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At 21 they diagnosed me with AD/HD & gave me smart pills. My grades shot up & my future brightened & some said I was better. But I am numb inside of this drug. People I love become distant strangers sometimes, so proud of me for victories I didn’t earn. How do I tell them I am not what I do or have done. I’ll never be happy on this drug, but I’ll never be successful without it. If only I could Love Adderall.

Which Country Contains the Most Intelligent People in the World?

(Note: Please explore my other musings on this question, which can be found here, and here.)

Instead of answering this question, I’m going to tell you why it’s a stupid one. There is no such thing as a universal intelligence that exists across all societies.

Many people think of IQ (which stands for “intelligence quotient”) as the best way to measure a person’s intelligence. The IQ was originally created in France, and was later modified in Germany and the United States. Since these are all developed countries, the IQ only measures forms of intelligence that are valued in developed countries. Specifically, it measures concentration, memory, verbal skills, and mathematical aptitude. Indeed, the most successful people in the U.S. are those who concentrate in school, memorize information, and score well on their SATs. These are the people who get into the best colleges and eventually get the best jobs. We therefore come to see them as intelligent.

But how useful are American forms of “intelligence” in starving nations like Somalia or Bangladesh? Having a large vocabulary or being good at math won’t get you hired if there are no jobs to compete for in the first place. The people who are intelligent in those countries are the ones who simply know how to survive. That presumably requires a set of skills that aren’t measured by the westernized IQ testsuch as: resilience, instinctual grit, physical toughness, etc. If you placed a Harvard graduate in the middle of the Sahara with no food or water, he wouldn’t be “intelligent” enough to survive. At the same time, the savviest people in the undeveloped world might not even know how to read, and does, wouldn’t be considered “intelligent” by Western standards.

So, which country contains the most intelligent people in the world? That depends on where you ask the question, because the “intelligent” people in Haiti have nothing in common with the “intelligent” people on Long Island. Likewise, we A.D.D.ers need to be careful not to fall into a trap of feeling unintelligent simply because we excel in different ways than most people.


  blahla wrote @

great post! Good logic…clear thinking. Totally agree.

  Nabil wrote @

Dear all. First let us know what is the definition of intelligence. For me this is the best : A very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings — “catching on”, “making sense” of things, or “figuring out” what to do.I do agree with 3/4 of what our friend have written. I don’t really agree that all people have the same intelligence. First there are different types of intelligence. You may be intelligent in numbers, but not in getting a date with a girl. Besides, Individuals differ from one another in their ability to understand complex ideas, to adapt effectively to the environment, to learn from experience, to engage in various forms of reasoning, [and] to overcome obstacles by taking thought. That is the reason why I believe some people are of course more intelligent than others. If the Theorie of our friend above is correct then I need him to explain to me why England colonized Nigeria and not the contrary. Why Education, school, books, technologies have mostly started in Europe not in Africa. Why after 200 years of colonization an African contractor cannot construct sanitary sewers although he should be gaining experience from those professional people. We should differ between Human rights and intelligence. People are all equal in rights and society but not in intelligence.
At least this is my opinion. thanks

  jaloplo wrote @

I’m agree with you, and I’d like to increase the IQ definition adding that could be renamed as CQ – Culture Quotient, because it evaluates the knowledge you have.

  kashifalvi wrote @

The people who are intelligent in those countries are the ones who simply know how to survive. i totally agree with your logic here. i mean people who only go to schools and university are intelligent, i dont agree…for eg almost all mechanics in Pakistan are uneducated and are still the best. Get my point.

  patientanonymous wrote @

Indeed, couldn’t agree with you more. I have always said that “IQ Tests” are biased.

  star wrote @

I agree, Love your post! Most of the brightest people come from the USA, because they have ascess to KNOWLEDGE and more Education, but this is not EVERYTHING!

Our society, culture and MAINLY our FAMILY ROOTS and upbringing / genes are what make us INTELLIGENT!

  Anonymous wrote @

How do you figure? Americans are the most ignorant people on earth. They
want to make the world more American.
(Iraq war a good example let’s blow them
up and put in someone who will listen to us)
Well guess what other countries don’t
want to be more American they are
happy the way they are.

  Anonymous wrote @

Ha ha yeah Americans the most
intelligent is that why they voted
in George Bush twice?? Have
you ever listened to that guy talk
he was your leader? Talk about

  love2talk wrote @

I completely agree with you. Intelligence is proactive adaptibility i.e. to sense the changing situations and survive in it. Get the best for wellbeing of you and your community. And adversities devlope intelligence.

  nidhin wrote @

KERALA,INDIA has most intelligent peoples………..
try and find it using net

  john wrote @

i checked Who is the most intelligent people in the world
The answer, which culminated is KINGDOM OF MOROCCO

  Omar wrote @


Where did you checked that? Do you have any reliable sources?

Thank you for your INFO.


  Paul wrote @

Im being not agrre with yuo I tink Intelligence is equal all over. We are all unique and clever in many way. Sum say I am dim but I say I not sparcle bright but good bright. We are all equal!

  Paul wrote @

Americans really must get out more. They make me blush.

  Praveen wrote @

Kerala,India has intelligent people…
Check Wiki..Aryabhata father of modern decimal system and Kerala School for Calculas and trigonometry (much before newton dates 1100-1400ds).

  Adheer wrote @

Arybhatta was from Pataliputra in Pune , India . The No’s 1 to 9 where already in use for 500 years before his time . The Decimal system we use today is a perfect alpha-numeric system based on Sanskrit ,Pali & Devanagri symbols . Zero was invented by Aryabhatta as a solution to calculating the no of flowers needed for prayers at a temple . The oldest inscription can still be found at the temple. It is accepted that there are many ancient civilizations that have independently evolved methods used today , however India- with Vedic maths , and systems of philosophy reached the age of reason on the banks of the Ganges before any other Nation . The Indus was the 1st human city civilization, use of bitumen in bathing pools, accuracy of geometry, harvesting of cotton and firing of bricks in kilns , use of double storey dwellings together with flush toilets make this the most advanced city of the ancient world , from that development into the 1930’s 2 british surgeons recorded the observation of teh rec-construction of a man’s nose- rinoplasty ! in the British jounel of medicine – this resuled in plastic surgery being born . Hence India has made a substantial contribution to the world from her lofty philosophies, Buddhism, Gandhi,and her spicees, rice was first harvested in India ! amongst many other inventions many of which are only being discovered now as submerged cities are given a chance to tell their stories . However in a global society I feel all nations and all people have a role to play in the new world order & much depends upon the individual desiring someting so much that all effort is out into that activity .

