length of time. In fact if I just stopped abruptly taking any of my meds my doctor would probably be a little angry due to the fact that its dangerous for me and a liability for him. What rock did you crawl out from because it sounds like you have no idea about what you take, prescribe or most likely sell. I will track down IP addresses and report anyone who continuing to cause harm to patients by Lying who they are and where they work. I think that should sum it up for today but tomorrow I will be investigating what the hell this is all about. And yes I will have help from people who can focus and get to the bottom of this helping me due to the fact that my meds don’t work and i am worse than without them. Don’t even try to debate this subject. It is not up for debate!

  dee wrote @

my 13 year old son has adhd and has been taking adderall xr 20 mg for over 4 years and had 2 years at a lower dose. the month before last i noticed that he was given a generic that read “amphetamine salts” on the label and pills-they looked the same as the brand name. i noticed no difference between the two brands, as he seemed no different as he did on the adderall xr. last month he was not given the generic, but the same ol’ adderall xr and all was still good. this week i’ve noticed that he has been behaving like he would if he hadn’t taken his medicine, but he has had problems going to sleep at night throughout the week and was sleeping less then 6 hours/night. i had it by this morning… his mood swings, temper, constant headaches, inability to focus, whining and chewing up his clothes!!!…OMG! i got to thinking that something had to be wrong with his medication…. my son visited his dad during christmas break, so i gave his script for adderall to his dad to pick up. perhaps the pharmacy made a mistake giving the wrong dose or something. this morning i looked at the bottle and pills-they look exactally the same, but says amphet salts on the pills and the bottle reads “dextroamp-ampphet er 20 mg cglo”. which lead me to google, and then to here. it is hard enough for a parent to give their child a medication like this, but the pros out weight the cons in my son’s case. now they sneak this kind of change without saying anything and try to make it look as the real thing. this generic is NOT the same!!!!!!!!!! my kid is a completely different person right now because of this change!!!! i don’t think it will be long before a certain company gets another lawsuit!

  Jerry wrote @

WOW!!! I can’t believe what the hell I’m reading here! I too have been on adderall xr 30mg for the past couple years and it was the best thing that ever happened for me… until…. about 6 months ago, I agreed to take the generic brand adderall which looks identical. Since then, my whole world has been miserable and uneventful. There is no more motivation or focus for me! In addition, my thought process and verbal responses have been extremely delayed. Initially, after starting the generic stuff, I couldn’t understand why I was actually getting tired two hours after taking it. I also noticed that the much needed boost was no longer there and I was struggling to stay alert and awake. Headaches and nausea have also been an issue! I just assumed these negative effects were a result of my tolerance level or something. However, according to what I’ve learned from you guys with your posts, THERE IS A VERY HUGE PROBLEM WITH THE GENERIC STUFF!!!!!! BOTTOM LINE!!!! I am calling my doc and demanding the brand adderall first thing tomorrow morning. Just like most of you, I am so sleep deprived because of this generic shit and I’ve been a total zombie for like…… 6 MONTHS…….. since I started takin the cheap stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I do not take any other meds and I never had to with the brand adderall. But this whole reason why I feel depressed with the dwelling on bad things and other stupid stuff finally makes sense! UNBELIEVABLE that I’ve been that so warped and exhausted to not even realize WTF happened to me!!!!! There is absolutely NO OTHER POSSIBLE REASON for what happened to me except for the HUGE PROBLEM with the GENERIC ADDERRALL!!! I’ll give you a follow up shortly… THANKS!

  Britt wrote @

Hi, i used to take adderall 20 for 2 years. it was great. then i was swiched to amphetamine salts er and is seemed to be working great. then i was swiched to dextroamp amphet er and it was horriable! i was so hyper could not do any of my work i feal MORE hungry. i hate this stuff and it was given to me when i had to take my mid terms! =/

  Anoym wrote @

I also take Adderal xr’s. Like many others one day I noticed after having my script filled that they weren’t the same looking pill. I check the bottle thinking there was some mistake. Took it back into CVS where they explained that this was a new generic. At such a lower rate I was sceptical but very happy with my bill. The next day I noticed that they did not have the same effect infact it had all the adverse effects and non of the beneficial effects. More harsher dry mouth is never fun. I called my doctor where he went on a rant about how this particular generic didn’t have the same amount or same ratio of *stuff*. He also went on a rant on how pharmacies order the generics because they can make more money off of them.
He had me in within the next few days and gave me a script with name brand writen all over it. Back to normal for me. Is this to say that the generic isn’t effective? Certainly not. For some people they find it ineffective others don’t.
Similar to the post Jerry wrote @ January 17, 2010 at 11:50 pm ( thankyou copy and paste) I felt and seemed depressed on the generic. If you have been taking the generic and feel depressed i would deffinatly suggest asking your doctor to try name brand to see if it makes a differnce. For me it did and I’m very happy it did, being depressed is no fun.

