Love A.D.D.erall

At 21 they diagnosed me with AD/HD & gave me smart pills. My grades shot up & my future brightened & some said I was better. But I am numb inside of this drug. People I love become distant strangers sometimes, so proud of me for victories I didn’t earn. How do I tell them I am not what I do or have done. I’ll never be happy on this drug, but I’ll never be successful without it. If only I could Love Adderall.

Update on Brand Name Orange Adderall vs. Generic Pink Adderall

About a month ago I wrote about my suspicions regarding the generic brands of Adderall. It was, and is, my contention that something is profoundly different about the new (generic) pink Adderall, compared to the brand name orange variety (at 20 mg).

This weekend I met a pharmacy grad student out at the bars. When I posed my theory to her, the girl instantly transitioned from ditsy barfly mode into “defend my career field” mode, and was uncomfortably aggressive in her defense of the pharmaceutical industry in general. She seemed to take my inquiry as an attack on her as an individual. I tried to explain that I wasn’t a scientologist and had no financial interest in derailing her profession. But it was too late, she’d already been unleashed on this weird diatribe against “ignorant ass-heads who bash pharmacists because they’ve got nothing better to do.” Okay. She was particularly defensive of penicillin, which said to me she was too cocked to cognitively separate her internal thoughts from the substance of the conversation in which she was being invited to participate.

Anyway, I came away from this conversation more convinced than ever that something really shady is going on; either (a) the pink generic Adderall makers are cutting corners or (b) the orange brand name Adderall makers are not shooting straight when it comes to sharing their chemical recipe with their pink competitors. Obviously I can’t trust doctors or pharmacists or drunk chicks at bars to give me a straight answer. It is such a helpless, powerless feeling. I’ve decided its time to go back on the orange stuff for a month to find out if the difference is real or if it’s only in my head.

Of course there’s a very real possibly of the placebo effect, which I know in the past has influenced my perceptions of Adderall’s usefulness. To control for this I need some sort of way to monitor which color pill I take and when. I’m familiar with statistics and how to conduct a scientific study, and ideally I’d have to have both the pink pills and the orange ones on-hand; and I’ll need to take them without knowing which color pill I’m taking. Tentatively I’m planning to go light on my medication this month so that I’ll still have some pink pills left when I get my prescription refilled. Then I’ll go back to taking my regular dosage. Each swallow a pill I’ll take a picture of it (without actually looking at it) and I’ll date the photo. Then I’ll write extensive notes about how the medication affects me feel each day, and I’ll try to guess which color pill is inside of me.

At the end of the month I’ll look at all my photos and notes to compare how I felt on the pink pills with how I felt on the orange ones. If my hypothesis is correct then the orange pills, compared to the pink ones, will make me:

  • more focused
  • less jittery
  • less hungry
  • more dehydrated

All in all, I like how the generic pink pills don’t dehydrate me and suppress my appetite as conspicuously as do the older, organge ones. Then again, without the ability to focus without feeling ultra-jittery I sometimes wonder if its worth it to take the new Adderall at all.

Obviously a viable alternative theory to my assertion that the two brands are innately different is that my tolerance has shot up over the years, so the drug simply isn’t as effective now as it was when I first began taking it. But if that was the case I don’t understand why the pink generic Adderall would make me MORE anxious and jittery than the traditional orange pills did; wouldn’t I build up a tolerance to that as well.

Or perhaps the orange brand changed its chemical composition right around the time I switched to the pink, so maybe the orange used to be better but now sucks as bad as the pink ones do. Who the hell knows! But I’m as determined as ever to get to the bottom of this since no psychologist in this world (let alone any pharmacist) seems willing or able to provide a straightforward answer.

If anyone has any ideas–scientific or otherwise–regarding my little novice study please let me know. I’m especially interested in suggestions for how I might objectively measure the effects (levels of dehydration, concentration, anxiety, appetite, etc.). Just to be clear, I’m not planning on taking a larger dose of medication, so please don’t worry about me overdosing or whatever. Actually, I’ll be “underdosing” for the next few weeks in order to save up my pinks for the September/October comparison.

Finally if you know anyone who has taken either of these two brands (or BOTH) please direct them to my site so they too can provide some input. The official names of the two types are as follows:

  • PINK/Generic = “Dex/Amphetamine Salt”
  • ORANGE/Brand Name = “Adderall”


  Ryan wrote @

Man your mini-story underneath the Love A.D.D.erall title up there with the orange pill photos, thats exactly how I feel. It’s terrible man I hate being on this stuff but I love it because I can actually get things done, I got a 3.8 last semester because of that stuff. I couldn’t have said it better than you did, and I couldn’t find any other way to contact you and say this so I just posted it here.

  nickmcminn60 wrote @

If you cant find the orange ones tell your DR the others make you too jittery and other people notice and ask if your on something. Play the “Embarrassment Card?” He/She (the DR) is not going to let the pink pills lead you into having to be treated for Anxiety just to keep you on the Pink pills.
My 2c nickmcminn60

*In other News I can attest to the fact that the pink pills ARE different (Less potent and as noneffective as the Orange or the Capsules (Brand,IR,EX ext.) and need to be Re-Reviewed by the FDA DEA or whoever lets these overseas drugs in!*

  nickmcminn60 wrote @

On another note the greater the technology the Government posses, they will start implementing different substances to lessen chance of abuse, and maybe were just the guinea Pigs? (Vyvance?)

  nickmcminn60 wrote @

“The FDA mandates the exact same amount of active ingredient in each generic. Within 80% is a sham”
by: SteeleyJ
80% leaves A Lot of room for Change.

  Carmen wrote @

I just recently moved from Louisiana to Mississippi and went to get my adderall prescription refilled. Without having insurance I have always gotten the generic brand. I was an orange, round/oval shape, 30mg and was almost sweet to taste….not candy sweet but not nasty like many medications can be. I have just received my first prescription of these pink things I have never seen before. Not only was the price about $30 more expensive (maybe due to state/pharmacy difference) but I had a hard time even finding a picture of it online. If you have any information on how it may be different or anything you noticed about it as compared to the orange ones I would really appreciate any info as I do not like the idea of switching medications, especially in generic form.
My psychiatrist did advise me on certain pharmacies he would prefer I go to because of the generic brands they carry and how certain generics react differently due to their chemical composition. I am still trying to get in touch with him and my past pharmacist to see if they have anything on this new pink generic.

  Kate wrote @

I take the round hot pink ones. The oval football shaped orange do not seem to work well at all.

  Kate wrote @

Hi from Adderall-ville. I’ve been on it for years and have also built up a bit of a tolerance. I take 20mg (2 first thing in the morning and 1 around 11am) this dose only effects and improves me until about 2 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I’ve experimented with double dosing and got great results but then liked being “on” all day and ran short before my refill was due. Talk about withdrawl. I went 3 days without it and will never short myself again.

Regarding the orange pink question, I had just the opposite reaction. I’ve been on the 20 mg orange for some time now, but happened to go to a different pharmacy this month. Much to my surprise I found these hot pink round pills when I opened the bottle. WOW! What a difference. These pink pills seem stronger, though they are also 20mg. They actually make me feel happy and I suffer from chronic depression along with ADD. They also seem to last in my system longer as well. I WANT MORE of these little pink pills and will ask my DR to prescribe them for me.

It will be interesting to see if the WOW effect will quickly lessen over time. It is also possible that because I went through withdrawl for 3 days that when it hit my system I got turbo charged, but I don’t really think so. These FEEL very different in effect than the orange one’s. Well, hope that stirs the pot a bit. Best to you.

  Anonymous wrote @

I’ve taken both and appreciate this article b/c I agree with everything you said.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Kate, I think you may have touched on an intriguing little subplot. There are multiple generic brands of Adderall, not just one. Some of the generic brands are orange, for example, the one that has “b 973” inscribed on one side and “-2|0-” on the other. That’s the one I just picked up, and I’m waiting to see if there’s any major difference between these and pink “cor 135” pills. Maybe we’re all just different and need to find what works for us. What bugs me is when they try to tell us all are the same, even though most pharmacists will admit they’re different. Thanks for your comments, I’ll keep everyone posted.

  Ashley wrote @

I was really surprised when I found your website and before I could finish reading it I was on the phone with my boyfriend. We are both on 20mg adderal (generic). Any way we were both use to the blue oval tens, orange oval 20s, and so on. until I switched pharmaceys one day and came home with the small round pink 20s. I didnt think much about it I figured it was the same thing just a different generic brand… so the next day I take my regular dosage and NOTHING so I took a half of another one very little change. long story short they SUCK I have to take atleast one if not two more than I usually would, and its still not the same. My boyfriend who has been on adderal for most of his life feels the same way, and we have had many conversations with others who agree ( his mother said the same thing) I know you said that there are different generic forms out there and I think you are compairing brand name orange to generic pink so Im not sure if any of this will help but… my boyfriend and I kinda did what your wanting to as far as comparing the two but after reading your plans I dont think we were scientific enough. but we both had our scripts filled at the same time but at different pharmacies so we would have the two different pills. (we did know which we were taking and when, so I guess some people may say its all in our heads but… ok (sorry if Im rambling, I hope this makes sence, Im having to write in a rush before work :( ) any way first I tried to take one pink and one orange (instead of 2 pinks) just to see if there was any difference, due to the fact that 2 pinks did nothing. so I noticed a small difference, kinda like I had only taken 1 orange. so I contiued working and an hour later I took another pink. at first I was kinda worried but honestly…. nothing!!! I even checked my heart rate and it was constant. so the next day instead of mixing I decided to take 3 orange, first I took 2 and checked my heart rate and even wrote down the differences I was (already) feeling. then an hour later I took another orange, checked my heart and so on. CONCLUSION: My heart rate alone was completly different and after taking the third well yeah REALLY different. first of all adderal does cause your heart rate to rise or atleast its supposed to. Even if its not physically noticable, (which it shouldnt be unless you take to much) it shows up on a blood pressure mechine and the numbers that I got the first day didnt come close to day 2. Im not a scientist or a doctor but this simple at home test does prove one thing.. the pink 20s do not do the same thing to your body as the orange 20s. my boyfriend did the same thing I did and his numbers were higher on the orange as well. Sorry if this is confusing and of no help, but I also feel very strongly about this issue (Im not sure what that says about me but oh well) I guess my only suggestion would be to think about using your pulse rate in your data. I hope this helps and if I can help any way let me know!! Gotta go to work… GOOD LUCK!

  mmk13 wrote @

Hi, i too feel strongly about this. Used to be generic vs brand effects, now in addition is generic vs generic (from diff labs/manuf’s). Regretfully, i have come across yet another breakdown; generic vs generic from same manuf! With buyouts or mergers (whatever) (esp of (old) barr manuf into duramed manuf) u have yet another “attempt” to the re-creation of any med. Meaning, manuf’s take brand name med’s & “TRY” to copy it for “their” generic. If they merge or whatever they may not have to disclose their generic’s chemical make up. (which instead of starting with brand name the new manuf “TRIES” to copy a ‘copy’. (saving them $). (follow?) I have been dealing with the generic vs brand’s effects for many meds for years. I anxiously await the day the world news blows it up that they ARE IN FACT DIFF (which, duh, ‘may’ have diff effects). I URGE THOSE WITH THE FINANCIAL CAPABILITY TO TAKE BOTH PILLS TO AN ACTUAL LAB TO HAVE THEIR CHEMICAL MAKE-UP’S BROKEN DOWN & POST ALL OVER THE INTERNET THE RESULTS! There are labs that provide that service for a fee. You do see from time to time an article about this topic & yet it never blows up.??! what gives there???? Anyway, sorry to ramble i am sure u all feel same way & are as frustrated as as hell to have everyone look at u like u r crazy when u say the generic effects u diff than the brand. I was glad to see a recent post. It does help to see u are not alone. I take the 10 mg reg & have been ‘experimenting’, if u will, with diff labs generic’s. (fyi: same store – diff location may use diff labs. for ex, cvs at 1 location may buy from diff lab than cvs at another location). I just call & ask them the lab they use for …”..” (in this case adderall 10mg reg), & they tell me whoever it is. They do change, so if u are going to try this make sure just before u refill-fill a script call & ask. Now, with my recent finding of same lab having diff generic’s of a single brand name med i will have to ask what the shape-color-& inscriptions on both sides are. bc, by law they have to ‘look diff’ (for lack of better wording & ease of understanding) in some way if their chemical make up is diff. (i mean if they were the SAME why would they spend extra effort, time & money to put 2 diff imprints-diff shape etc on the SAME med? right? Well, thanks for letting me vent. Good Luck to all of us affected by this unrecognized – unacknowledged controversy. – mmk13

  TERRY wrote @


  wally nose wrote @

Here.sanswer people all generics r not the same the orange oval made by barr were on recall because they had more of amp salts in them than the other adds the pink 135 can be classified as ridling r adderall so what does that tell u pink sucks and now the strong orang oval barr has been replaced with new oval orange with less salts but ill still take the orange oval because its made by same company that makes brand name