  Anonymous wrote @

Best joke!!!!!!!!!!
You will get Nobel prize for this creativity. Haaa Haaaa!!!!
Did you know any details about your Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand Grand father??? How could you know about Arybhatta and Indus valley civilization?

  andrew stewart wrote @

no offense to the kerala shit u just said….but to be honest with all those who read this….I would say the most intelligent people come from the country that goes by the name of “Pakistan”…ill tell u why..these people are really creative..have the potential to adapt to any environment…cuz they come from an under developed region..bloody intelligent…good with cars… of these guyz fixed my A.C n its workin better then ever b4..they are also stronger i wold say when it comes to that region…India and Bangladesh i dont think bloody wikipedia knows shit..

  Adheer wrote @

Pakistan does not exist ! it was carved out of India , as was Aghanistan from the period of the Mauryan empire and prior [ref. Mahabharatta, King of Gandhar -modern name Kandhar] all these lands from Sri Lanka to Iran all fell under the influence of Hinduism, Jinna was a crook that fell for Britain’s divide and conquer routine. Pakistan has no economy yet when India tests her nuclear bombs the Pakis respond with a feeble Atom bomb – the same used in WW2 ! Yet India’s bombs are hydrogen based ! . Paksitan keeps trying to de-stabilise the Indian economy with muslim terrorist groups and has beencausing shit in Kashmir for over 40 years ! . The adevent of the muslim in the Indian-subcontinet is a complex one especially since there was no CNN to report the atrocities committed by Babar and other moghul kings towards hindus , kashmir was a hindu kingdom yet overnight the population became majority muslim ! . You cannot make a statemnet that because one clever Paki was able to fix an item of yours that all paki’s are smart , the only thing these people are smart at is pirating dvd’s and pushing drugs into the world . If pakistan ceased to exist and become part of India again the economic boom would be phenomenal , I have no doubt that they are a people with fantastic potential after all before independence from India they where all considered Indian ! hence the potential to be defined as intelligent lies with the individual and the political systems in place that allow that individual to reach his/her potential . All Nations have great minds and great people it is Governments that sometimes prevent this ability from being realised .

  dr ehsan elahi wrote @

sir Instead of discussing the issue of intelligence u started your favorite topic to boost Hinduism Who was first man on the earth who practised this religion The first man ADAM was monotheist not worshiping billions of gods as you do So no question of Pakistan to be a part of India because it was created and exists for Islam However intelligence in not property of a single person or any specific region It depends on capibility chances and hardworking

  just me wrote @

andrew stewart, I don’t recall having seen any modern inventions from Pakistan that contribute to the world we live in today. I am not saying that they are not intelligent people, but they got that way by other means of other cultures.

  Peter Parker wrote @

hahahaha…..joke of d century,pakistan-a country wid most intelligent ppl…save me,m dyin of laughter

  Léo wrote @

Les marocains sont les plus intelligent du monde..!
A british university has said,that Moroccans are the most intelligent people in the world….

  marokinno wrote @

i tkink there no intelegent people maybe persons .and i think this is the most stupid questions.

  inas wrote @

i saw a programme on tv and they said that moroccan are the most intelligent people in the world not only that they got prouves .because you can found moroccan in all over the world who creat such a great things in the world they goe evrywhere to work and devollope they knowledge

  jessica wrote @

MOROCCAN are the most inteligent people in the world I readed it on a well known book I do agree with you but acctually this is the true i found that MOROCCAN are THE MOST INTELLIGENT , not ony moroccan but also japennese people .

  Omar wrote @


Could you tell me where did you read about that? Do you have any sources to provide me?

Thank you in advance.


  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Well, shit. If you saw it on television AND “readed” it in a book then I guess that solves it! Thanks for the “answer” Inas-Jessica (same IP address).

  Sue wrote @

could be i’ve heard Indians are brainy to

  jake wrote @

I’m sorry, we all know indians are more intelligent ones out of the south asians. All of the indians I know are really intelligent and have proffessional jobs yet the pakistani’s barely get into university on good courses. BBC made a report about this on their website check it out. A TV programme also came on about immigrants and how hard working indians are and even though people from the neighbouring country (pakistan) were immigrating, they lacked alot of intelligence and more than 55% of all pakistanis were on benefits. less than 10% indians were on benefits, so u can’t say pakistanis are more intelligent than indians.

  SH wrote @

most of pakistanis which immigrated to uk were the least intelligent of the people of pakistan, because they had nothing better to do in pakistan. however the indians who immigrated from india and from kenya etc were the most intelligent people (i.e. the cream of the crop) out of all the indians. and that my friend means that the tv programme you have been watching was only based on the immigrants in the uk.

  Bran wrote @

This is the dumbest question. But i agree that indians are intelligent people and laugh at the thought of Pakistan being intelligent.

Every country has its share of itelligent and dumb people, but i think indians are succeeding in their careers in most countries other than India.

  Ellis wrote @

If I had to guess – and, no, it’s not a stupid question at all — I’d say the Germans followed by the Israelis, and then the Asians in a very general sense.
The Greeks are no intellectual slouches, either, nor are the Russians (so intense it’s scary), Czechs (a new technological breakthrough is always on their horizon), and Hungarians (Nobel peace prize winners aplenty). Ooops, I almost forgot the Norwegians (aren’t they one of the most successful countries in Europe?), the Irish, and the French (their country hasn’t survived this long in the hands of stupid rulers/leaders).
Who’s the smartest? Well, you get the idea.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Yeah, I get the idea… white people. Thanks for not reading my post.