  Joe wrote @

As of December, when I asked the pharmacist to show me all three bottle he had of brand/generic Adderall XR, the generic and brand name versions were made by the exact same company, in the exact same factory in Kentucky. So unless you are suggesting that there is some sort of conspiracy at work here to make the generics not function as well so people have to buy the brand name, you’re all nuts.

  kellie wrote @

you must work for the company…or you are simply a moron!

  Anonymous wrote @

you get what you pay for unless its on discount lol

  Tara wrote @

Yes that is what we are saying Joe. It’s called a company choosing to risk thousands of peoples life for profit. You didn’t mention that you actually take the medication nor did you say what the name of the company was on those three bottles the pharmacist showed you. Why do you have an interest in this subject anyway? Oh, I beg to differ who is nuts Joe because only someone that has no knowledge on a this subject would end their post with that statement. Everyone who posted their opinion regarding this topic sounds quite intelligent, very rational and very sane. It is an inferior product. What are you suggesting, that all the people posting comments on this issue are somehow conspiring to pay more to the company? Yes, and you weren’t included. Please stop, at least for your own sake.

  Anonymous wrote @

your damn right! i think when something is 400 dollars without insurance and something else is only 60 without insurance then in most cases the 400 dollar is the good stuff. its like buying food some generics are good and some are not but about 90% of the time the brand name is effective and does what it says. Then you got crooks who try to get over and eventually they get sued. I just got Eon labs today and i feel jittery as hell and i cant focus. What ive heard is it should be a smooth stimulant not no damn energy drink. lol im less motivated than before and i got runny stool like hell. no more generic adhd meds for me.

  Jason wrote @

You guys are crazy. Dependent on a pill.

  Hall wrote @

What, did you go to the school of the sane and get thrown into the E.R for aspirin Withdrawls.

  Xie wrote @

I was diagnosed a couple months ago with ADD and started off taking the generic. I will say it did work and improved my focus as well as calmed me down. However I did experience dry mouth like crazy & started having headaches at night before going to sleep. The headaches in creased in pain each night I continued with the generic. I decided to switch to the name brand. The first night I did have a headache but it was like the generic was leaving my system kind of headache. After that first night I’m happy to say I do not experience the headaches when going to sleep anymore. The dry mouth is also not nearly as bad.

For me there was something different between the two – I would say it seems that the strength of both were pretty close, the name brand does have a much better transition when the drug is wearing off (which I guess would make it seem stronger/more effective if it wears off nicely vs if it just gone from your system)

I will stick with the name brand because I definitely do NOT want to experience those headaches again that gradually kept getting worse.

  Anonymous wrote @

What brand did you take?

  Xie wrote @

Shire is what I had when I re-filled the prescription and had a better experience with this one.

  kellie wrote @

I’ve been taking BRAND 30 mg Adderall for over three years now. I picked up my prescription the other day and as it turns out, the brand name and the generic name are the same. It looks exactly the same but it says M Amphet Salts 30mg at the bottom. BUT, the label on the bottle says Adderall XR.
SUCH BULLSHIT There is no difference except that I am now experiencing reverse side effects. I called just about everyone in the industry and all of the pharmacies and got the same answer. Go ahead and ask for brand name…! It won’t make any difference.

Within 20 minutes of taking the pill, I am sleepy, irritable, distracted and feel like shit. I cannot focus, I have disorganized thoughts. SO… I’m pissed!!! Don’t bother, and if you do have successful results, let me know!

  AC wrote @

I also notice a difference in the effectiveness of the name brand Adderall XR vs the M amphet salts. Both manufactured by Shire. I was given the M amphet salts capsules instead of the Adderall xr capsules. My prescription stated “do not substitute”.
The label on the bottle read Adderall XR. It also stated that the capsules which are imprinted M amphet salts are the same as Adderall XR.

Since taking the M amphet salts capsules my moods have been inconsistent, I am distracted, I am over reacting, my thoughts are disorganized, I am not sleeping well and the list goes on……. Have other people had any similiar experiences with the switch in capsules???

What type of recourse do we have against Shire???? Thank you….