  Kelsea wrote @

I’ve been on Adderall XR for about two years now. And I just got prescribed the little pink pills last month. Mine are called “D-Amphetamine Salt Combo” and their a generic of Adderall XR. I don’t really notice too much of a difference. I think XR worked a little better though. But all in all, the diffrence wasn’t all too noticable. My appetite isn’t supressed as much with these little pink pills, which I don’t like. I kinda like how the XR supresses my appetite. Anyways, if you find out anymore with this little experiment you’re doing, I’d sure like to be updated! =]

  david wrote @

About the pink verses the orange
I suspect you are correct about different results
I know this to be true with diazepan the only good manufacture of generic diazepan is the Watson co. in fact they are stronger than brand Valium

  Jeremy Himler wrote @

Im not prescribed adderal, but I like to do them recreationaly. Used to always get orange 20s or blue 10s. Then I recieved these pink gen.s Amphetamine dex is what is. Its basically the same as add. but with a different chemical composition. Its made to have a longer half life even if busted up. Thats why those of you who chew or sniff them dont get that buzz. There is 1 way to get around this for those who use it rec. Not recomending it!!! Break it down very fine with cold water, use a small filter. Draw it up and inject it. Dont miss, it will cause a burning sensation. If doing 1 tab. use 100 units of clean water. Preferably strait out of a new water bottle. For 2 tabs, about 150 units and for 3 use 200 units. Ive found the best way is to use a 3 mililiter 25 gauge B12 syringe. Local walmart pharm. carry them, 28 cents a piece. Try to have a clean 100 unit syringe with you as well, just for adding water. Put 150 units on it with the 100 and draw it up with the 3 ml. Then 100 more and do the same 2 times. That will make 3 ml. also makes 3 shots in 1 and garantees that you will get at least 90% of the drug.I do this with all injectable except for liquids of course. Im totally against buchering yourself buy poking over and over and killing your veins. May need those for med. purposes one day. I really dont recomend this. But if you do it already, do it at your own risk. If you inject regularly, to be safe and not become a needle addict, never use more than 2 days in a row and always wait a week after your 2nd time before doing it again. Its called chipping. The same can be done with all opiate drugs including heroin but NOT cocaine(devils loser powder). Never inject or even do cocaine very addictive and deadly. Same with meth, unless you just really want or need to rot out your brain and you want to make sure later in life that you will have the joys of experiencing cancer,suicidal tendencies, and severe depression. For those who use drugs of the harder nature(opiates,downs, and ups) its best to stick with pharmacuticals. At least you know its clean and where it came from. Just be sure to chip even if you dont inject. You can find some really great info on all of this on
Jeremy H. 14 88

  kathy wrote @

Jeremy, i think we all could have done with out your input . we have enough drug abusers without people like you coaching them on how its done. My 23 yr old son died from herione, My 21 yr old son died from methadone use. I am not trying to get a pity party going here just want to stop all the people that think they are helping others when in fact you are enabling them, and in some sick way helping them die.We dont need input from people like you. thanks

  Slippery Sobriety wrote @

I’m really sorry to hear that I just wanted to tell you thanks for sharing I’ve been sober from heroin for 4 month and stories like that inspire me to stay clean. U never know who is reading and thought I agree that telling people how to shoot up is disgusting, the info is already out there. Adderall does nothing to me I have no tolerance, Ritalin. Works like. Charm I just think it’s weird cuz most people say opposite. Anyway, thanks

  jake wrote @

I have been on 30mg tablets of adderall twice a day for quite some time now. I got the different generic pills at different times throughout since i’ve been prescribed to adderall, all completely random when i got a refill. The oval orange 30mg and the pink round 30mg…there is absolutely positively not a profound difference in the two at all.

  Melissa wrote @

I found your entry as I was searching online to see if anyone agreed with me. I was prescribed the generic pink brand and found them to be much stronger, however, leave me with a horrible headache when they wear off. Perhaps its something about them having a longer half life as one person posted and it’s leaving me with some sort of adderall hangover. Whereas the original Adderall left me feeling perfectly fine.

  Mandy C. wrote @

I found your site while trying to find out if there was indeed a difference between the pink & orange Adderall. I have taken the orange since I was 18 and am now almost 24, but was switched to the pink about 2 months ago. I have noticed a huge difference. The pink seems to a much quicker affect on me but doesn’t last as long. It also doesn’t squash my appetite as much as the orange does, but it leaves me jittery in a way the orange never did and with cotton mouth that is unbearable. I normally took 1 1/2 20mg orange in the morning, 1 @ 2pm, and a 1/2 at 4pm = 60 mg a day. With the pink i need to take 4 a day to be able to focus as much and as long as I did on the orange. I can’t understand and I hate because I am so jumpy all the time. My doctor and pharmacist swear there is no chemical change between the two and act like i’m crazy when I try to explain, but I swear on my life there is.

  Mike wrote @

I was prescribed adderall about 7 months ago and have been taking the generic pink 20mg tabs up until last week when I went to Wal-mart and was given the orange 20mg. The pink 20’s definitely made me more jittery and feeling like crap when they wore off. The orange one’s don’t seem to be that way and tend to last a little longer. Plus, the pink ones are bitter if you don’t swallow them right away, whereas the orange ones are kind of sweet tasting. Personally, I prefer the orange generic

  Owen wrote @

This is all very interesting. I’ve been prescribed “adderall” 20mg twice daily for nearly 2 yrs, and have come across 4 different varieties. When I go to the pharmacy I usually expect to find the oval, orange-sweet tasting kind. Then there is a round-orange type and the round-pink, both dreaded and I don’t think I could tell them apart blind (sort of an exagerration, more like I’m pissed off about it. In fact I just decided I’m going to start finding out ahead what they have in stock for me so I’d be able to find some other place and avoid getting stiffed.) The 4th kind is ADDERALL XR®, which I don’t have that much experience with. I see XR as just an “escalation” by a pharmaceutical company who wants to keep a proprietary formula they can market. The original (not XR) “Adderall brand amphetamine salt combo” was a compounded mixture designed to be an appetite suppressant prescribed for weight loss. When prescribing amphetamines for that sort of thing went out of style, they directed it towards treating ADD/ADHD or “Hyperkinesis”, the old-school term for that.
Among the “salts” contained in the pills you see they can include sacharates and aspartates. Aka sacharine,aspartame, artificial sweeteners — is that sweet taste then because of these? I doubt it’s just a flavor additive to make kids like it more :)
Sulfates and sacharates and aspartates (no idea what the differences are, but I notice there’s no freebase or HCL’s in lists of ingredients) of both Dextro-amphetamine and regular amphetamine (straight amphetamine, probably sulfate or hydrochloride was used/invented first as a bronchiodilator to treat asthma in the 1920’s) are the components in Adderall. I’ve read that this D-amphetamine, taken alone by itself, targets the left frontal cortex of the brain with much less peripheral stimulation or jitteriness, and that the jitteriness is mostly caused by the the non-D-amphetamine components, and to top that off, the other components have a longer half-life! But don’t even try to get a prescreption for pure dextroamphetamine unless you have some kind of medical degree and know where a real old-fashioned pharmacy is. We’re stuck with a dressed up appetite suppressant and whatever passes as an acceptable generic.
I like the sweet orange kind the best, and don’t know about Adderall XR, I might find it even more helpful. But if what I’ve just relayed about D-amph is true I’d logically want to find a pharmacokinetic datasheet or something for every type of pill and see what has the highest ratio of D.

  rosemary wrote @

i just started in april 09 on adderal 20mg. the first two months was takin generic barr peach colored, was doing well focus, getting things done alert ect.. june i got the pink ranbx n on my bottle was a red warning lable get this MAY CAUSE DROWSNESS !!! spoke with pharmacy and they said oh dont know how n why thats on there just a mistake. ok i tried n wow big differance cant focus confused zombie !!! thinkin ok may this is all in my head keep tryin 2 weeks into it same. then i came across this web site and seeing others are unhappy with the pink also. i also had a hard time finding anything out on the ranbx some how i find there name is ranbaxy labs out of india! # 1 concern India????went on the FDA web site n found warnin letters to them about there generic meds. also found a site is this adderal ?found that RANBAXY IS NOT approved to sell this drug in the US. You kno its hard enough havin add n u got these drug n pharmacy people messin with u the pharmacy lady excused me of excusing her of doing somethin with my meds. what a trip . my head is spinning. hope this makes any sense to anyone im outa sorts on this pink adderal

  Anonymous wrote @

Ok… I am a nurse and my husband is a dr and same thing happened to me! I tried to think maybe it was bc I have two kids and school is starting but today I just knew it was the med! Thank God I finally decided to get to the bottom of this and found this research! My dr wrote me a new script and my pharmacy will no longer give me the pink ones! But why should we have to be the lab rats???? Something seriously is wrong with our INS and pharmacy people!!!

  emily TX wrote @

I have taken 20 mg XR for quite some years now. I am now in my later years of college and i choose to only take my adderall when i need it, like to study, take a test, write a paper, or do work. I recently ran out, and it is finals week and i found myself in a complicated state. luckily every student uses adderall as a study drug, so it wasnt hard to find someone with ADHD like myself to buy some from. He had the pink pills. At first i didnt even think this was adderall, until i looked it up. i have taken 2 in the past 2 days. I like the pink better. i dont care so much for the supressing appetite because the purpose of adderall is not to lose weight, it is for people like myself and all of you that have this disorder and need the pill. So i dont mind having my appetite back a little bit on this pill at all. It focuses me all the same, and it is even easier to fall asleep on, because i do have problems sleeping on the orange adderall XR. I do recieve a headache when coming off it though, but thats nothing an advil cant fix. And the whole jittery thing…i am definately more shakey on the orange XR pills, and i get cold sweats too when i am on them. i found that i wasnt jittery at all on the pink, and i didnt have any cold sweats. the pink pill also starts working faster. I think the pills work the same, and they effect my ADHD the same. the only difference is the difference in the side effects, and if you have a problem or are concerned with that, like me, i would take the pink pills. When i get home from break i am going to be asking my doctor where i can be given these pink ones rather than the orange. Happy studying.

  kathie wrote @

Hi, I have been taking the peach color 20mg tablets for a few years. I have always felt jittery, but yesterday my daughter gave me one of hers, which is the pink one, but I didn’t know that until the day after I took it and she had commented on the different color. They were the same as far as mgs. She asked if I could tell a different on how I felt. I told her and I can tell you, it did make me feel different . I was focused, but I did not have the jitters. I felt calm and because of that I could even focuse even better. I plan on switching to the pink the next time.

  Emily wrote @

I was on the orange b-973’s, and now they switched it to the pink cor-135’s. I really don’t like the pink pills either. I’m tired and hungry all the time. At first, I was jittery and anxious, but that went away and now I am just EXTREMELY tired all of the time. I just take 1/2 a pill twice a day. Maybe the pink ones don’t work well when they are broken in half?

Also, I have noticed that the orange adderall kind of loses it’s effect as it gets older. At the end of the bottle, mine were always chalky, really easy to break, and seem less potent. Has anyone else noticed anything like that?

  Howard wrote @

Well, I’d love to know the results of your own, personal research. I have been prescribed Adderall (Non-XR, 20 mg. twice a day) for just over 2 years, and it really has changed my life for the better. Granted, I am also prescribed *groan* a couple other things that I take with it, but suffice it to say that I noticed a significant increase in focus and mood when I am taking Adderall. For me it functions very well for focus, and as an anti-depressant. But I have been told recently (by friends) that there is a significant difference between the effect of generic against brand. Since I have always been on generic, I was going to find out by refilling my prescription (and pay extra) for brand, just to see what happens. But if you do have results from your own self-study, it would be great to see what you discovered.

  Jon wrote @

Yes Emily, mine get chalky and seem to lose potency within the month they’re in the bottle too. I thought I was crazy until now! Possibly something to do with humidity in the air??

  Emily wrote @

At least I know it’s not just me, now. I haven’t been able to find any information on adderall losing its potency on the internet. I do live in the Midwest, so maybe it could be humidity?

  Anonymous wrote @

your all addicted

  maria wrote @

i’ve just recently started taking the generic pink 20mgs. i’ve never used original adderall so i have nothing to really compare my effects with. for me, my jitters were extremely inconsistent, especially for the first few days (howeveer, so was my chosen dosage so i’m sure that made things how they were). overall, i’d say i was much less hyper, way less hungry(i wouldn’t eat for a 2 days at a time sometimes and then binge on the third day), moderately dehydrated, pretty fatigued given simple tasks but i was totally focused on everything i did. i feel like a genius on the stuff. the effects start and end abruptly. to stay at a more consistent feeling, it takes 3 in the morning, 1 mid day and atleast 1 around 5(which is always my optional pill). this is the first medication of this kind i’ve taken for an extended period, but i feel like i built up a high tolerance almost immediately. in the evenings, or whenever i start to come down, my whole body feels tired and stiff accompanied by a swimming sensatin in my head. i have no desire to be as athletic as i used to and when i do, there is a notable decrease in my stamina.
i love how when i’m on it, everything seems to make sense and i’m indifferent about everything. however, all of my senses are dulled and nothing is as exciting when i take it. i don’t like to talk or play my clarinet. on a last note, as horrible as this is, if i take high amounts almost every hour or so (maybe 8 or 9 in a 24 hour period) i don’t want to sit down. i move about and comulsively do meaningless tasks like rearrange my book shelf over and over or organize bits of paper. it’s those days i don’t eat, but i drink around 3 liters of water.