  Brittany wrote @

It’s proven that the Japanese are smartest.

  Gem wrote @

The Filipino is worth dying for…We are the thousands of great nurses who support the UK’s NHS, we are the quarter of a million seafarers’manning most of the world’s commercial ships, we are your software engineers in ireland, your creative construction workers in the mid-east, your doctors and caregivers in north america and ur broadway musical artists in london’s west end. not to mention, we are the creator of modern “IQ” test given in the United States and many regions of the world!!!

  Ramesh Raghuvanshi wrote @

All countries have intelligent people , difficuty is that some countriesare poor so they could get a chance to show their intelligent.Take the exemple of India , here no facility campare to U.S.SO PEOPLE oF iNDIA HELPLESS TO SHOW THEIR INTELLIGENT.

  sam wrote @

hey, im from morocco and i just came to hear that we are the most intelligent in the world, :d that’s great, they said because we speak many languages and there is many scientists who gives many discoveries … but i think we can’t said this country is intelligent & the other stupid, we r all equal, it depnd only on person.

  yilmazz wrote @

I think Indians must be the most intelligent because a lot of indians dominate in many fields whenever they are given an opportunity.

This maybe because of the high competetive education they have.

  Toufiq wrote @

Please there only One is the most intellegent
is God. Creature of the univers . every thing is created by God
I call intellegent people who bleive on him.

  Toufiq wrote @

Please there only One is the most intellegent
is God. Creature of the univers . every thing is created by God
I call intellegent people who bleive on him.

  Ramesh Raghuvanshi wrote @

Threre is no monoply of intellgent people to any country. Even in backwordcountry have intellgent people. To show intellgent you must have suitable cercumstances, freedom of speach, technologicaltools, good education.If these facilities are available most backword coutriespeople can show their intellgent..

  shri krishna wrote @

indians are the most intelligent people worldwide

as well as the most stupid people on the earth

  najeeb wrote @

i think all people are good.
its society that make or break god people.

  ladster wrote @

For all the claims of Western Cultural/Racial bias in Standardized IQ tests, the Asians still tend to whip out butts in scoring. It is a way of calibrating symbolic and logical thinking that is the cornerstone of a materialist and technological culture. It also tends to correlate out likely people are to stay out of trouble, jail or other anti-social tendencies.

  Galiad wrote @

I do believe the answer is Asia, however, not all of the countries therein, i.e., not India. If Indians were so smart, they’d have found a way to control their outrageous population growth by now, no?

Here is my unscientific opinion
Asia, particularly Japan

  neerja bhardwaj wrote @

Indians have done wonders in the world through their intelligence.Be it any field, Indians are rocking.In US heavy amount of Indians are there in every field.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

I love how people are treating this blog post as if it’s a question on WikiAnswers, or something. Rather than reading it. Good point about India though Galiad. Upper-class Indians are as bad as Americans when it comes to caring for the poor.

  Anonymous wrote @

iT may be either Japan or India. as far as i knw pakistan can be called the most stupid country. evn the mentally retarded ppl in japan and india are far more intelligent than these dumb FUCKS

  l wrote @

thats sure is true. and will be forever!

  James wrote @

I think the most intelligent people in the world are the Isrealis. They have survived ever since their existence, they living in the midst of their enemies. They are like the dolphins in the oceans controlled by preditors, the SHARKS!!!

  H wrote @

If Indian’s are so smart then why is their country a shit-hole? I’m sure if they were smart like the UK/USA they would have more dominance in the world. All of the reports that say that India is starting to gain dominance is BS and Indian people are just a joke no offence but look at their religon, makes me laugh. Look at their military a bunch of sissys, so scared no wonder homosexuality is a growing thing there. Anyway leaving my prejudice i also know that Pakistani people are better human beings compared to Indian’s and they also are more intelligent and are not in as much poverty as comapred to India.

  Peter Parker wrote @

joke of d century-pakistan have intelligent ppl too

  n wrote @

hahaha !what a joke!

  gargi wrote @

hi everyone,i am from India and i am putting this up not show that we are most intelligent people on earth etc because there exist no such thing like that. As the post concludes anyone who could make use of all resources available and circumstances endured but still survive in a competitive world has to be considered intelligent. But that doesn’t mean i will go on reading anything you people have to say about my country.
so lets now begin :
Your “great America” wouldn’t have been discovered by Columbus if he hadn’t been looking for India because obviously he had heard of its great wealth and wanted to have his own share but how stupid ( an american ) he was to presume America as India haha
My country is no s### H### as you called it. Yes we are over populous because people from all around world have come here and settled . We were just a bunch of people but no mughals , British, Portuguese,Egyptian even chinese wanted to have their share from our country and found it so great that most of them settled here . My country is so great to have embraced all of them. And most of them never left. I had in my college many students whose ancestors were either British or Mughal .
Most people who find job in US/UK are hired by company … if your own country people think of hiring indians at same cost than hiring you guys ..its not our mistake…
About 80% of students studying in US/UK/Singapore/Germany have scholarships and end up with bright jobs ( ohh is it disheartening)
Pakistan being a neighbouring country …i have nothing to say because it would have still been our part ..or we theirs …had west not infused hatred among us….a thing in which western guys are always on top.
we have slums and poverty but we still love our country for it doesn’t hide it from the world unlike west…which considers poor not being part of their country or cultute … like as if you guys haven’t seen a single poor in your own country in your entire life… huhn..
As of religion , we have hindus,muslims,christans,jews,Buddhists , Sindhis…. everyone …ever readyy to help any person in need…
if we are noone that important …why is your US govt or president obsessed with us …be it our nuclear deal or world trade or defence or monetray matters…
last and not least just because you use Fuck word often and think of sex …all the time doesn’t entitle you being as intelligent or first world country as you call yourself…
although yes ..we have a lot to learn from other people like Japanese…who are focussed and hardworking but nothing from America i guess….what is after all there to learn…oh have i learnt belittling others…well yeah!!! sometimes you have to pay back in same coin…

  Peter Parker wrote @

wow……..well said dear,gr8 job……i lov my country too,jai hind

  Svansi wrote @

well said

  Anonymous wrote @

Very good joke!!!!

  raj wrote @

Which Country Contains the Most Intelligent People in the World?