  Melanie wrote @

When I filled my prescription for DAW (dispense as written) name brand Adderall XR, the pharmacist showed me that all the pills in the name brand bottle were all imprinted with M. Amphet. Salts – just like the generic. She even opened a new bottle, to show me that Walgreens wasn’t trying to screw me over.

I called Shire and they said that the FDA approved Shire imprinting the name brand capsules with either ADERALL XR or M. Amphet. Salts and that as long as my prescription came from a name brand bottle that said “Shire” that I was taking the same name brand drug I’ve been taking all along.

I HIGHLY doubt what I’ve been taking for the past few days is regular name brand Aderall XR. I have been experiencing headaches, as well as, tight/clenched upper back muscles, tingling/numbness in my face and pressure behind my eyes. I also feel like I’m on something – I never felt like I was on something when I took name brand Adderall XR before!

I called Shire again and again they told me that as long as my prescription came from a bottle that said “Shire” that I was taking the same name brand drug.

Something isn’t right.

  Xie wrote @

The first manufacturer I had was Barr on the Generic Adderall XR. I have recently had the prescription filled again with the Shire generic and have been good to go on it. I think I was just sensitive to the Barr one. I talked with the pharmacist about the change & they said Shire was losing to much money so they started making a generic version. I’m ok with generic as long as its Shire.

  John wrote @

I have been searching around for info on XR recently because I have not been feeling right for about 6 months as well. I cannot believe how similar everyone feels. I turned 50 last year and I thought how I was feeling was just part of getting old.

After all of the bit and pieces I found on the Internet I could not tell if the Adderall “XR Classic” so to speak still even existed so I e-mail from their website and point blank asked them if they still even made it because I wanted to see if it was even possible to hunt down.

I got an e-mail back which included a 6 page .pdf. and a referral to a page and section that said the FDA has approved labelling as Adderall XR and M. Amphet Salts claiming Shire still makes both. This made sense because my pharmasist showed me that all the bottles they had had both labels mixed together in the same bottle. But it was contray to what I had read which was that Shire no longer made it at all.

A day or so later, I get two unsolicted e-mails from Teva. Teva is a generic drug giant who supposedly sues companies like Shire to force them to allow generics to be made available “for the good of humanity” even though a patent still exists. They also evidently buy up drug companies like Pac Man.

The first e-mail thanks me for expressing concern and that they are “investigating my claim #xxx” and asks for info from the bottle at the pharmacy and so on. The second e-mail came 8 minutes later and its marked “completed investigation #xxx” with a .pdf attached that says everything is tested at the plant, everything is fine yada yada yada.

Note I never gave them any info or even responded and the second e-mail was received 8 mins after the first. Most interesting is that Teva, I read, had bought the company that had been suing Shire to break their Adderall patent. Why would an inquiry to Shire turn into an inquiry by Teva who would appear to be a Shire competitor seems very very odd.

I guess the real Adderall XR is gone forever and its back to square one. I am not sure I can keep taking this fake stuff.

  Melanie wrote @

I just spoke to someone at the FDA and they said that Shire DOES NOT have permission to imprint the name brand Adderall XR with M. Amphet. Salts. The FDA rep said that name brand Adderall XR must be imprinted with the text ADDERALL XR.

I also told the rep that I had been experiencing side-effects after taking the generic imprint name brand and that those side effects were similar to those I experienced when taking the actual generic.

The rep said that the best thing to do is file a report online:

The rep also said that often times it only takes one report of mislabeling or side effects to warrant an investigation, but if multiple people file similar reports will make a bigger impact.

If you have purchased name-brand Adderall XR that was labeled M. Amphet. Salts, whether or not you have experienced side-effects, please file an online report. It takes just a few minutes. If you don’t know the answer to some of the of the questions, just write “unknown.”

  Bill wrote @

I just got a scrip filled for D-AMPHETAMINE SALT COMBO 30 MG TAB manufactured by Corepharma. I have been on Adderrall XR 30 mg capsule for more than 5 years.
What might I expect from these different tabs?

  Anon wrote @

Hey guys,

I feel for my fellow AD/HD ers and the constant debate between whether Adderall XR or Amphetamine salts ER are the same or not. I have been on both extensively, for at least 2-3 months ea., and notice a considerable different. This is my theory (I have a BS in neurobiology and aspiring for a PhD in neuropharmacology):

Barr has already been recalled for a generic IR substitue by the FDA, back in June I believe, for manufacturing extremely potent 20mgs. Apparently this is over but I still say they have manufacturing differences. The “recipe” is not the same, I believe. Fist a lesson from what I know:
4 salts make up bran Adderall XR:
a)dextroamphetamine and its racemic counterpart
b)levoamphetamine (dex’s isomer) and its racemic counterpart.