  Anonymous wrote @

What the hell are you doing taking 8 or 9 in a day!!!!

  Jeremy wrote @

You should slow down on how many you take daily! I am a 31 year old man that has been the psychologists best guinea pig since age 13. They instantly slapped me with an ADHD diagnosis and wanted to add manic depressive to the list but I was too young at the time. After a few foster homes and juvenile institutions I found crank. The old school powder form of meth. It seemed to make me the type of person people wanted me to be for most my life. However, after coming down from a two to three day sleepless and food less runner, I either had to sleep for a couple days straight or use the meth in different ways to keep going. Smoking it for two days, then snorting for two days, then swallowing for two days. Then came the decision to keep going or finally sleep and start again after. The longest I stayed up was 8 days straight. Eating nearly nothing but vitamins and Gatorade! After I began puking green stomach bile and looking like a pale Ethiopian, crystal meth came out! I will speed up the story and just say that led me to be the closest thing to satan I have ever seen! Finally, I accidentally took my lifelong friends life with a .357 revolver that was stolen. On a runner the gun accidentally discharged and shot my friend at point blank range and killed him instantly! His family after losing their sons life to my selfish demonic addiction, drove hundreds of miles with $5000 to bail me out of jail for his funeral. I was the last to walk in the door to his viewing and I could feel the stares upon me and was sure the crowd of people were all thinking to themselves…. That’s the bad guy! The pain, sorrow, regrets, and scary flashbacks and panic attacks were unlike any adversary I ever stood against! I felt as though taking my own life was the only possible way that my sorrow would ever be understood or recognized! Thankfully I just went nuts on crystal meth until I wound up in prison! After 10 years of prison and the life of a God loving friend, I knew meth would lead to my death or spending the rest of my years in prison! When I was in prison they put me on seroquil, lithium, tegratol, imipramine, Thorazine, zyprexa, Prozac, rhisperdal, Effexor, and many more meds. Upon my release I was granted s.s.i. For being “a nut case”. Long story short, I have relapsed a few times but always remember to live right for my dead friend. My doctor said he believes I legitimately have ADHD and that many people with add become hooked on meth. It’s the right drug but the wrong dose he said! I started with non stimulant Stratera. Didn’t poop for 6 days. Then came Concerta. Not effective. Then Vyvanse. It worked but the dosage had to be raised frequently until it got so high they couldn’t increase it anymore! Finally they put me on adderal. They are IR 20 mg. twice daily. I have had slips where I tried to break down the additives to create straight amphetamine salt. I have gone on two day runners on it. But after taking three, four, five a day, your regular dose is useless! So now you either lower tolerance by not taking them for 5 days, or continue eating them like they come from a pez dispenser! With this choice your script runs out way early and you’re miserable for two weeks out of the month! The point is, if you are the type to chase the high you first experienced with adderal, then you have an addictive trait! If the dosage your doc gives you isn’t giving you the feeling you want maybe it’s not for you! I am an extreme addict with ten years prison time and ten years of wasted life chasing a high that only complicated life! If you are chasing a high you are a drug addict and you should re consider if amphetamine is needed or wanted to study better or think deeper. If doc gives you a script of 20 mg twice daily and that doesn’t help you, then it’s likely you don’t need it in the first place! Is upping your dosage yourself to study better or focus better not the same as using steroids to swim or run faster? My advice take what your prescribed as prescribed and stick with that! Who cares if it’s generic or name brand! They obviously both have benefits for true add sufferers. If you don’t think it’s strong enough or you start taking more than recommended then in my opinion you are a stones throw away from cooking your own dope in a camper somewhere in the woods! It’s not good to be a “tweeker” but popping handfuls of prescription meth is no different than just getting the best possible from the criminals and terrorists that make the shit that hits the streets! Don’t argue over is this one better or is that one? Trust your doc do as he says or go out and get your hard knock degree in first hand crystal meth and it’s manipulative pros and it’s life ruining cons! Taking your meds as prescribed is the only way to go! Get it together! All this talk about shooting up pills or should I snort them or can I smoke them or put them in my butt is a losers game! Take it from a guy that has been there, bought the shirt and threw the shirt away because it always left me with a bad case of handcuffs or heartbroken family! Merry Christmas! To the addicts out there a drug counselor told me that if I ever chose to put as much effort into staying clean as I did figuring out how to get high, true life’s joys would come easy!

  Anonymous wrote @

To: anonymous

“your all addicted” –

Maybe you need some adderall. If you were able to pay attention in school, you would know that it is “you’re”!!! Jackass!

  Aaron wrote @

I’ve been on Adderall for 6 years now and have always takin 20mg orange. My last refill was pink. To me there is a huge difference! The pinks wear off quick! I normally take 2 orange a day, and now with the pink I take 4! Almost out and can only refill once a month! Focus, concentration, and productivty is much better with orange. I got last refill at Walgreens and they were pink, anyone know which pharmacy still has orange?

  scott wrote @

Medicine SHoppe

  Vanessa wrote @

I know for a fact that there is a significant difference between the orange and the pink. The pink really, really suck. I get so upset when I leave the pharmacy, look in my bottle and see pink. The orange ones work a million times better, you do not need as much and they last way longer than those crappy pink ones. I have wanted to go back to the pharmacy for an exchange, even if i have to go elsewhere for them. However, when I run out I am really a lost cause. I am extremely unmotivated and sleep for days. I t really sucks, but it is hard to get through the month when you need extra just for the potency. I would like to know if I could pay extra for the original brand since i have crappy insurnace that only offers generic. Please respond if anyone knows.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi Vanessa-

You can always choose to buy the original brand (of any drug you’re prescribed) even if your insurance doesn’t cover it. You just won’t get the discount. It’s not that there’s necessarily something harmful about the original brand; the reason you’re insurance won’t offer them is just because generics are cheaper, and insurance companies are BIG fans of cheapness.

After I wrote my above post I learned there were multiple types of orange generic 20mg Adderalls–not just the pink. The problem might not be that ALL generics are inferior, just that the pink generics inscribed with “cor 135”, are significantly shittier than ALL other versions of the 20mg pill (including the other generic versions which are orange). If so, the generic orange pills may work for you, in which case you won’t have to pay extra for the original brand. If you find that’s the case, you should tell the pharmacist before you buy anything that you prefer the orange kind. about it before you buy them. It’s perfectly legit to ask the pharmacist which generic brand they happen to carry. You don’t have to cross your fingers wait until you get back to the car to find out what color your pills are, and then be screwed for an entire month if they’re the wrong ones.

  Steve S. wrote @

I don’t seem to have any side effects from most meds and do not seem to get the expected result when the doctor changes my meds. I have been in state hospitals, local hospitals and many rehab centers over the years since the early 70’s. Doctors have prescribed and I have taken over fifty (50) Psychotropic meds during this time. Is it possible for me to have built up a tolerance from any Psychotropic med or from any med, even if I have not taken that same med for years? It seems no mater what med I am given I have little or no reaction to it. This also includes schedule 2 narcotics. If you have any info that could help me I would appreciate it. Thank you
Steve S.

  scott wrote @

the pink generic adderall 20 mg suck big time.
THey make you feel like you are a f————ing zombie.
The orange 20 mg generic are the bomb take 2 in the morn and 1 at about 2pm .
smooooooooth sailing and focus

  terry wrote @

what manufacturer of the orange generic? there are more than one..not all same

  JMO wrote @

I live in Houston,Tx and have been taking Adderall for the past 3 yrs; I started when I was 21 and have taken all of the following:
* 20mg Adderall XR (Brand Name)

  JMO wrote @

I accidentally submitted the above without finishing my thoughts: see below

I live in Houston,Tx and have been taking Adderall for the past 3 yrs; I started when I was 21 and have taken all of the following:
* 20mg Adderall XR (Brand Name)
* 20mg Adderall D-Amphetamine Salt Combo (Orange – Generic)
*30mg Adderall D-Amphetamine Salt Combo (Orange – Generic)
*20mg Adderall Adderall D-Amphetamine Salt Combo (Pink COR 135 – Generic)

All of my prescriptions have been filled by Walgreens and today is my first time to take the pink ones. I took two this morning around 7:30AM but haven’t noticed any of the usual side-effects I normally get from the orange ones: dry/cotton mouth, increased Heart Rate, jitters(not bad jitters, just interal like I feel I need to be doing something productive), or increased body temp.

I have read alot of these blogs and have seen where people are mentioning that they like the Pink cross-haired COR 135 Adderalls better than the orange ones, but I feel the opposite. Not only do I not have the normal side-effects (not necessarily a bad thing), but I don’t feel the ‘focus’ I usually get from the orange ones.

Is there anyone else out there who feels like these pink ones are as bogus as I do, or am I alone in this thought?

  Anonymous wrote @

I totally agree with you! I have been taking the orange 30 mg generic pills for about 2 years. I picked up my prescription yesterday and got the 30mg Pink pills. I took one yesterday and definitely did not feel the “drive” that the orange ones give me. I took one again this morning and all it has done is make me feel jittery. the pink definitely do not supress your appetite as much as the orange ones. I took a pink one at 9:30 AM and was starving at noon and that is not how the orange ones are. I do not feel focused either. The pink ones suck. I got mine from CVS. Guess I want be going back there. Is Walmart the only place that still gives the orange ones?

  Skinny wrote @

Guess what everyone? Adderall isn’t suppose to suppress your appetite or give you “hmmph”.. I’m sorry but almost every post in here demonstrates very highly that most of you are taking this medication for the wrong reasons. You tell your dr its for ADD/ADHD but when you don’t your normal buzz, ummphhh, loss of appetite, your assuming somethings wrong with the pill.. There’s not. Wanna get high regardless what color it is? Heres a tip for ya.. GIVE IT A REST FOR A FEW DAYS CLUCKER! Golden rule of drugs, they quit getting you high when you take them every day. Sounds to me like they’re slowly developing a pill that makes drug abuse more difficult.. Bummer!

That’s why this medicine is for kids, it counteracts its stimulant effect and acts as a normalizer. Only your brain chemistry has changed since 8yrs old, so now your just geek’n – If your were 8 you’d be taking a nap. And you’d still have your teeth.

However, your not really the ones to blame. Ultimately Doc’s are still shelling out this medication to 1,000’s of people who are past the growth stage of benefitting from the true beneficial properties of the medication. After 18 c’mon be honest, we’re just getting high. Even if you want to deny it, you can’t it’s a scientific fact. The length of almost every post in here, also prove’s my point. Geekers – hey I’m not judging believe it or not, I’m guilty of it too, but at least I admit it. I haven’t lost or smoked my teeth yet though. I don’t mind taking Adderall as long as I don’t have to look like I do

And its not focus when you can’t stop doing something for hours and hours. Then it’s just called tweeking. Ok now line up in a nice orderly fashion and let the bashing commence…. thanks though, I’ve been very entertained with the denial and lack of self-awareness in here. If this were any kind of reputable medical site I really think the “how to shoot up adderall” post from 2007 probably would have been removed by now, ya think? I mean my god, a kid that actually takes it so he can do his homework without reading the same sentence 10 times, might actually come in here for, I dunno, information?

Well kid, I hope your able to offer a rant on what gets ya higher, pink or orange. If not your $hit outta luck!

  Kate wrote @

Wow! I wondered when someone would hit the nail on the head. Everything you said is true. I have been on Adderral for 10 years. My tolerance is high. I managed to stop for 3 days. The Adderral worked like the first time again. The sad part…was the high tolerance came back after 3 days. I do need this Med for severe ADD and Narcolepsy. How can I eliminate this high tolerance altogether??

  Anonymous wrote @

I agree. I used to take the orange ovals froms from teva but recently switched to pink pharmacore. Pinks don’t supress my appetite as much as orange or give me jitters like orange ones but I am more focused. No crashing side effects on the pinks wearing off but what’s funny is the next day if I don’t take the meds my appetite is not there during the day. I also have to poop within the hour of taking it. I also got this feeling on the real adderall brand back in 2008 on both the ir and rx. I stopped the rx bc generic was REALLY DIFFERENT from brand name and screwed up my circadian rhythms.

The majority of people on here seems to be taking it for the wrong reasons. If it doesn’t work on u, u probably don’t have ADHD. Also these drugs are considered “chiral” center drugs… It means handedness. In organic chemistry class I learned when your body metabolizes these drugs they are metabolized in either the r direction(clockwise) or s direction (counterclockwise wise). Everyone metabolizes these drugs differently, either the r or the s, but not both and it varies from one person to the next. So if the drug is 50% r and 50% s, technically u don’t metabolized the other half. Other examples of chiral center drugs is ibprofen or advil.