Haha by seeing all the above comments.. its evident that none has.

Intelligence .. is subjective. depends on a person’s circumtances, growth and opportunity .. nothing to do with countries.

Author has very well written. Read it once again.

Its concluded.

Anyone who is not intelligent can add comments from here.

  Nick wrote @

Talking about Intelligence ,Bihar and Jharkhand of India have most intelligent student in the world!! Yet there are not much colleges bt still higher education is there !! And they r sharpest wat i can say!! Dont judge the place with the litteracy rate,Judge them by their skill !! But i would rather like to clear that urban areas of Jharkhand and bihar have very good litteracy rate and the people are as advance as other great city of India !!

  Anonymous wrote @

indians are the best!

  aj wrote @

I am a genius . But I don’t tell this generally to the people around me. I keep it within myself. I am a phiosopher to think of things that great thinkers have thought. I am proud to be from INDIA..!!

  chris wrote @

I dont know which country people are the cleverest of more intelligent . But am damn sure brits are the least cleverest and hardly use their brain. may be its one of the reason Briton got most dememted population then any other country.

  JESS wrote @


  Isabella Chambell wrote @

I thought intelligence has to do with the ability of understanding, through reading, listening and other forms. An intelligent person can understand people, issues and cultures that are completely different from his/her own background. He/she thinks that is okay, and often find that he/she knows too little, after spending lots of time studying (while average people spend all their lives eating, sleeping, working, looking for women/men, nursing children, sporting, etc.).

A not-so-intelligent person normally don’t like learning new things (and don’t know how, and don’t think too much or too deep). He/she often has difficulties in reading, thus can hardly understand or agree that there are people in this world that are completely different, and those people are either wrong or evil! Unfortunately, these people deny there are people in this world that are much more intellegent than themselves. Unfortunately these people account the most in today’s population.

IQ has not much to do with ability of survival. Higher IQ does not earn you more money if you don’t work in intellectual area in a civilized country. However, higher IQ often guide you through tough time in life, and help you stay away from dangerous water. In another word, higher IQ is the key to the door of wisdom.

People with higher IQ certainly has better chance to survive, unless he/she insists doing the right thing and die, than doing shameful and bad things and live. The smart people choose the latter.

Maybe the most intellegent countries in the world, are countries with the highest propotion of population who loves to read, learn, think, and not so crazy about power and materials things.

  Voorhees wrote @

Isabella Chambell-

It’s odd that on the one hand you claim intelligence is all about the ability to understand other cultures, and on the other hand you argue that intelligence is measured in terms of reading comprehension and has nothing to do with survival. With due respect, your own response demonstrates a lack of both reading comprehension and understanding of other cultures. Please explain how literary aptitude is helpful to someone in Africa. You seem utterly confused. Good day.

  James Alonzo wrote @

There is a problem with the article. First and foremost, a clear definition of intelligence is non-existent. I agree to some extent that intelligence can be implicitly defined in terms of IQ test and stuffs. But, we cannot just dismiss a widely accepted standard if we ourselves don’t give a more acceptable one. For example, we can’t just say that the sun is brighter than the other stars if we don’t have a general and most acceptable standard of light. Since there’s no universal definition of intelligence to begin with, simply we can’t answer the question: Which Country Contains the Most Intelligent People in the World? Obviously, we cannot compare because we aren’t sure if what we are defending is a form of intelligent or not. Over the years, there is a substantial contention of the definition of intelligence, talent and skill. There’s a clear cut confusion of such. So how can we draw the line? the answer is purely simple. The definition is always subjective. A Harvard alumnus like Obama is considered as intelligent (at least based on accolades and social recognition) but not in the eyes of musicians or math wizards. In the end, we go back to the confusion of how we label a person intelligent. What is our standard? If there is, is it universal? So if it’s not universal, how can we compare and how can we justify our conclusive comparison on our assertions?

But assuming that there is an acceptable standard of intelligence and is widely used in today’s world i.e. the IQ test, can we automatically dismiss non-western criteria of intelligence as what the author has asserted,? The answer is no. We cannot do so because the very concept of intelligence is merely based on the acceptability of a certain social sphere. Attending school is a factor of intelligence in the developed world and elsewhere except societies who do not have enough access. Can we consider a fisherman intelligent, well of course not in an academic perspective? The answer is potentially yes, as long as someone believe that the way he performs is beyond the average skill and the imposition of mental abilities is certainly beyond the normal.

Let’s engage the example in the Sahara desert that a Harvard student cannot possibly withstand the rigor of survival once you put him there. First of, what is the reason why the Harvard student cannot survive in such an extreme environment. Clearly, it doesn’t mean that if you are a student of a prestigious university i.e. Harvard, Oxford or what not, you cannot survive in Sahara or Gobi. Most likely, a student there can be more of a strategist and have been in tough times reckoning of how to solve a problem. Even if you fail to survive there, it doesn’t mean that your stupid. To die in an extreme situation is not stupidity. wrote @

Hi everybody..intelligence is distributed all over the i want to say..intelligence doesn’t hold any relationship with country…intelligent people are those who can take right decisions on different visualising situations and cond

  Sam wrote @

Well,I agree that India have most intelligent people in the world. Robbed and divided by your western countries and now the same buttholes like u, try to belittle this country again. U don’t even know what nonesense u talk about. U might as well shut your pie holes,study some more history and then come again, fools! Whoever out there that disagrees with me are welcome to confront me with your inadequately intellectual nature. Indians are more into spiritual intelligence which u are just not elevated enough to comprehend,moreover, u are stuck in your vain illusions and stupid ideas of fighting over wealth, power and class. By the time u achieve all this, the wise Indian will be sitting in godliness and observing how u are gonna carry all your material achievements across to the next life. So here u are whale mouth, next time try speaking with substance and knowledge instead of raising up delicate issues about shit u have done to mess up other people’s cultures and then have the sissy guts to turn around just like a homo and boycott such people. Just know that Indians have the strongest will power and spirit of all nations. and for u Mr.Stewart, Don’t u ever dis my beloved India again coz there’s much more for u. If that Pakistani fool fixed your ac and its working fine then any one of this profession would do likewise.what’s the big deal? An Indian guy would fix your ac as well as your laptop or your sister’s iphone……:that is if u have one. So payback is an ugly bitch I might add.!