The racemic mixtures efftec rate, along with a polymer coating on each tiny bead that is supposed to collaboratively extend the release.

The most crucial point to understanding what is going on is this:
ADHD is in fact a disorder in which patients exhibit depressed mood and periods of hyperactivity. The two main neurotranmitters associated with ADHD are dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine works mostly with motivation, motor control, and reward mechanisms in the prefontal cortex and hippocampus. Norepinephrine is directly associated with alertness and flight or fight responses, like its counterpart – epinephrine (adrenaline). but, it works mostly by helping to achieve a response to anxiety and stress. Therefore, very high levels of norepinehrine will create feelings of panic, high anxiety, discomfort and much more. Its all on this website which will clearly portray the missing link in the mystery behind generic vs brand name. After you read the website,

I will explain the rest.

Dopaminergic activity is virtually limited in ADHD patients. We want to be motivated, coordinated, be able to clear our mind, and focus. Detroamphetamine will achieve this alone. But since ADHD is associated with depression as a comorbidity, XR pills try to doubly alleviate both symptoms. Therefore, we feel pretty damn good, since very low levels of norepinephrine are associated with depression. But, if you do not exhibit comorbid depression with ADHD, rather comorbid anxiety (meaning, you have both ADHD and anxiety, not ADHD and depression) than taking Adderall XR will likely skyrocket your anxiety.
But how do we know if we have depression or anxiety? well lucky for us we probably have both of them as comorbidities alone. Sometimes we are happy and not anxious, sometimes we are depressed but not anxious, sometimes we are anxious and not depressed, etc. There are so many temperaments and moods we go through as humans that we tend to discount the fact that our environment is the BIGGEST stimulant. If we deny our natural response to life (as a drug of its own) we will never be happy. But, pharmacologically speaking, I believe there is a difference in amphetamine salt ratios with generic Adderall XR (ampet salts ER). I will explain:

Due to patent law and generic competition, a pharmaceutical company can only hold a patent for x number of periods before a generic is released to be sold at the same time. This is done to increase competition, create a market, and lower prices of both. It does not mean that the license has to be transferred or what not. But in the case of Shire, introducing Vyvanse, a second market time release amphetamine ADHD drug, along with Adderall XR in circulation, would have created a monopoly of time release dexamph pills. So, cleverly, Barr was able to pull out a law suit in time to get their generic out. There have been legal buyouts back and forth, and many corporate buyouts – this is done to avoid liability and bypass various FDA, trade, international tariff, etc laws. Its much too much for us to understand, unless a thorough analysis, along with company interviews, and media documentation was done. You would have to basically write a book and get enough attention in publicity to do anything. They are very good market strategists and this is all one big game to them.
Now, with all of this being said, I humbly present to you my main assertion:
Adderall XR is higher in dextroamphetamine ratio (dopamine effector) than M. Amphetamine Salts ER (norepinephrine effector, mainly).
I believe the laws only require a minimum of both of the active ingredients, and the rest can be discretion based (ie. how much of the racemic mixtures and either of the salts will be mixe…hence a very true, but liability safe trade name: M.Amphetamine Salts).

I hope you all have thoroughly followed my points. My advice, its better to be focused than happy. The happy part will come when you are focused. Stick to bran name, or Shire based amphetamine products. Even Vyvanse, Shire’s new ADHD time release drug, only releases dextroamphetamine – there is no levoamphetamine. It actually is called lisdextroamphetamine – some genius binded the amino acic L-Lysine to dextroamphetamine so it naturally digests in your system, rather than using complicated salt mixtures. L Lysine can only be cleaved from lisdextroamphetamine, to become dextroamphetamine once in enters the small intestine. So, for those of us who have sour stomachs or just horrible stomachs for meds, its not as harsh.
Also, try asking for Dexedrine, which is a shorter name for dextroamphetamine. This drug alone is all we need for focus. Happiness will come later :). Finally, if you are happy with Adderall XR, M. Amphetamine Salts ER, or any of the other combinations/brands/manufacturers, then stick to it – know what it is and keep it. We all have differet comorbidities with ADHD and that is the underlying issue for many of us who have different effects.
Just because you have side effects, does not mean you are being ripped off. If everyone body chemistry was the same, the world would A) suck, and B) pharmaceutical companies would be much richer. :)

  clarke wrote @

great post Anon. I have had great success w/ the CorrPharm (20mg pink rounds) just was given Barr (20mg peach oval) and now have had issues. As long as I eat the right foods, I have felt the best I have ever felt.

  clarke wrote @

Sry, that feeling (best ever) was on the CorrPharm.