Anyway to answer ur question about extending the drug life while on adderall, l’ve noticed when taken with tramadol 3-6 hours after taking adderall, I get another wind of energy like the adderall is working again, BUT, IF U TAKE TRAMADOL BEFORE DIGESTING ADDERALL IT WILL MAKE U SLEEPY. I haven’t tested this on the pink ones yet but this is for sure on the orange teva ones. This basically made the adderall inactive and would have to take a day break for the adderall to work. After questioning a pharmacist whether TRAMADOL would interact with adderall to make me sleepy, all pharmacist said probably not except for one pharmacist….. He told me since they afe both working on the ssri neurotransmitter, tramadol shoukd amplify the effects of adderall… I dunno but I take TRAMADOL for pain management… It feels like a weaker former of percocet to me but takes 2 hours to kick in

  nickmcminn60 wrote @

Rite-Aid, Kerr Drug and most “No-Name Pharmacies” :SHOULD Carry the Orange ones, Mine are frome Rite-Aid, Asheville NC. Hope that helps.

  Becka wrote @

I received the generic pink 20 mg pills for the first time at the beginning of January from Walgreens. I had previously always been given the oval orange generics, which were fine. The pink ones are completely different; basically, they don’t work. Also, I was interested to see the previous comment about feeling stiff and sore, which is how I have felt since taking the pink ones (although I can’t imagine how a pill could cause that side effect so it may just be in my head). But, absolutely, the pink generics are TERRIBLE

  hgb12345 wrote @

I cannot take the orange or the pink…it never seemed to work for me…the pink was not as “strong” as the blue tabs. So, my pharmacy began ordering the BLUE tabs again. I am 43 and have been taking them for a little under a year. I just wished they lasted longer through the “down time” (as some call it) before the next dose. Even the extended did not last the day…that is why I went back the 2 times a day with the ‘regular’ adderall/generic brand. By the way, how do you find out who the pharmaceutical cimpany is on the blue tabs with out going to the pharmacy–and them looking at you like “why?”.

20mg Adderall -Amphetamine Salt Combo (BLUE – Generic)


  Stefanie G wrote @

I was wondering which pharmacy you order the blue 20 mg adderall from? I can’t seem to find it in my local area!

  Tricia wrote @

I have just started on the “pink” adderal, and was considering calling the pharmacy to see if they got my prescription mixed up. I am prescribed 2 20 mg. adderal per day, but normally split the dosage according to my work day. For instance, I only take 1/2 in the morning and usually take another half later in the day. If I am having a longer or harder work day, then I will take another half as needed. That way, I don’t take more than I need. However, 1/2 of the pink ones don’t work at all. The only “plus” I can find is that there is not a really hard drop in my energy whenever the medication wears off. I guess it will be a trade-off between taking more of the pink pills, but not feeling so down whenever they wear off. A co-worker just took the pink ones, and he says that he can’t tell he takes the pink ones until a couple of hours after his dosage. He seems to think they are more like the timed release XR – he couldn’t fall asleep at night after what seemed like a “boost” late in the day. My psychiatrist prefers the brand name for women, but my insurance will not pay for the brand name except in the XR and I don’t always need medication for an entire day.

  harold wrote @

Is anyone familiar with amphetamine salts causing extreme reactions? Stupor, coma, fever, etc?

Also, I understand the generic salts are made by Tyco Healthcare, a division of Mallincrodt? Any information one way or the other would be helpful.

  saj wrote @

of course there is a differance. where there is a substantial price reduction there is a substantial quility reduction. ie ( shuuuuu! dont tell any one. but the filler and in some the reation of inactive ingrediants is (active) depending on the ph acidic level of your body. belive it or not you can charge a small battery and those positivly charge molices in which then can not pass your bi polar layer of fat on the outside of you hippocappuse. so if you think the reason that they can lower their prices is do to patient differance then sorry they got to you with there spinning. hope this has help and for more info on Barr phama. cheack the FDA website it shows that they were not even putting enoughe active ingredients in their projuct and they have a reeeeeaaallly bad track record. like lead babies from china bad fillers are no good. stick with adderrall contact adderall at

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi Saj-

Thanks for the input. Of course, since you’re pointing out the sketchy tricks of the pham industry, you should also mention the flip side to that argument. It’s not a “price reduction”, per se, as the brand name Adderall price didn’t significantly drop. The market opened to legally allow new companies to compete with Adderall, because the patents ran out. It’s odd that you would characterize that as a “price reduction.”

You probably know that pharm companies devise nifty new ways to sell their products once their patent runs out and it goes generic. So for instance, Prozak tweaks on little thing about its chemical makeup, then re-markets itself as a diet pill. Adderall chops itself into little pieces, puts itself in a capsule, and calls itself extended release. Thus, like magic, a new patent exists for “Adderall XR.”

So it then becomes important to market this new drug, Adderall XR, and to smear generic competitors, possibly with Internet spam. Is that where you come in?

  Brandy wrote @

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one this month! January’s prescription filled at Walgreens turned out to be pink. At first I thought the pharmacy gave me the wrong pills! I was scared to even take them. This is the same pharmacy my husband and I use each month. No one mentioned the change. These pills definetly are not the same. This must be new because I could not find anything on or the FDA website about this generic brand.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Brandy and others-

Please see the recent comment by Brad L. to my other post, “The New Pink Adderall.”

According to Brad, Walgreen’s will carry the pink pills exclusively from now on. No more orange generics.

  Linda C. wrote @

What an eye opener you guys! I have had the same questions! My boys have lots of the same symptoms after recently switching from brand Adderall to generic. I was VERY hesitant to switch.
My Pharmacist is a friend of many years, and still, with his last breath he will say Generic is THE SAME … EQUAL TO THE BRAND!! I say NOT! For one thing, It has been documented by those who are not afraid to stir the pot briskly … that after a generic medication is approved, that is probably the last time it will ever be checked by independent authority, for how close to the original “recipe” it is. Why should they allocate dollars for quality control? The pill factory does not have a recognized name to protect.
My Chemical Engineer friends say “A chemical is the same from bottle to bottle. By rule, ingredients are listed from most to least on labels from food to cleaning products … If the ingredients match you have the same product so why buy the expensive brand?’ And I say, sometimes so … sometimes not. For one thing there is no way to know how much ‘filler’ is used.
In respect of being the consumer, YOU DO have a choice which brand of generic you prefer. Your preference is based on which one makes you feel the best for the longest …duh! You have a prescription for a medication, given by a doctor that has to back up his belief that it is necessary. PERIOD.. Talk to the pharmacist …. He doesn’t have personal experience of all those medications! The headaches, and the tight muscles, appetite or no appetite are individual metabolic reactions to the certain chemicals. One might say an “allergic” reaction. Headache is an undesired allergic reaction. It is your body creating tension in response to …. The Aspartamine, Saccharate or Sulfate in the GENERIC formula of Adderall. My boys have taken Adderall for many years, and never had adverse physical reactions that they do now with generic. Their meds are a daily necessity around our home! …. And I do question why, after all the noise about Saccharine and NutraSweet, it would put it in a pill and dispensed to our children! People had headaches after Saccharine products in the 70’s and it was taken off the market.
Thank you M. Frederick Voorhees, for starting this forum to gather data … and to all for taking time to share your responses. In all these years I never thought about going to the computer to compare a medication that is so “protected” it requires a triplicate prescription. I plan to find a product that does not give one son headaches and the other one tight/sore muscles. Now that I know they are not alone with that complaint!!
Medication is supposed to make you feel better. Until the time in the future that we human beings learn to replicate the effect of a medication by our introspection then alteration of our individual energy systems, we will continue to take a pill. That is simply understood at this time. It is part of the degeneration time period. Change is at the horizon though, changes in the direction of learning how powerful our energy systems can be when we work together … but that is my soap box, sorry. … As it is that I am a “Senior Citizen” I can say, everyone I know that has passed into the other dimension … had a shoebox full of daily medications before they died! What came first, the Chicken or the egg?
Linda C.

  EquiPro wrote @

I also take 20 mg generic Adderall. I had been on the oval ones, but got a round one (orange) in NYC last summer – SO much better.

I found the round ones here where I live after that, and they have been great. They were pink. Now all of the pharmacies have switched to the peach-colored oval ones (and I live in a major metropolitan area).

THE OVAL ONES SUCK! They make me jittery as all get out, but worse, they disjoint my head. I’m also hungrier, although that’s not as important to me as being able to focus. Even my friends have been asking me if I have been forgetting to take my medication.

I really don’t know what to do. It seems that only the Barr manufactured type (the oval ones) are now going to be available here. The Pharrmacor (I’m pretty sure that was the name on the round ones) are gone.

I think that the oval ones must be cheaper. I’m screwed.

  Blair wrote @

I have been taking the oval-shaped orange adderall for years and loved them. I just recently got the hot pink ones and can not stand them. All they do is make me sleepy and not want to do anything. My doctor even said that they sucked. All these companies that are trying to get the cheapest generic adderall are screwing us. Its not even worth taking adderall anymore if the pink pills are the new generic. I just cant find a pharmacy that carries the old kind. Does anyone know where I can get my old orange pills that work wonders!! Please help!!

  zyvax wrote @

I have taken d-amphetamine, before adderral came out it was dexedrine. Actually, aderrall is superior. I agree too that the Searle lab adderrall (orange) is more bioactive. This is due to many factors including binders, shelf life and most importantly the manufacturing of the compound. If the amphetamine is synthesized from phenylpropanolamine (PPA) the old school, recalled Dexatrim ingredient, the drug can be jittery because it was made by cheap labs. They likely do further refining of name brand, fractioning out only the preferred part. However, there are other generic amphetamine from overseas that are hella fucking strong at the same mg strength. They don’t have stuff here. A word of caution: Keep your body and esp. your mouth hydrated with biotene and H2O or you will loose you teeth NO BULLSHIT. Isn’t that a nice parting thought for you amphetamites

  flipflops wrote @

I’m soooo glad I found these comments!!! My suspicions have now been substantiated….my last refill (at Walgreens) was not my usual 20mg orange pill, but a 20 mg pink pill and I kept thinking something wasn’t quite right. I have been unproductive, unmotivated and feeling generally tired all week… I know why!!
Thanks to everyone for sharing!!!

  JMO wrote @

ATTN: FlipFlops; Linda C.; Blair; Brandy; EquiPro and any other “Pink (COR 135)” Adderall administrants

On January 16, 2008 I wrote in this blog about Walgreens not notifying me about the change in generic Adderall that I usually take, which is the orange pill with the label ‘b 973’ by Barr Labrotories 20mg 2X/day, to the new ‘cor 135’ by CorePharma 20mg 2X/day, thereby giving me the ‘Pinks’ (I was also confused and immediately asked the pharmacist who explained the whole ordeal).

I recently went to CVS Pharmacy (2.5.08) and they still carry the orange version!!!

I know that when I had my 30 day 60 count prescription filled, I REQUESTED to see the kind/version of Adderall they carried and would use to fill the ‘script; They now carry both Barr Laboratories and CorePharma generics.

I live in Houston (Clear Lake City to native Houstonians) TX and hope you all have the best of luck trying CVS or somewhere besides Walgreens to fill your ‘scripts since it does not matter to the insurance company (FYI: I use Cigna) from where you get your meds.

If anybody would like to email me regarding any questions they might have or for whatever reason: .

***NOTICE: I am not a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, pharmacuetical
rep or anybody with any medical bakcground; I am only law student who is interested in the personal knowledge of individuals whom have personal experience with this medication and no vested interest in the medical or pharmacological fields. I find your input to be less bias since your are not defending your profession.***

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Wow! All of a sudden this topic has blown up. Thank you to whomever has linked to it. The more people we have participating in this dialog, the better.

As many of you noted, what’s most useful about Internet forums is that we don’t have a professional agenda. It’s hard for me to trust information that comes from official, so-called “credible” sources because most research is paid for by funding agencies who have a financial stake in the results.

I am now more committed than ever to getting to the bottom of this.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi Linda C.–

I was intrigued by your comment that “It has been documented by those who are not afraid to stir the pot briskly … that after a generic medication is approved, that is probably the last time it will ever be checked by independent authority, for how close to the original “recipe” it is.”

I’m not surprised at all that that’s how things are handled, even though most of our pharmacists will deny it. Do you have specific sources I could cite, as far as the “pot stirrers”? I’d love to be able to cite something concrete that Walgreen’s won’t be able to just brush off.