  WEST wrote @


  Uncle Bob wrote @

oh its weird ’cause i also wacthed a TV contest where the “who’s the most intelligent pple in world? ” was posed..of course the answer finally was limited to Japan and Morocco. well, the final answer was crucially Morocco! i then did some simple reesearching on the net and found out mots pple agree on the same thought explaining their answer that moroccans can easily adapt themselves to the local area wherever they go, hold many languages (without even learning ’em at school) and most interesting is that moroccans can survive no matter what ! (though going through much economic hardships, there couldn’t be a famine or civila war..etc)

cheers everybody!

  Hema wrote @


High Class AFRICAN AMERICAN intelligence >Average EUROPEAN

High Class INDIAN people intelliegence>Americans or europeans
eg. APJ KALAM,IIT graduates working in NASA,doctors in USA

ISRAEL soldiers the best well trained and skilled in the world.

JAPANEASE people are most cultural and Hardworking in the world.

PAKISTAN consists of majority of global terrorists.World headquarter of terrorism network.New terrorism innovation like NEWYORK WTC attack using PLANES,MUMBAI attack using sea roots -BOATS.Fake CURREANCY printing.Naturally world most WICKED INTELLIGENT country

CONCLUSION-INTELLIGENCE is broadly defined concept.It depends on the things we are looking for.

  kramda jawad wrote @

can a devil paint a fart? moroccans will answer yes we can.
but still i believe that intelligence is spread all over the globe and the knowledge we’ve got is not enough to comprehend the paranormal for example .
god is great and perfect , we’re not .

  Anonymous wrote @

i think its the japanese or the korean!

  .|. wrote @

So basically you’re saying that IQ is bad, because it does not take into account resilience, physical toughness etc. Have you ever thought why these tests are called “INTELLIGENCE quotient”? Or you think that physical toughness is intelligence?

  Voorhees wrote @

Nope, but I do think reading comprehension is intelligence. No offense to you, of course, my one-dimensional friend.

  Manish wrote @

I am also part of this world as you all are, for me the intelligence is something which comes with experience as perfection comes from practice. And our capability to learn faster is our intelligence.
God is he who created us. And certainly there is a logic behind it, which we all need to find it one day to achieve the eternity.
And with whatsoever experiences of our daily life we everyday learn something new.Only thing is like that the sooner we take the lesson the better,it will reduce our sufferings. Otherwise same situations would be repeated in our life’s as in the past so that we can learn what God and time wants us to learn and only then it can promote us to the next level.
And ultimately we all have to reach to a point where we can decode the message from God , which he gave to us by creating us and my making the circumstances and situations that we face in our life’s.
Finally we all will find the answer to our own question by our own intelligence. The more we get closer to solving the puzzle of our own life’s , the more intelligent we become.

All the best to everyone..

  george wrote @

My how the egos fly

  Elamine wrote @

I decided to build a research how to Morocco where he lived 80% of people under poverty and trampling

Average and more than 60 per cent is in crisis, ignorance is the most intelligent people in the world ??????

Google did not benefit me

I went directly to the Franco-British media center offers all the books, references and other newspapers .

Did you know that Morocco is the first Arab country to make a satellite???

Did you know that the first university in the world was in fez morocco, university of alkarawiyin

Did you know that Morocco is the only country makes a very sophisticated weapons technology in Morocco, by experts

Moroccan example ‘(transport vehicles Atlas 1 and Atlas 2 and 3, and aircraft and aircraft exercises Toubkal Ibn Battuta

Khatib and then battle tank called the Moroccan Sahara, then there are factories for weapon and bullets

And short-range rockets underground military base Ibn Jarir as well as spare parts

For aircraft to be exported to France and some European countries and a lot of military industries

Did you know that the general supervisor of the largest nuclear reactor in China is Moroccan????

Did you know that those responsible for the strongest bank in Britain are young Moroccans

Did you know that the dumbest Moroccan citizen is currently governing the Israeli army Ammar Peretz????

Did you know that the first game of the 3-D is produced by Morocco??? Engineers Moroccans in France have developed a three-dimensional game

Did you know the young men of the new city of Morocco has invented an aircraft operated by the water and flew 5 Meters above the ground??? (With regret and the Ministry of the Interior intervened and prevented them from repeating the process)

Did you know that Morocco is ranked No. 2 after Brazil to break the sites and devices???

Did you know that Morocco is the first country in the world has succeeded in inventing an artificial heart-mail???

Did you know that young Moroccans are selling their designs and inventions personal brokers foreigners cheapest price??? (Software. Engineering schemes. Chimiaiip solutions. And in the field of biology …)

Did you know that the architect of Moroccan invented Ndham better than a good system Gprs for dialing and picture??? (Merge his invention in the Brussels Exhibition of Inventions)

Did you know that Morocco invented device Tspin work clothes without water???

Did you know that a young Moroccan living in Canada invented a faster machine 5 times the American agencies to receive information from the satellites quickly and accurately high???

Did you know that history has not seen a date more merciful than the history of Morocco???

Did you know that chemical Moroccan living in the United States working in the development of explosives and knows all the secrets

Explosives America??? (United States prevented him from leaving for fear of leaking information)

Did you know that the first point in America in chemistry taken from Morocco for the year 2006???