  Lobo wrote @

Anon! Excellent, excellent excellent reply! You have cleared up so many facts about the issue of ADHD and ADD. It makes so much more sense to me now why some people prefer CorePharma Labs, or EON Labs, and others Barr Labs generic Adderall. I used to prefer Barr Labs Adderall tablets (not ER or IR), but for the past year or so I have been completely not “myself”. I can’t even imagine not taking the medication, but I also can’t imagine feeling this way any longer. Whe I began taking this medications 9 years ago everything was great. I was focused, motivated, calm, happy and had an over all feeling of well being. Now, I am quite the opposite. Like I said, I can’t imagine stopping this medication, but I absolutely NEED to find what “blend/combination” of this medication my body needs to feel normal again. I have recently tried all three labs. I thought EON labs had mastered it, but the second time I filled my RX, I wasn’t satisfied. I am completely miserable when taking CorePharma brand, and I will NEVER give that lab another chance. So, I’ll reluctantly stick with Barr/Teva until I can be bravely try EON again. I just don’t know! I understand that greed is the reason that the drug industry has changed their blends, but their greed has caused many of us to suffer, before we figured out that our “trusty” medication had been altered. I have two weeks before my next refill. I HAVE to begin feeling better again. I can’t keep begrudgingly injesting this medication KNOWING that I am going to feel bad, but continue to do so because I know that taking nothing will also make me feel completely unmotivated and psychologically ill. Oh, what a dilemma! I really hate this!

  DH wrote @

The generic xr is a problem for sure. I had a teribble reaction to it. Now that the generic is available, my insurance is making me pay a fortune for the real thing (Shire). To make matters worse, it’s not always available. Some medications are probably fine switching over to generics, others especially those involved with the brain, are not

  Sen dr wrote @

An addict is the one that have drug seeking behavior, can not function with thinking about his next dose, whether, medication, alcohol, drugs….is physically feels that he can not function with the drug.

An abuser is the one that takes medication in ways other than normal routs (like crushing medication an snorting it. or dissolve it for injection. smoking, inhaling spray bottles…

an addict may not be an abuser.

  Luci wrote @

I’ve only taken the generic Adderall XR (I started taking it the same week the generic was released), and I have no complaints.

  Chris wrote @

I’ve been taking Adderall XR 25mg for two months now and loving it. When I filled my third script the pharmacy was out of the name brand so they gave me generic. Noticed an immediate difference. It made me slightly nauseous, I got extremely tired after a hour or two, and I did not feel like it kicked in for about 4 hours. I got the same results three days in a row. The generic is still CRAP!

  DD wrote @

I was taking generic Adderrall XR, now this month my pharmacy says the generic has been pulled by FDA. So this month I had to pay for name brand and I can not tell a single bit difference. I want my generic back !!!!

  Bob wrote @

My guess, for whatever it’s worth, is that you can’t tell a difference between generic and brand because there is, in fact, no difference. But wait, I’m not siding with the “generic=brand” mentality that’s so often thrown in our faces. The real question is whether there is a difference between what they are calling Adderall XR now vs. what they made under the same name a few years back. I don’t think they’re lying when they say the 2 (generic and brand as they are made today) are the same AS EACH OTHER. I’m guessing they just cheapened the original XR formula in order to come up with a generic, then started making the “brand” using the same formula as their new, crappy generic. Therefore they can say they are exactly the same as each other without lying (and getting themselves into trouble). But that’s just my theory. In my own experience, Adderall XR generic is nothing at all like the brand name XR I used to take. I have not personally tried the current “brand” version of it, as I was switched to Vyvanse when the Adderall XR (generic) I began receiving made me feel like crap, as well as being almost completely useless in its ability to alleviate my inattentive symptoms (which previously had been very well-controlled on the (original) brand Adderall XR). My experience with Vyvanse is that it is better than nothing – most of the time at least – but nowhere close to the quality of symptom relief provided by (the original formula) of Adderall XR. But at least Vyvanse doesn’t make me feel like crap like the generic XR did. I’d be glad to pay more for brand XR if brand was what it used to be…

  Johne631 wrote @

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