  Linda C. wrote @

Yes, I do … well sort of …. I don’t know how “recognized these folks are. I cut out the article from the Dallas newspaper, over a year ago. I can’t put my fingers on it right now as I packed up a bunch of things to do some painting/remodeling in office area. We share this same pet peeve though, and you can be sure as soon as I get back into the boxes I will send the relevant names etc. on to you through this post. Or you may e-mail me directly for questions, I’ll recognize your name.
It is an emotional fight, and we are quite powerless. My Dad, having had Parkinson’s for many years, knew the generic form of one of the main drugs sinnemint (phonetic spelling) did little, to quiet the symptoms. His Doctor agreed and always wrote his script for name brand. Years passed, my folks lost prescription coverage with Medicare, but continued with name brand until one day the Pharmacist gave him generic. He was pleased with the savings in dollars but he died suddenly before the month was out. …. I clench my teeth and shake my fist still …. But the Insurance companies are in total control of the value of the dollar in this country. You may think it is the government, banks, or advertising/media companies, but they do not have their thumb over our heads like the insurance industry…. Banks do not own the largest buildings in this country, Insurance Companies do. ….. and to think …. Health Insurance was created around the late 1940’s as a perk big business could offer to acquire and keep most qualified white collar workers. When I was a child, in the 50’s normal folks didn’t have insurance, it wasn’t necessary. A Doctor’s visit was usually less than $7. … a required hospital stay was within manageable limits for working families… For instance; hospital for baby’s birth and room for 2-3 days, $150.00 to $200.00 … That was before insurance “providers” stepped in between, with their hands out in all directions. Sure insurance was a resource for growth of medical and pharmaceuticals … I personally think they have gotten too big for their britches!! … there I go again…. … it is late.
I can say the cost difference is quite a lot between name Adderall and generic. We do not have medical coverage since the boy’s Dad died a few years ago. Name Adderall 20mg was +$600.00/month Generic is less than $300.00 for both boys. Just gotta’ make it work. I’m very glad I stumbled on your forum! Everyone’s comments have cleared up so many questions. Thanks to all! …. Linda C.

  Anonymous wrote @

The pink ones do not work as well as the orange!! It’s killing me!

  AverageJoe wrote @

It is interesting to see that this post has heated up since the beginning of 2008. I have been taking the Adderall 30mg Peach OVAL-Shaped tablets (imprinted with b 974 on the back) for about a year now. Last month however, to my surprise, I noticed that I received pink tablets which were round and smaller in size. My first thought was that these pills were noticeably smaller than the peach ones. Then logic seemed to tell me that they could not have the same amount of ingredients because of this difference in size. Then, I started to rationalize things, and I thought about the “density” of the pills. It did seem to me that the peach pills weren’t quite as dense as these pink ones. So, I didn’t worry about it anymore, and I figured that they must be “all the same.” However, after having taken these pink pills for about 1 month, and now having run out days before my prescription is to be re-filled (due to taking a higher than normal dose on some days), coupled with the fact that I’ve stumbled across this intriguing thread – I’ve now convinced myself that these pink tablets are not as strong as the Peach generic 30mg tablets! I think Linda C. may be onto something about the lack of governmental oversight that is given to these Pharmaceutical companies once a drug goes off-patent and goes generic! Lets cross our fingers and hope that this will be a mild recession…

  c.d. wrote @

well, i too just went to walgreens this past wednesday for my refill and discovered a bottle of round pink pills. very odd. the month before they had said the pills may look different, but they didn’t and i forgot about it. i’ve only been taking them for5 days, but i don’t like them. i can’t really tell how i feel, but i just want to sleep and have some serious cottonmouth. i was wondering what the difference was and that immediately led me to this site, which has been extremely helpful and verified some of my suspicions. i did also find that the CorePharma company that manufactures the new pink pills was started in 1998 verses 1970 or 72 for the Barr company that makes the normal peachy oval generics. That this company has barely been operating 10 years really freaks me out. obviously there is a difference, because we’ve all noticed it. That can’t be a coincidence. I’m going to check walmart and cvs to see if they still carry the Barr generics and let you guys know. i’m lucky to have an insurance company that supports non generic and am thinking about switching to those, although i’ve never taken them. what i’m wondering is if there’s a big difference in effect between the non generic (which seems to be round and orange?) and the normal oval peach generics manufactured by the Barr corporation. Anybody have an opinion?

  G wrote @

I am all aboard the “pink adderall sucks” train. I was diagnosed with adult ADHD about 2 years ago. I was originally prescribed 20mg Focalin XR; which had very little affect on my ablility to concetrate, AND gave me a wicked headache. After 2 months, I pleaded with my doctor to try something else–eventually we settled on 20mg adderall (not XR) twice a day—and I have always gotten the orange generics. It took my body a little while to adjust (ie, no appetite and I lost a bunch of weight I didn’t need to lose, and some bouts with insomnia–both issues rectified within the first couple of months) but for my BRAIN, it was like freaking Christmas! Anyway, I went to refill my script over the weekend, and the line was ridiculous at CVS so I went to a family-owned drugstore instead. They gave me the pink generics. First of all, maybe it was the pharmacy, but they were $30 more! Also, they make me feel really tense and REALLY irritable. Not only that, but my concentration level has plummetted, I’m completely exhausted, have a horrible taste in my mouth, and just like the Focalin, when they wear off (which is after about *3* hours) BAM–headache city. What I want to know is, can I take them back to the pharmacy and like, upgrade to the non-generic Adderall? It would be worth the extra money, and cheaper for me than going back for another doctor visit (no insurance right now.) Any advice would be awesome–thanks!

  JMO wrote @


I really do empathize with you. However, I have mainly bad news with a hint of good news (although without insurance it might not be that good). I have written a few posts about this pharmacy dilemma also, and CVS was the only pharmacy that still carried the Barr Laboratories ‘b 973’ stamped generic addy (usually I use Walgreens who started using the pink CorePharma ‘Cor 135’). I too feel EXACTLY the same negative symptoms you describe.

Now for the answer to your question:

1) Can you take it back to the pharmacy and exchange for Non-generic Addy?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The reason why is because the FDA has deemed this medicine a Schedule II narcotic because it contains Amphetamines, and Amphetamines are one grade directly under Meth-amphetamine; this means it is categorized in the class of most ‘carefully’ and ‘regulated’ types of drugs by the D. E. A. (Vicodin & Oxycotin are also Schedule II).

The only class more regulated is Schedule I narcotics that are NEVER under any circumstances prescribed (Heroin, Cocaine, Meth-amphetamine, etc).

The pharmacy cannot not take back any medicine given out to a patient/customer because of health regulations (would you want medicine someone else was previously administered?) and because legally they cannot alter the directives of the Physician.

Addtionally, buying ‘Brand’ Addy is much more expensive than generic, so w/o insurance you would be probably pay close to 4x’s as much on ‘Brand’ addys.

The good news is not much better, but if you have your heart set on obtaining the ‘Brand’ addys, setup another Dr. appt and tell him/her about the situation with the new generics and ask him/her to make a ‘prescription change’ notifying the pharmacist you can only be given ‘Brand’. Since it is not a refill, the pharmacy can fill the prescription again (those of you with insurance might have to get the pharmacist to call the insurance company and get an approval) but don’t be surprised if the pharmacists don’t believe you at first should you even convince your doctor to re-issue a new ‘script. Most Doctors will make you wait ’til next month if the symptoms are not fatal and/or you’re not having an allergic reaction.

Hope this is helpful.

  Jimmy wrote @

I take 40mg of Adderall per day (20mg in morning, then i split a 20 in 2 pieces and take it after lunch and after dinner). I have been on Adderall for a long time (about 11 years). Like many of you, I recently had my prescription filled at the local Walgreens and was suprised to see these pink pill’s, not the regular generic orange oval shaped one’s. Needless to say, I didn’t think anything of it and took them as I normally do. I have come to the conclusion that these pills are definitly inferior to the orange one’s. I am seeing the opinion that the orange one’s tend to make people ‘jittery’ or ‘lose there appetite’. I agree with that, however, the pink one’s almost seem to do nothing at all!! I went back to my pharmacist and told him that these pills were not working, but he told me that “it is most likely in your head”. I expected him to say that, so I told him the truth…I have been taking Adderall, whether it was generic or the actual brand name, for over 11 years, and NEVER had this reaction. He still shruged it off and told me there wasnt anything he could do about it and maybe I should try out a new pharmacy that still carried the older orange one’s. I was kind of surprised he said that, but I do understand I am just one person and the truth is they have plenty of clients. Next time I get my adderall filled I will just make sure they arent using the pink one’s, I guess that’s all I can do!!

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Very typical response from a pharmacist, and to be expected.

It seems Walgreen’s, as well as many Universities, have signed contracts with CorePharma (pink brand). CVS still carries the Barr Laboratories brand, to my knowledge.

  Scott wrote @

I’ve been reading quite a bit about the brand/generic controversy, and most discussions mirror the one above. About 25% say no difference, about 75% say big difference…and generally one high and mighty jerk who accuses everyone of being addicts, and a second loser needle drug abuser trying to make jerk #1 seem like they have a valid point.

Among real patients who report seeing a difference between formulations though, those noted differences aren’t consistent between people.

That makes sense as people metabolize everything differently. But I’d encourage people to read the ingredients on your pills as this can give you some good insight. It seems like a lot of folks are unaware of the formula differences and only tell pills apart by color or shape.

But those compositional differences are listed right there on the prescription so you can see which combos work better/worse for you – this is going to be more meaningful longer term than colors and shapes which can and do change.

Currently, I’ve read that brand adderall contains 4 different amphetamine salts (2 forms of d-amphetamine and 2 forms of l-amphetamine.) Generics typically contain less. The pink COR 135 ones I have now contain 2 (1 each of d-amph and l-amph.) The orange generics my mail order pharmacy sends have just 1(l-amphetamine).

I have heard that theoretically, d-amphetamine is “milder” (it actually affects brain chemistry differently so this is a simplification). That could mean less laser focus, but less insomnia and jitteriness as well.

My guess, based on what everyone is posting above and elsewhere, is that whichever works better for you is going to depend on how sensitive you are to the drug, how bad your ADD is, etc. For me, more d-amphetamine is better because it works well without being overwhelming – the single ingredient orange ones hit me like a hammer and feel like a street drug. For someone less sensitive, they may feel that the single-ingredient ones work well and the dual COR 135’s “don’t work at all.”

I think that some judicious individual research into the proportion of different salts used in each type of generic, and your individual reaction to those, could probably help everyone determine what their own best mix is…and provide some ammunition for arguing with psychiatrists and insurance companies about what to provide.

(Side note – my guess about those people who report really bad allergic reactions to different formulations is what the above poster said – a reaction to the fillers used in a particular generic. I don’t think the different amphetamine salts are different enough to be fine in one case and hospital-inducing in the next.)

Disclaimer – I’m not a doctor, not a pharmacist; just summarizing my own experience, research and thoughts.

  sara wrote @

wow. Iknew it! I have been exhausted lately…. never happened until the pink.

  Hannathema wrote @

I ran across this blog by googling “cor 135” and am so relieved by the general concensus…cor 135 is insuperior, and for many is not only ineffective but deletarious. I am on day 6 of the “pink pill”, and will not take it ever again. I have been depressed, unmotivated, disconnected, tired, short, dehydrated and had a strange heart episode on day 4 where my heart skipped a beat and then beat double time for over five minutes then skipped again and resumed normal rhythm. I usually get the “orange” generics (the “hammers” as the poster above might refer to them ;-)…and I love them, perhaps even too much. I feel driven, creative, social, interested–almost invinsible (I experiented with cocaine in the past looking for these sensations, but it never fulfilled its promises.) I was afraid that I had developed a dependency and was simply “chasing the dragon” at this point, but after reading the responses on this thread, feel very comforted, though a bit angry that “cor 135s” are being passed off as a good generic substitute for Adderoll. Take heart “orange” lovers, they might have duped us once, but they can’t do it twice!

  Joe wrote @

Walgreen’s sucks.

Pink Adderall sucks.

I got this pink pile of fail from Walgreen’s a month ago. I thought it was working until two weeks into it I realized my world was crashing around me in an obvious-to-everyone-but-me revelation. In the previous two weeks my wife had told me I had been acting funny. I had been extremely tired, irrationally angry and at my job, work was being returned to me with triple the amount of errors I would normally get. It was like I wasn’t taking anything at all. Things actually got worse when I stopped taking it completely so I had to skip doses so I could double the dosage when I really needed it and even that wasn’t enough. I survived the month and was able to find the Barr Adderall at a horrible place called Rite-Aid. I also found out that Wal-Mart carries it but they were out of stock and wouldn’t have any in for another 6 days, which is no help at all.

This whole experience has made me feel like a drug addict more than ever. I have taken Adderall for about 5 years for ADD and OCD. I am completely dependant on this drug to function and so is everyone in my life. My job depends on Adderall to keep me as an employee, my wife depends on Adderall to keep her husband and my daughter depends on Adderall to grow up with a father. I view this pink joke as an attack on my family and I desperately want to see this taken off the shelves. I’m not stupid enough to think that I can make a difference but I would like to know if anyone knows what would make a difference. What has to happen for the FDA or any credible medical or even news organization to look into this?

  Daedalus wrote @

I picked up a bottle of these the other day. The pharmacist was like “Oh by the way, they sent me a different brand on this order but they’re the same thing.” So i took them, went home and started using them. These things are ridiculous. I cannot fathom how they passed the FDA. The potency is markedly less than the orange barr version. Also it seems to me the potency varies greatly from one pill to the next. Taking these pink pills spawned from hell for ADD is like playing russian roulette, except the gun is loaded with no-doz and ephedrine.