Did you know that Venezuela is governed by Moroccan Jews as where there are 12,000 thousand Moroccan Jews occupy the highest positions????

Did you know that the first pharmacy in the world was in Morocco??? Where the Moroccans are the races to open pharmacies treatment from medical books of the Prophet

Did you know that Morocco is a monster of Europe or the barbaric people???

The title was named after the battle of Valley stores that took place between Moroccan troops and forces of the Portuguese

Supported by Spain and France and defeated the three countries after the death of three kings of Portugal’s by troops Moroccan valiant

Did you know that the first lamp in the world was in Morocco???

Did you know that the U.S. probe, which was fired from about two or three to discover life on the planet Mars .. Supervisor was on the trip from beginning to end Morocco working in NASA .. The probe reached Mars Under the supervision of the event reported in the media often

Did you know that a young Moroccan has invented a simple machine materials Thalit sea ????? (With regret the girl Almsmat Khadija wins for Spain, working with them for now)

Did you know that technical Morocco invented a device that is the replacement of players in football????

Did you know that the French Ministry of Tourism, the Minister is only France and the rest all of which Moroccan????

Did you know that the first factory in the world was in Morocco???

Factory to produce carpets and textile Andalusia, where the carpets and rugs in Iran and Turkey, the thing for taking the time

Large to be produced by Morocco and the machine industry has been hand-production carpets and rugs

Did you know that the world champion in the running is Moroccan????

Did you know that there are scientists Moroccans returned home to their projects, but rejected the giant Ministry of Interior and Industry licensing

Example ’12 young Moroccan working in the aircraft industry giant Air Bus tried to The work of a rival, but Morocco rejected the proposal on the grounds that Morocco website of the Convention not to enter into Heavy industries

Did you know that quality is the finest Moroccan farming in the world???

Did you know that the first travelrs in the world is Ibn Battuta???

Did you know that the architect of Morocco reached to the invention a mobile phone video and audio works???
According to the system «Videovon» without the need for user access to cheap mobile phones generation

Third Umst which came into force in Europe and Japan finally won the young man who is 28 year award olden Electronics Award of the Ministry of Education and Research on Romanian

Did you know that the longer a house on the planet was in Morocco????

And built on three floors in a place where the children sleep in the huts Cross

Did you know that an engineer invented a device automatically Morocco bears the name of”If”Valley of the performance and surveillance???

Prove the protective front of the car and can read all the information about it and its owner during the passage Performance orbits urban stations without having to stop

Did you know that Morocco is the only country in the world to master all the languages of the world on a massive scale???

In all commercial areas in the regions of Morocco young one can talk to you more than five languages

Did you know that the first Arab to reach the North Pole is a Moroccan woman????

Did you know that the world of Moroccan Abdelali basin is the first scientist in the world carried out the autopsy cancer biotechnology???

Did you know that among the luxury cars in the world car from Morocco???

Passed the name of its engineer ‘to rack’ was displayed in the gallery Geneva International Auto Show has amazed everyone

Did you know that the most powerful Arab mafia are mafia Morocco???

Organization and ranked fifth in the world is in principal Drugs invade Europe and be used

Aircraft and luxury cars exported to Arab countries and includes experts in counterfeiting and manipulation

Passports and those who made it a group of generals Moroccan

Did you know that the most important black markets in the Arab market is the path of the black Moroccan derb ghlef???

Did you know that Morocco is ranked first in the world of computing and mathematics???

Did you know that the Director of the World Bank is a Moroccan woman???

Did you know that most of the Jews are descendants of Moroccan descent??? Actually 1 millions Israeli Jews are from morocco

Did you know that in Morocco, five nuclear reactors??? Four civilian reactor and one for military raison

Did you know that the largest telescope in Africa, Morocco is owned too???

Did you know that Morocco is the only country in Africa, which examine the celestial physics and astronomy and nuclear medicine, has the largest number of centers and nuclear experts???

Did you know that the army Arab Morocco’s most powerful army in Africa in terms of kit and equipment and combat experience???

  Omar wrote @


Could you please provide me with some relevant sources?

Many thanks.

  John the intellitulagible wrote @

Me think America is smartest contry in the world!

And I can proove it! Jus look at all the potests against

those leftests in Welshington! We are smart and


  Abdul Hadi Sheikh wrote @

Well, it’s really some tough competition here but, I think Pakistanis are the most intelligent people.

Who’s the boy to get most As in GCSE exams in a country with such limited resources? A Pakistani. Yes. With over 20 As.

Pakistani people are one of the most neglected nations and still they manage to stand up. They are one of the few nations with nuclear technology even though, they have limited resources.

Pakistani people took to streets when the judiciary there was hijacked by a dictator and though he tried his best to block the roads (with huge containers of rice, etc.), they didn’t hold back and successfully freed justice.

Pakistan’s Army is one of the most skillful in the world and Air Force Pilots are considered amongst the top too. Thanks to their never say die attitude as well as quickest reaction time to a situation.

The media in Pakistan is not so strong and information is scarce. Even then, Pakistanis manage to adopt to the changing trends, etc very quickly once they are aware of it.

Lastly, I am a Pakistani forever living in Pakistan. I write a blog about my favourite football club. The links up there.

  Abdul Hadi Sheikh wrote @

And I forgot to mention the youngest girl to become a Microsoft employee is Pakistani.

  Abdul Hadi Sheikh wrote @

And I forgot to mention the youngest girl to become a Microsoft employee is Pakistani. She belongs to a backward city Faisalabad and still is recruited by Gates.