  Lost and Confused wrote @

i’m so glad to find i’m not the only one experiencing this nightmare. i feel like i have been cheated. been prescribed to taking 1 20 orange each day since eigth grade and now i’m a junior in college and recently got upped to 2 20s a day (orange). i just got a bottle full of cute little pink pills and just thought the color had changed for some reason but after taking one about 20 minutes later i was extremely pissed off and confused. THEY DONT F’IN WORK. i think its bs that i wasnt even informed of this change by the pharmacists. now i’m stuck with this crap that i might as well flush down the toilet and i have to wait another month before another script. Not to mention i have a huge test to study for. i would rather not take anything at all than take pink sugar pills that make me feel like crap. wow thanks corepharma for a month of horrible headaches and bad grades. i dont know anything about the the orange and pink chemical make up but one thing is for sure, its NOT the same. It sucks and needs to be either a) given a different name like “shit form of adderall” or b) taken off the shelf. i think that pharmacies should at least tell you before they fill your script when they change their addereall to pink so you’ll know and wont be absolutely SCREWED till the next month (when i will be dang sure before its filled that i’m getting orange)

  cmp wrote @

Luckily I have the teacher thing going so my ins covers brand name. I just wanted to add to the coversation my experience with Adderall XR. I love it. It’s smoother than regular dose. I’m sure it’s because the little balls (which are supposed to dissolve in 2 doses) actually dissolve gradually. I know I lot of people like that euphoric spike, but I have my issues with it. I feel like I can’t make good decisions when I’m all euphoric. Like… I get too creative and pie in the sky. I’m a first year teacher and totally crazy busy. I find myself committing to more duties/projects when I get all adderall-happy. My plate is full so adding more ideas and projects is counterproductive to this ADDkid. Point is… Adderall XR is smoother and still effective. I was just marvelling the other day that I finally feel like how I’m supposed to feel on this stuff. Slightly more focused and slightly up. I don’t feel like I’m aware of being on stimulants all the time. This, according to my dr (who’s the ADD med specialist on Webmd), this is how it’s supposed to feel. Hoorah.
On the subject of getting good information on Adderall… So frustrating. I feel like I’m never getting the whole story no matter where I turn. Either people have an agenda or I can just tell that they aren’t taking a good look (and I can tell that I know more than they do just because I have access to the internet).

Love this blog. I feel less isolated in my Adderallworld.

  John wrote @

I have been prescribed the 30mg “orange” adderall for a very long time. This month I filed my prescription at the same pharmacy I always do and got the pink round pills (CVS in FL). I have been taking them for a week and I notice quite a difference. I am not even sure if it is the strength, it seems like a slightly different drug. It feels different than taking 25 or 20 or 15mg of the regular stuff, not necessarily weaker, just different. I am very interested in your idea to try a controlled study. If I can get my next script filled with the regular stuff I would be interested in doing the same thing and comparing results. Do you know which pharmacies sill dispense the orange pills?

I found this site by searching for “pink adderall”. I thought nothing of it when they filled the script (generic is generic, right?) but I noticed a difference in effect and felt compelled to research. The other comments on this board seem very insightful as well. If you or anyone here would like to talk about this issue or ADD and meds in general; please feel free to email me at rudager1066(at)yahoo(dot)com.


  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @


CVS still carries the orange, Barr laboratories generic version.

  Hannathema wrote @

Honestly, after following this blog for the past week, I feel as if something should be done. If the “pink pills” don’t work, they should not be on the market, or at very least, they should not be the sole generic substitute that a pharmacy carries. I’m going to start with talking to my doctor and pharmacist. Perhaps if there was a “grassroots” movement against this BULLSHIT atleast the consumer voice would be heard. If anyone has any suggestions, please post.

I am useless on this shit, although I can’t stop taking it until the end of this week because the withdrawal is brutal (I tried yesterday and the day before) and I’m in the middle of mid-terms, and don’t even have time to sleep 6 hours a day much less 12-14.

If only I had some b-973s :(

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi Hannathema-

I hope your docs/pharmacists are more informed/honest than mine have been.

The problem is that few, if any, of the so-called “experts” who claim there’s no difference have actually taken the medications–certainly not for as long as we have.

  Emily wrote @

I just wanted to give you my input as well. I completely agree with the posters about the pink adderall being ineffective. It seems to have the OPPOSITE effect on me , making me tired, cranky and almost lethargic. So now…I too have a half full bottle of adderall, waiting for the next month to come, and NOT filling it at Walgreens. I feel cheated as well and want my money back.

  Tracy wrote @

I’m so glad I found this blog; I thought I was going crazy, or that the pharmacy had given me the wrong pills by mistake!! My mail order pharmacy recently switched to the little pink Corepharma 20 mg pills from hell…I used to take the Barr. Anyway, the past few days on the pink pills have been miserable, to say the least. I’ve been extremely tired, irritable, unfocused, depressed and jittery. I find myself falling asleep at work or worse, behind the wheel. I feel cheated and also think something needs to be done about getting these “pink imposters” off the market asap!!

  Josh wrote @

I’m on the same train as most of you other folks. the pink pills are absolutely awful compared to the orange pills.

I would love to give walgreens some insight about this crap they are pulling on us. I have never been so infuriated over medicine’s as I am about this situation.

goodbye to walgreens and hello to whoever else sells the orange pills!

  Renee wrote @

I have been reading everyone’s posts and now (not unusual for me) I’m even more confused than before, but at least I know I’m not alone. I have, for years been taking amph. salts 30 mg which are round and orange. Great. Yesterday I filled my perscription and they are a lighter color (more pinkish, too) and oval. They taste sweeter than the others that I was used to, and I’ve had to take twelve of them in the last two days (a joke – but you get the point) .
From what I can gather, we are all having similar issues but with different pills…can anyone clarify?

  Jenni Ren wrote @

okay guys, so my cousing wasn’t crazy when she said last week I had an episode where “you looked like you,,,,,but it wasn’t you”. IE, I scared her with just a look. Now in Jan, my pharmacy (private small town owned) subd half my script with the new pink crap. I normally take the 30mg Barr (orange). Since then, I have had several episodes, im not me, and it really scares me. My hair has started thinning, flushing, etc. I had to stop taking it. I can’t afford to talk to the DR. for a while, as I am a poor college junior. The pharmacy I know will be no help, as they ran out mid month Feb and I had to go 2 weeks without it. I have three exams next week, and my 4.0 gpa has already started slipping.
I depend on this gpa for financial aid, I depend on this medication to actually function as a human being. I am also an artist, so obviousely my work has been affected. I am one pisses off 29 yr old, and I used to be a journalist, so if there is anything that I can do, let me know……I have always been the little voice that could. In other words, I speak my mind and will do anything to protect my future in society….

  Jenni Ren wrote @

oh, and if anyone would like to email me,

  Hollie wrote @

I am a “recreational” user of adderall. I remember the first time I took one, which was around this time last year. It was a 30 mg, orange, and round. I have NEVER been that into my history book in my LIFE. Obviously as I continued to take it, I am not so excited about every single thing people are saying to me, but I can still focus amazingly on them. I usually take the orange 20mgs but I recently stubbled across the pink ones. I wasn’t sure what they were and I’ve been trying to find out, until I found this site, thankfully. I just wanted to be sure it was adderall. I’m not sure whether or not I see a difference. My friend, who was obviously misinformed, told me they were 40mg. Obviously not true. But I was only taking a half because I thought that was 20mg, and I like to keep my adderall for as long as possible while still taking it everytime I “need” it, so breaking it in half to get what I thought was 20mg seemed smart, until I didn’t really get any result. Now that I know they are actually only 20mg (thank you everyone) I will be taking the whole one. Regardless though, I don’t like to take chances when I am super tired, need to be wide awake, or focused. So I still have a few orange ones for when I really do need the boost. And I’ll take the pink ones when I just kind of need a boost.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hollie, let us know if you notice a difference.

[…] Research more about this from here […]

[…] Get more information about this from the author here […]

  John wrote @

M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @ March 5, 2008 at 3:24 pm


CVS still carries the orange, Barr laboratories generic version.

–Thank you. I made a mistake, I received the COR135 pink adderall from Walgreens. I used to go to CVS and got them confused when I posted I double checked with my receipt – Walgreens.

I will try CVS this month, and I will be asking before they fill the script. I do not hesitate to ask the pharmacist what they are selling me and I will go to another store if they do not have what I am looking for.

To anyone else – don’t be nervous. You are a customer with a script, you are not a criminal and should never be embarrassed to make sure you are getting the meds that work best in your situation.

  Tom wrote @

I have taken the Pink all month, They do not seem to work at all I kept falling asleep sitting at my desk or when I was on the way home from work my wife said I would be a sleep within a couple of minutes of getting in the car. So as far as I’m concerned the PINK are not wright and everybody I speak with seem to agree. except those that we need to agree. I’m going to go pick up my Barr orange generic from Walmart after work today and will let you know how the next few days go.

  Christine wrote @

I started on the pink yesterday. Is it normal to be jitty and really hyper? I am having weird episodes on this drug. I’ve never been on ADD meds before. But I am going back up to Kmart and asking for brand name because my doctor wrote down “Adderall” On my prescription slip. But I was given these pink generic ones. My insurance covers brand name. And I thought they usually ask if you want generic or brand name?
I was going to call my doctor in the morning and tell him about my episodes and ask if he knew about these pills? And I was going to mention the reviews on it and the point I cant seem to find it anywhere online. And point out the point he wrote down “Adderall” On the prescription slip.
Any advice?

  Goat wrote @

Sorry about the stinky pinkies. They must be REALLY awful if they compare so poorly to the Barr 20s, which I’m convinced are near useless counterfeits of Shire brand Adderall 20s. Or I WAS convinced. This month I paid the requisite extra for brand, now manufactured, coincidentally, by Barr, the proud new owner of the IR Adderall brand. They look right but they’re not. I paid for brand and got familiar generic “quality”. I’ve never tried XR, but Barr, to me, is a lost cause. I’m asking my doc for the Shire XR on my next appointment.

  Matt wrote @

A world without ‘stinky pinkies’ would be great and Goat is right, when they are making Barr look good, they are bad news…

  Crystal wrote @

I am 24 and extremely ADD as well as a recovering self injurer. I have been treating my ADD for 7 years now. I was use to getting generics, but Walgreen’s gave me a generic different than my usual generics. They would not switch them out or give me my RX back. I tried taking them for a couple of days. The new pills don’t help my ADD much. They make me anxious and Jittery, My mind races with thoughts that I normally would not have. I can’t sit still and all I can think about is harming my self! I called the pharmacist and he told me to come in. I went in and all he did was telling me he could do nothing! He could have told me that over the phone! He then told me to keep taking them, “All generics are the same.” Well not these! I called my DR but the earliest appointment is in June! I am taking them because I have trouble focusing on a task at work without something. They help in that way a tinny bit, no where near how my original generics worked! I wonder if I double my dose if they will help me focus more. Although I will run out half way threw the month. But I keep thinking about slicing my wrist open, and other ways to bleed so the jitteriness will stop. I have not had thoughts about harming myself in years! I am afraid to keep taking these, I NEED something. But the pharmacist keeps telling me to keep taking them! I can go to work ok on them. I just fell like I need to cut my veins open to let all the jitteriness out. I don’t know what to do! My Dr Office will not give me another RX so I can flush these. Any recommendations? Please! Has any one had this problem before? I don’t want to harm myself, yet I don’t want to loose my job. I fell I need to take these because they help a little, even if they make me suicidal. What should I do?

  pink vs. orange wrote @

i just got the cor (pink) ones after taking the barr (orange) for around 2 years. the first thing that i noticed, similar to everyone else, was that i actually felt hungry, an hour after i took them. also, simlar to everyone else, i didn’t feel as motivated to do anything. however, when i finally got around to doing things, the level of focus i experienced was similar (a bit less actually) to the barr tabs.

i haven’t decided if i like the cor’s or the barr’s yet because they seem to have different (side) effects that are both pro’s and cons.

the definite pro (from the cor’s) is that i’m not forgetting to eat. over the course of the last two years, i have lost over 20 pounds – which i didn’t mind at first, but was starting to worry me as of late.

another positive aspect is that i noticed my concentration wasn’t just for concentration sake – that is, i’m not uber focused on some useless task, thinking it was important – only to find out later that i really didn’t need to rewrite some code after all. this aspect of cor’s is also part of it’s draw back. the razor focus i used to get from barr’s helped me get a ton of good work done – albeit only when my focus was pointed in the right direction. but, as mentioned before, this overwhelming focus made me shove aside the “big picture” while dwelling on the minutiae. the cor’s on the other hand, help in that i’m able to get distracted a little (i’m sure for some, this is a con) – enough for me to reevaluate what i’m doing. still, with that said, the amount of “good” work i used to extract from the barr’s seems to be a bit more than the cor’s – even with the wasted time.

another con of the cor’s is that it doesn’t pop me up as much when i’m tired. now this wakefulness definitely helps you focus on your tasks at hand, especially when you’re sleep deprived. basically, the superman effect from the barr’s is gone from the corr’s.

finally, the biggest con of the corr’s is the frequency of the headaches – god the headaches! if actually feels like ritalin on the headache factor (remember those?).

i think the problem that most people are facing is exactly what another poster said earlier – you’re going through withdrawl! i find that when i stop taking adderall for a bit, i experience EXTREME fatigue, along with the mood swings, grogginess, and the anxiety that accompanies it. i think that this is attributed to the fact that you require far less sleep when on the barr’s. to further convince me that the lack of sleep (rather than the sheer crappiness of the pinkies) is killing your energy/focus is that, after getting a few days of “good” sleep, while taking the cor’s (you can’t help but to fall asleep earlier), the efficacy of the drug increased substantially. however, being a new business owner, i sometimes need the crazy energy to stay up all night and produce quality work – sadly, the cor’s do not seem to work as well in those situations.

it seems that if you’re trying to work 20 hours a day, go for the barr’s. if you’re trying to get some semblance of a normal life, go for the cor’s – just make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

i’m not really making a judgment call (yet), as i’ve only been on the pinkos for about a week and a half. if my position changes, i’ll write up another post. on a side note, my desire to smoke cigarettes increases on both the orange and the pink. my girl is still pissed.

ps. i just received some barr’s from a friend of mine and i’m gonna try 2 things in the coming days. 1. take em after taking 2 days off the cor’s, and 2. mix the orange and the pink together. i’ll let you know the details if i survive.