  KM wrote @

Kerala, India has got the largest intelligent people, 1st it goes with logic of survival thing, these people are so flexible that they can be found in any part of the world. Moreover the language they use consists of 56 letters which double of the English letters. These people have a basic power of grasping foreign languages & cultures. Moreover Kerala is considered to be 100% literate state in India.

  zainab wrote @

well i think pakistanies r most intellegent.

  santosh h singh wrote @

india of course all r r fucker

  mc wrote @

yes .. ur mom..& sis in pak

  Kang Ki Ran wrote @

intellignce come to the individual which is often determined by determination itself. Stop arguing. You are all bias is one way or another. Some scientists argue on genetics but how much do we really know abuot genetics? the human genome only being found fully 10 years in the past.
We should accept that everyone is equal and that intelligence should no sperate us. please
we are all humans and we need no to comapre one colour to the other.

  kramda moahmmed wrote @

in my opinion, everybody is intellegent. do you know why?? because every person has a defferent way of using intellegence. let’s take as an exemple the thief. can anyone steal of course not. because it requires you skills. the same thing apply for the other, the way of using intellegence differs from one person to another. every single person is intellegent :d

  badman wrote @

me mate hes a hungarian saying people of eastern urapean iz clever than everyone

  pezhman wrote @

Hello, my friends
This is wonderment for me that maybe your site dont have any iranian reader that explain to you about history of IRAN and them people’s intelligence at last times to now.
with all of the problems in the world, specially in the middle east, this country was indomitable singly .
I suggest to you, read about history of IRAN, since cyrus great emperor priod to ahmadi nejad president priod.and then decision about this subject, please.

  Suhas wrote @

Dear Friends,

Intelligence advantage has a threshold. It means that beyond a certain level, IQ becomes immaterial.

It’s like height of a basket ball player. Good players with height above 6feet have advantage. So, it doesnt really matter if you are 6’4” or 6’6”. But beyond that it fails to be an advantage, like being 7′ has relatively no advantage over others.

So, it would be good to have intelligence level beoynd an average point and not reach the peak point. Extremely high intelligence also comes with it’s own bag of disadvantages like poor emotional and social skill.

Intelligence has many dimensions like IQ,Emotional Intelligence(read book by daniel Goleman) . Some ppl have intelligence dimension in art like drawing, music etc. That is also a form of intelligence. Other set of people are emotionally and socially intelligent- they know who to handle themselves in a group.

There is also a group dimension to intelligence.” How intelligent is a group of people?” is a question to be answered. Individually a person might be extremely intelligent, but when he enters a group of equally skilled people, how efficient and effective is that group? or how good is the group skill? these are questions we have to answer because we live in a world where team work rules. Most modern inventions like micro-processor, Atom Bomb- all were a result of group work.

Country wise intelligence is dependent on many factors which we do not know. But on the whole if you have international experience, you find differences in many intelligence dimensions. We certainly can’t compare.For instance, some ppl think asian are good at math- for them math is an intelligence measure – but it is only one dimension

If you consider individual intelligence, i think Indians are better off. But in terms of team work, team intelligence, japaneese are the best.

Intelligence also need hard work to fortify the advantage you have- effort also plays an important role.

In short it doesn’t really matter if you happened to be the most intelligent person- it’s like telling that the tallest man in the world is the best basket ball player; we know tats not true

I think we should leave aside this question of most intelligent people. We live in a world where success is random and depends random advantages/ skills/opportunities. (Read Black Swan)

Jesus said ” let he who is greatest among you serve you”
Let the most intelligent people have the humility to remain silent about their skills

  mpamizo peter wrote @

most intelligent people are those most effective in finding solutions in face of a problems given same resources and aids.

  mohsen wrote @

i think the most intellegent people are IRANIAN people

  prince wrote @

Since Aryabhatta is indian doesn’t mean that indians are intelligent. The same way since Albert Einstein is a genius doesn’t mean that Germans are geniuses. Universally humans are intelligent. But it varies from person to person.

  The Rainer wrote @

The thing which seperates Humans From animals is Intelligence!, so basically all humans are brainy!
You can find all the info in the greatest Literature of all times – ” The UPANISHAD”

Worldly Man!

  vinay wrote @

well Jews are the most intelligent race in the world.with a population constituting of somewhere near 0.5%,they still have won 28%of the noble prizes.and besides if you check on Wikipedia it’ll tell you that Jews and Asian Americans are the smartest in the world.

  vinay wrote @

and besides naming a few people from a country is not a good guarantee of a very intelligent population.if i see a dog doing tricks on television one day doesn’t mean ill elect dogs into the government.

  gxj889 wrote @

its funny how on every forum people from India and Pakistan get to war…even if the subject has nothing to do with them ahh!! lol
any hoo…I think Israel has smart people but not one country holds a record cause it depends on how you define the term ‘intelligent’. Its way too broad.

  Thunder Jet 2014 wrote @

if you want to be sur that morocco is that most smart country in the world , you have to study its history ,
i saw a program in tv say that after 10 years all membres of israel gouvernment will be moroccans , can u image that …

  David Krantz wrote @

On googling, it appears that Singapore contains the most intelligent people. They have an average IQ of 108.

  kamran laghari wrote @

very nice. Good information

  khalid wrote @

morocco people are the pest intleigent in world

  khalid wrote @

morrocco people is the inteligent people in the world

  ahmed wrote @

I’m moroccan
my opinion is that Moroccan .are normal
its fact that we learn languages fast
thats not mean that we are the most intelligent

  Rafi Rahi wrote @

God.. it took about an hour to go through all these comments but surprisingly I immensely enjoyed both the article and and comments by people on this. In addition these hot words from people of india and pakistan left me laughing loud. At one point I felt behind all these claiming and shouting on each other, there is something in this emotion which reminds you the innocent childishness of little kids. End of the day – everyone trying their best to prove what they believe is the best. And i believe that how human beings are created to most cases.

Now in terms of intelligence, my own theory changes every other day. For example at one point of life I found people asscociated with scientific subjects and who are quite on top of their fields are highly intelligent. And i thought why I think they are intelligent than me? I fanswered myself – because they do what you cant do but you wish to do – using their superior than me mental abilty! And i was quite satisfied with my answer. But then I realised one thing – at any point of any time there was not any human being who excelled in all known fields of activities known to human beings and that left one or more fields for someone else to overtake him/her. Even if there was such people or if there would be, these cases will be exceptionally distinct and I am sure these people could come from any parts of the world! Intelligence does not belong to any specific place…. its universal!