  Anon wrote @

Drink beer with the pink ones.

  Anonymous wrote @

(I posted this on another thread, figured is should be poster here too…)

Just wanted to add my 2cents….

I’ve been taking either adderall or dexidriene for what…at least 5 years now. So last week my doc. switches me back over to adderall as the pharmacy (Wallgreens) was evidently concerned about me getting 120 10mg Dexedrine tablets every month..So he switched me back to 60 20mg adderall (same dosage, less # of pills).

So anyway I asked for the generic @ walgreens and then the person at the counter then asked the pharmacist if they had the generic in stock….His response? “Uh…we have something similar”.That should have been a big red flag. But I didn’t inquire any further b/c I’ve been on generic AD’s before, and figured he was just talking about BARR’s version…WRONG!!

Well I got the pink corepharma CRAP…About 3 days later im feeling sick, weak, disoriented and downright depressed….THE POLAR OPPOSITE OF THE WAY I FEEL ON ADDERALL “What in the hell is this stuff?” I wondered. Finally I began to do some research and found like 100’s of complaints about this SHIT! Sorry for my language but THIS IS NOT ADDERALL!! NOT EVEN CLOSE! How on gods earth is corepharma/Wallgreens able to market this CRAP as Adderall!!???? Words cannot desrcibe how pissed I am right now….Come Monday morning im going straight to the pharmacy manager then straight back to my doc…All hell is going to break loose if I can’t get another prescription (TO BE FILLED @ CVS W/BARR) b/c simply put MY BODY CAN’T HANDLE THIS POISON!!

If any lawyers happen to come across this please investigate corepharma’s “Pink Generic Adderall”….Someone is going to make millions on a class action lawsuit against corepharma beacuse THIS IS NOT ADDERALL!

  Anonymous wrote @

Just wanted to add that I have experienced withdrawal symptoms before and I am definitely NOT experiencing withdrawal symptoms due to the new (corepharmcrap) prescription. I’ve been experiencing the following symptoms: Disorientation, Nausea, Headaches (I NEVER get headaches) twitchy-ness and overall just feel like shit….Honest to god I feel better when Im NOT taking these pills…A couple diet cokes make me feel better than one 20mg copharmcrap “adderal “!!!

Anyway like I’ve said I’ve experienced adderall/Dexedrine withdrawal symptoms in the past. And trust me, these side effects are much much worse than any withdrawal i’ve ever faced. Personally im better off not taking them as they do more harm then good

  Garrett wrote @

I’ve taken both and currently have a choice(given to me by my dr.) of the brand name orange 30mg,
the pink 30mg, and adderal xr 30mg. I can assure you they are all the same the only difference is in the cost

  corephamrcrap wrote @

Garret how long have you been on Adderal?? My bet is you (along with the other 25% that say it’s “the same”) have been on it for less than a year. Or you work for corepharma and are trying to “balance the scales” in your favor….

Like I said earlier I have been on either Dexidriene or Adderal for 5+ years. Adderal and Dex. both have bascially the same affects on me. They both stimulate my central nervous system in such a way that makes concentration easier. In addition they both trigger the secretion dopamine, which makes me feel remarkably “happy”…A good thing as I have long suffered from a minor case of Bi-Polar disorder.

Now this corepharma “stuff” (I will no longer call it Adderall) does none of that. About 30min after I take one I feel “strange”. Im not sure how else to describe it but I feel like stimulated AND spaced out at the same time. About this time I start to get really bad headaches, specifically in the front right side of my head. After about 30min I feel, well…”ok”: I feel like something is slightly working, but it still just doesn’t feel right. After about an hour everything goes south, in a hurry. I don’t necc. feel a “come down” like I do with ADD/DEX, I just feel extremely agitated, and the headaches increase with severity. I feel shaky, nauseous and overall extremely irritable.

To sum it up the 1st 30min to 1 hour on this “stuff” is ok, or should I say “bareable”. However the next 2+ hours afterwards are a downright nightmare. It’s gotten to the point where im afraid to drive in rush hour traffic as one tiny incident will set me into a rage. Im not a mean person by any stretch of the imagination, in fact im quite the opposite, but for whatever reason this “stuff” turns me into a hormone-fueled 18yo looking to do battle.

Adderal/Dex on the other hand “chills” me out, they allow me to relax and take things as they come. I rarely get aggravated as Im almost always in a good mood, no matter how many hours it’s been since I took a pill. Don’t get me wrong, Adderal/Dex do have “come down” effects too, however they are mild and they def. don’t cause me to get inraged!!

Bottom line is corepharma is using an entirely different formulation for there pink “stuff”. It DOES NOT stimulate the central nervous system (this is why you don’t feel the sometimes nasty side effects you feel with Adderal…Heart palpitations, gas etc) and more over it DOES NOT induce the secretion of Dopamine.

Again it BAFFLES me how the FDA allowed corepharma to sell this “stuff” as a generic for Adderall..Perhaps corepharma altered the formulation after it got FDA approval?? Wouldn’t surprise me the least bit…Have you ever been to there website? Looks like some high school student designed it for $100.

This company is a joke and IMO needs to be investigated by the FDA. I guarantee you this “stuff” will be off the market within a year, and in all likely hood corepharma will be sued.

  corephamrcrap wrote @

Add extreme dehydration/cotton mouth to the list of nasty side effects. It’s been roughly 5 hours since I took one 20mg (the only one I took all day) and after about 3 hours the dry mouth kicked in hardcore…Im on my what, 7th glass of water in the past 2 hours.

Worst medication I have taken in my entire life, hands down.

  Anonymous wrote @

I didn’t get dry mouth, but I had to poop really suddenly within an hour

  corephamrcrap wrote @

Thought I’d give an update:

Went back to the doc and got another sript which I filled @ CVS. Got the orange 20mg BARR and couldn’t be happier….Finally! real adderal!

I will never do business with Walgreens again, or at least untill they stop carrying ALL corepharma generics.

Walgreens: The pharmacy America trusts”……

  megan wrote @

I have been taking the orange 30 mg generics twice a day for about 4 months now. I also recieved the pink crap from Walgreens the other day. I thought something was strange, but I just figured it was in my head. Until I found this website. For the past 4 days I have been cranky, irritable, and nervous.. I feel like I”m waiting for something to happen but I have no idea what it is. Anxiety, maybe? I called my DR today and got another Rx, took it to my regular pharmacy, and thankfully, got my “old reliable orangies” back. I don’t understand how 2 medications that are supposed to be exactly the same can be so different. It can’t just be a figment of all of our imaginations, could it? Surely a million people cant be wrong.
I have a strange side effect from the oranges though, a couple of hours after my first dose in the AM, my face feels like its twitching or the skin is really tight. It drives me crazy, but not crazy enough to quit taking them. I was wondering if anybody else experiences this, and if theres anything you do to lessen it.

  Anonymous wrote @

Hi, I was wondering how you guys take the adderall…. I bite it with my front 2 teeth as much as possible till its basically a dust (not by back teeth cause im afraid it’ll get stuck) and then i swallow the dust with a drink of something (my drink of choice, while facing the parched days is Propel – Strawberry) I have swallowed it before but I don’t feel it works as well or hits as hard… maybe something to do with it getting absorbed faster… or maybe i’m crazy….

  lizbeth wrote @

Let me know if other people are on my dose, I take generic, 20 mg 4 times a day and I notice a huge difference between the pink and the orange, for one price. The price for generic is as follows< $160.00 FOR 120 pills, and $560.00 for the brand name. yikes, i stick with the generic, it does not last long and sometimes I have to take more. The orange ones I would only need like 2. I hate taking it but if I don’t it is la la land.

  Anonymous wrote @

No matter the color, everyone’s body make-up is unique… each result will vary. More importantly, isn’t anyone afraid of growing dependent on this drug? Especially since it’s cleary noticeable when you skip a day or a dose.
This is not a natural drug…and you’re taking it for recreational purposes???… are you kidding me???… are you not worried that you might have an allergic reaction to it and potentially harm you, since it was not prescribed for YOU? Tell me where that makes any good sense.

[…] good, or could’ve been good. And you are so grateful now that you took the right pills today, even if they are pink and not orange. You’re fighting the good fight and you need whatever weapons happenstance provides, and for this […]

[…] should read my blog, I felt like telling them. If these drugs are so similar, then why do I have over 90 comments from random strangers agreeing that they’re distinctly different? Instead I just stood there, rather unprepared, […]

  Walgreens Boycott « Love A.D.D.erall wrote @

[…] I thought I was imagining things. Even then, I had to write about it in my blog and discover others felt the same way before I felt confident enough to talk to a pharmacist about it. Yet here they were, two separate […]

  Beastman Jones wrote @

Savon pharmacy has corrupted my life. Without any warning, I was switched over to these neato little pink 20mg Adderall I’d never encountered before. I didn’t think too much of it, but I always check up new brands in the realm of generics. To make a long story short; take every single negative aspect that everyone has commented on and compress it into three days. I didn’t even go into it with a negative attitude, I really thought I was being mislead due to the newness of it’s presence in pharmaceutical land. But… these are not Adderall… OK maybe they’re Adderall, but they are Adderall in the sense that activis brand Klonopin is actual clonazepam. Of course, on a scale more unfathomably atrocious.

I’ve never had issues with Tabb or Barr before, but after three days, the remainder of my pills are currently soaked and crumbling in the glistening morning dew of a muggy Texas morning. They are not just inferior, they are downright lacking of any positive benefit whatsoever. I’ve never encountered a product so utterly devoid of any potential for use outside of possibly poisoning barnyard beasts. (and I’ve taken purepac clonazepam!)

Never mind all of the well documented horrendous side effects, the worst part was that these were intentionally given to me with absolutely no information regarding the change in my prescription information, followed by blatant lying that defies any reasonable comprehension, he intentionally placed a few Barr Adderall in it, and when I called to complain that my head was exploding, he chuckled and pointed out to me in a sardonic manner “Hey buddy, did you notice I put a few Barrs in there!?” (this is well after he said that they no longer carried Barr, only Ranbaxy.)

To top it off, when I returned the following day to pick up my girlfriend’s Adderall prescription, he gleefully shook the bottle and commented loudly “Hey look buddy, all Barrs this time!” Oh, and by the way, since I was the one picking it up, judging from his past actions, he decided to coldcock me and short her six pills. Honestly though, I understand, it must have been quite an arduous task for him to roll his slovenly body to the phone, only to hear my raspy, grizzly voice scratch out “Hey, do you carry Teva Klonopin?”

This is also the same man that accused me of committing a felony by transferring my Klonopin prescription to his pharmacy. Which, I promptly debunked, with a call to my old pharmacist and my physician causing many a laugh and truly confounding befuddlement, as the doctor was never called, nor had my old pharmacist contacted him about the transfer. When I called back, he still said he was going to ‘have to report’ me, which didn’t make any sense because there was nothing to report. It was a nigh ethereal moment that I will cherish forever and beyond.

Ovation, grizzly man.

So, I guess what I am trying to say here is that when one describes Savon pharmacy it should only be referred to in a manner akin to a monastery that wreaks of whores and corruption.

  derek wrote @

Hey megan i know the tingling twitchy feeling your talkin about. At first it scared me, but ive actually grown to kinda enjoy it now. Its when i know the meds are working.

  g13005 wrote @

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing a uselessness over the new and disproved pink pill. It truely sucks.