And one point to the person who tried to associate intelligence with colonization. Let me say something very basic. Colonization by british or other nations (please dont be offended if you are of these nationals) towards other parts of the world has nothing to do with intelligence! Think about the colonzation of india by british emperor! They went there with a big, friendly smile on face and asked the people of the land to give permission to stay, do business and so on. the native people received them not with hostiltiy but with warm, friendly gesture. And how the colonial people paid the price of that friendship? Well…. you better read some history! But anyway… what I am trying to mean is – when you define intelligence I believe it should also include the term – ability to think towards the universal goodness! The reason I am sayign this is because with your wicked ability you might be able to destroy the world in a second but with that abilty/intelligence you are not serving anything towards the humanity and its not much of use for anyone! So whats the point of having that intelligence? Ahh…if you think being able to destroy anything in a sophisticated way is a parameter of intelligent people, then its different case!

Now before I finish .. let me request a small thing to my indian and pakistani friends. As you have read my comments and as I can see you guys are extremely busy fighting with each other, just when you take a break from the battle..please shout with your loudest voice – ” Neither me nor the people I am fighting are the most intelligent! The most intelligents are the one over ther who are having fun watching us fighting! ”

Does it make sense? I am kinda hoping it doesnt! LOL!!

  pablo wrote @

hi every boby,

i m mexican, i lived in Morocco for 6 years and wouldnt be surprised to hear that Moroccain are the most intel, those people can find a solution for everything, beleive me!

  matty wrote @

this is bullshit

  John Carslow wrote @

To the original “author”. Please tell us who stole from who?

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi John Carslow-

I wrote both. Kindly read the first paragraph (in parentheses).

  Vijaya Anand wrote @

good post to think.

  Yasseroy wrote @

there is no “most intelligent country ine the world”.. this is bullshit.. and i’m from morocco i believe that morocco is not the most intelligent country , there are a lot of dump living here believe me , neither India or Pakistan.. clever they are all over the world , and i believe in IQ.. that’s all what can i say

  Yasshole wrote @

Hey Yasshole, try reading the post before calling it bullshit.

  KALPESH wrote @


  Anonymous wrote @

Most intelligent people in the fucking world are africans because they walk naked and have spears and have long penises.

  location voitures Maroc wrote @

moroccan’s people is the most intellegent.

  Habib wrote @

First, let me ask, who’s the DUMB to write this post about intelligence? Do you even know about the nations you mentioned in your post? I don’t know much about Somalia. But Bangladesh is NOT a starving nation. I know because I’m a Bangladeshi. It’s true that we’re poor, very poor. But still, NO ONE dies of hunger there. Not since 1972 at least, and you wrote this in 2007……..c’mon! We have too many problems; but fortunately we have enough people with good hearts to help the poors in hard times. We’re not physically tough……very weak indeed. If you place a common Bangladeshi guy and a common Harvard graduate in the middle of Sahara, the Bangladeshi guy would die first, trust me!

About intelligence of nations, I also think it’s an useless debate. But I don’t agree with your geographical classification of intelligence. You think people from the developed countries are better at maths and all than those from underdeveloped ones! What bubble you are living in!? Go compare your math knowledge with a south-indian guy, you’ll be ashamed!

People rose a very legitimate question- if Indians and Pakistanis are so intelligent than why can’t they develope? I’ll tell you why. People in this subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) are indeed very intelligent and that’s why we can’t prosper. We’re smart, and we’re always busy smarting out each other. We do NOT usually use our intelligent for good things.


  indiansarecrapheads wrote @

the Indians are nothing but shitheads, no need to discuss these ugly head shaking dogs, they don’t belong to the human race, their opinion about Pakistan does not count

  n wrote @

i dont think so your does too so, shut your
crap head

  India has most intelligent people wrote @

Indians found the zero .Which takes most important place in science and mathematics

  Anonymous wrote @

Sorry to disappoint you but it’s the arabs who discovered zero first.

  asilah wrote @

well I think that moroccans are the most intelligent people in world. Historically speaking, the moroccan culture is a mixture of a lot of civilisations and they are of different races. This diversity has a big influence on their way of thinking, way of dealing with problems and crisis. Hence they are well experienced. Concerning their high levels of poverty, ignorance, unemployment.and so on, they use their potentials in negative situations and their unapropriate atmosphere doest not help them to discover their intelligence and explose their natural abilities and energies. What impoves that is that moroccan are talented in many parts of the world and in different sector.. What is important is that moroccan are not sufferning of something which prevents them of develepment and progress. So if there is a well there is a way, I mean if they have a spirit of hardworking and reading, they easily will be one of the best countries in the world.

  Ga. wrote @

Pakistanis are stupids.

  Anonymous wrote @

indian’s cows are more intelligent than indians,don’t u see how they worship them‏:-D‏

  n wrote @

I guess thats why indians are the smartest people on planet.

  gently wrote @

hi,there,if u use intelligent to make good thinks then its good,and if u use it to the opposite,then its nothing to be proud of,otherwise u have to be proud of hitler,stalin and lenin.their evil intelligence killed millions of people!so be intelligent enough and use your own brain to think about the universe.

  SP wrote @

To all those who are so rabid about India and Indians…chill. We are as good as you all are. Let us not get carried away and get personal. Its about intelligence..there can be a million intelligent people in a country and an equal number of unintelligent ones in the same. Why look stupid trying to call a country intelligent or otherwise. And just a reply to the post by the human”indiansarecrapheads”….yeah we Indians ain’t human…we are superhuman.
People…however intelligent, caustic, spiteful and intolerant we may get, we all remain human(or superhuman). Let us not forget that and so continue to be…gracefully and INTELLIGENTLY!!

  sajid wrote @

Some people are born clever, but they are not good at learning, some appear to be dumb, but are the most intelligent ones with good learning power, here we’ll tell you about people, who are extra ordinary, who has the capability to learn more, and have the retaining power no one can ever think of.


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