Even Corepharma’s website sucks, they don’t offer a product catalog like Barr does, so I have no way of telling hoe or whats in their product.

I talkied to walkgreens and the manager tried to convince me that my script said “may sub” yet my photocopy doesnt say that, and I explicitly asked for BRAND NAME!, they still gave me generic. I found out this afternoon on dose two, thinkiong why am I slow freakin wacked and sleepy.

I got nothing done today Thanks corepharma
I guess the medicine from India is cheaper than the medicine in america, and yet if so, that just means Walgreens is making a HUGE profit over its american generic Barr.

I may have to look for another pharmacy, anyone try walmart?

  Long lang wrote @

I just just a script from rite aid today. Never had these before but these are the listed active ingredients: dexotroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartame monohydrate, dexotroamphetamine sulfate, USP, amphetamine sulfate, USP – revised October 2015

  appleblaster wrote @

For me, the Ranbaxy generic brand are the only ones that don’t make me sick. They are more potent so I don’t have to take as much. The orange football-shaped ones make me sick, feeling like i’m going out of my mind! I cannot take them.

They are hard to find in my town (the Ranbaxy brand name)…you really have to ask around to find someone who has them. Typically its the mom and pop stores.

  Orinthal wrote @

I wanted to let you know that I take orange football shaped generic ones, and that they, too, are weaker than the orange name brand ones.
My doctor is also convinced of this, and since my insurance won’t cover crazy pills other than Xanax, I just pay the extra $100 per 90 for the good stuff. I could always have him just give me 30mg of the generic, but I am as concerned about consistency as I am about potency.
Also, the orange footballs are nice and sweet, so I consider them chewable, or I dissolve them under my tongue for a quicker effect. The pink round ones taste like…well, like medicine. Yuck!

  brenna wrote @

I cant believe how many other ppl know that the pink ones suck. they definetley do! there is a HUGE difference beetween the orange and pink 20 mgs. I take 20 mg a day. 1/2 in the morning and then another half a couple hrs later. Well thats on the orange oval 20s. The pink ones u have to take like twice as much! I found out that walmart has the orange generic 20’s. The oval ones. Almost everywhere else has the new pinks that dont even work. so if anyone wants to know where to get the orange generic oval 20 mg..go to WALMART! and..they r very cheap! i will never go anywhere else again! WALMART IS THE BEST! lol.

  obelix wrote @

All of these postings have really cheered me up.

I thought I was loosing it.

I think its a crime to sell these useless pink pills.

I almost convinced myself one evening that I was subject to a large scale placebo experiment.

This medicine (or recent modification thereof) has caused a chain reaction in my behavioral patterns because I thought something else was wrong with me.

How could something have worked for so long before, all of a sudden come to a grinding halt. It’s as if my tolerance for the generic pink 20’s is near double that of its orange oval predecessors.

Thanks for sharing everyone. It’s nice to know the internet still works.

I keep waiting.

  Sparkle7 wrote @

I had to make the change from orange to pink several months ago. The transition was really unpleasant. Eventually I adjusted, and although the side effects from the pink pills are much worse- the severe anxiety and restlessness it brought on had faded away . So, I’ve been on these pink pills for a while and now I am feeling again like I did when I first started. Dry mouth, anxiety, depression. But the pills haven’t changed. Is it possible that there are variations from one batch of pills to another? Is anyone else feeling this way?

  UncleWalt wrote @

I found this extremely helpful;*Dextroamphetamine

It’s a list with pictures of all of the different types of Adderall. It seems as though Barr makes both a generic amphetamine combo AND they NOW make “brand name” Adderall.

That is a news article regarding Barr acquisition of Adderall, so I guess now Barr has the recipe.

There is also a good thread about all this here:

Just my two cents.

  Sean wrote @

Different side effects with the same chemical are often associated with different product purification methods. Impurities resulting from amphetamine manufacture can lead to some bad subjective effects. Think of the difference between crank and pure crystal meth. One makes you feel like a crackhead, the other like a god, even though they are both methamphetamine. The pink adderall probably goes through a dirtier production process.

  T-the-D wrote @

Wow, lots of info to read… I have been taking 2-20mg. pills/day, the ORANGE pills, from a private-owned pharmacy. I needed to have my Rx filled when they were closed and had to go to Walgreens. Due to Walgreens pricing, I had to get the PINK pills. Without a doubt, the PInk pills do not work nearly as well as the orange, regardless of each of our individual compositions and how we are affected by meds, I cannot believe how different each of these work, when they are supposed to be the same drug. I am really irritated b/c I now have this month’s Rx of meds that do not work for me. Any suggestions?
I took the 2 pills at the same time, and still no help. I barely feel much better, maybe for I.5-1 hour duration, no more. I am not going to take more of the pills daily just to try to see if it works, but I do not know what else to do.
There are mixed messages when I searched other’s opinions about this, but overall, and from my personal expereince, I highly recommend the Orange, and I strongly advise against the Pink…

  mar wrote @

I am convinced that here is nothing but sugar in the generic adderall. They literally have no affect.
I have questioned this extensively because of the drastic difference in cost. The brand adderall are hundreds of dollars more, HUNDREDS.
I have been told that the generic need to meet certain standards, but that generic medication is not monitored.
We who need adderall are being cheated by not being able to buy the generic, therefore forcing us to buy brand at outrageous prices
What can we do about this?

  chase wrote @

i have been taking the Barr brand Adderall for 3 years 20mg 2x a day and the last time i got my Rx filled i got the corepharma pink ones and they are horrible, i can tell a definate change in how i feel all day, i feel chest pains and have a small amount of vision blurring with close objects from time to time and can fall asleep after an hour with no problem, and feel tired and groogy all day and when i was on Barr 20’s i never could sleep within 3 or 4 hours and never had chest pains, i felt normal and alet, has anyone else had these chest pains, or felt any different symptoms from the new generic pink subs for Adderall??

  d wrote @

must be something we all can do to fix this mess–together somehow–they stuck me with the pink ones even after i told them that they make me sick–and i have the chest breathing problem, but its not psychosomatic: i truly feel as if these pills are giving me a heart attack–can barely breathe, can barely stay awake, and i am crabby and “out to lunch” in my attetuion. i am additionally pissed off that they can simply take my “time” away like that–if a pill makes you feel sick and you can’t function well because of it–they should be sued or outed or SOMETHING. this is terribly frustrating. i think that the pink generics are from a different country and have who knows what mixed in–

  Stephanie wrote @

I have been on Adderall XR for a couple of years now, and it is great. I can actually feel it entering into my system at different times throughout the day. It also suppresses appetite much better than the generic. I do have experience with the orange footballs and they work just about as good as the brand name XR. I was on the pink round ones for a month when I didn’t have any insurance and they made me feel like crap. I also take Seroquel that knocks me on my ass to sleep at night (I’m also Bipolar) and it cancels out the trouble getting to sleep from the XR or orange generic. However, the pink pills gave me such a bad headache that I couldn’t sleep even with the Seroquel. It really was hell. I say the XR or generic orange are the best bets, especially if you are on any other psychological medications like I am (Seroquel, Lamictal, Adderall). Hope this helps somebody!

  Vince wrote @

Regarding your LOVE story at the top, you did earn everything you have. You have been diagnosed with a condition and have been prescribed the proper medication.

  Maja wrote @

Not that I am fully credited to say this, but from the little education I have had so far, a Generic pill is simply the actual pill with the patent expired. When researchers, pharmaceutical companies, doctors and laboratories construct new medication, there is all this ten year (maybe more maybe less) legal paperwork they go through, ensuring their medicine must be paid for at their price and carry their name (Adderall). When that patent expires, the price of the medicine drops, change the colors a tad bit, and call it a generic pill. Legally, they are not allowed to prescribe something that does not have the same chemical formula as what was intended for you to have. If you were to have adderall and adderall was made of component X, they cant prescribe you generic with component X plus Y, then you would have a law suit with your health care provider for giving you something different! It can only be generic with component X as well.
–thanks for reading
—Med Student

  Maja wrote @


I did major in Biochemistry with an emphasis in organic chemistry, and am now on my way to getting my Medical Degree.

Trust me when I tell you there is much more involved than you all think. More so law wise than chemically wise.

Your health care physicians went to school for a long time. Some of them for the greed of money, some for true care to people. If you feel your physician is not giving you what you need or is trying to tell you differently from what you “researched and experienced” switch your physician (but keep in mind their extensive knowledge and their need/want to keep their job). They do not (hopefully) just prescribe random medicines. That is illegal and could kill you, plus they loose their license. However, ask every question imaginable to every human being credible (preferably your physicians and pharmacists, college chemistry professors, organic chemists). They are the ones who know and who studied, and you have a right to ask and find out. Take the time to really learn the molecular structures and formulas and chemicals entailed in making a medicine and how each affect the brain release of hormones or neurotransmitters and what not. Make your research thorough and precise before you come to conclusions.

Think about it, you could be very right, or very wrong. Despite what you feel, humans are indeed all individuals with different needs, different genetic make-ups, and different medical histories. Your result could be identical to another’s but you are two individuals with two different bodies and two different diets.

Please please please, feel free to e-mail me with ANY questions. I am very interested in how a curious mind turned into a self experiment and received so many responses. Much luck in your discoveries.

If you need any extra resources, let me know and if time allows, I will try to help you out!

–Med Student

PS: for the author of this article, do you have your results anywhere, of your pink vs. orange pill experiment? is it posted on a website or could you e-mail them to me?

  Maja wrote @

One more thing. I read some more in one of the other articles that you did speak to the pharmacist (the one with the mean salesperson who slyly smirked at you) and she said you were the first to say you feel different, that is a first SHE has encountered. Clearly, she must either be very young, or was just appalled at your question and at her lack of knowledge at how to answer you. I take the study of medicine to heart so much, I would spend days explaining to some one each and every micro aspect of chemicals and how the cells produce, how they move, where, at what distance, and speed and go into so much detail with how meds inhibit and lock and stay and release and on and on, you would expertise it yourself. I would never neglect my patient because I am too busy or if they asked what to me might be a silly question. I am going to school for a reason and that is to treat people sheerly on my expertise, and if they want to know whats going in their bodies and their intake, then by God, we will sit down on a separate appointment and I will explain everything, but to neglect you, that denotes the practice of medicine.

Dear author, do not feel at a loss of words when someone of “higher” authority silences you. You know your body and what you feel, despite the ignorance in the chemistry of it all. Take the next step (in a very very polite way, for that will allow no room for them to be angry) and ask them if you could make a separate appointment for a reasonable explanation from her, “the expert” (clearly) herself, as to how they are therapeutically the same.

Look to see if she is reluctant, then evaluate switching doctors/pharmacists.

If it one thing I can not stand is malpractice. Its one think to NOT KNOW, but another to be too busy. Peoples lives are in the hands of physicians, whether it be a small or big issue, every issue must be addressed. Malpractice is not just making a mistake, bad call or judgment, its about being fair and honest and enjoy from your very being being a doctor and being able to help, whether that be via physical examination or oral explanations. It simply can not be ignored.

  devin wrote @

okay…i started on adderall two months ago. both times it was the generic orange version by EON labs, which in my opinion worked good although i had no other version to compare it to. however, i filled my last prescription at walgreens and was given the 30mg pink ones.

i definitely noticed a difference…less focused, more hyper, impatient; in other words, a good pill to take before a marathon but not if one wants to concentrate.

this negative experience with the pink adderall prompted me to obtain another rx from my doc. this time i told him i wanted the name brand, even though it costs 60 dollars more for me.

i just got the prescription today and want to try it right now but i am going to wait until tomorrow. then i will be able to tell if there is a significant difference or if i made a big deal for nothing.

given the amount of complaints i’ve read on the internet, i am sure there is legitimacy to these claims. i highly doubt this many ADDers would just be “making” this up. BELEIVE ME…that is exactly what those shitty generic drug companies want us to think but it is simply not true.

in order to sell cheap, one must manufacture cheap; otherwise, they would not be in business.

i suppose Adderall is one of those drugs that is more noticeable than a generic antibiotic…lol

  devin wrote @

well i got the name brand and took it yesterday. it is far superior to the generic, especially the pink one. it is stronger, smoother, lasts longer, and it feels safer. i don’t feel like my heart is on overdrive.

i am also able to take a lower dose.

  maria wrote @

so i went to a different walgreens then my usual one to get my rx filled. no biggie right?! WRONG. the fuckers gave me these pink pills later i found out they ran out of barr’s he said. whatever. he said same thing. BULLSHIT.
i seriously feel like im taking a 5 or 10 mg instead of my normal 30. these pink pills suck ass. if i tell my dr this will they give me a new rx before my next’ scheduled’ appt?
they can have my bottle of pink shit too!

  corepharmcrap wrote @

Man-alive!….Sooner or later shits going to hit the fan @ either walgreens or corephamra and this crap is going to be taken off the market…

And it all depends on your doc Maria.

I’ve read where some doc’s have written a new prescription within days of writing the 1st (corephamra-filled) script. However others refuse to write another until the prior subscription has run out (30days). I think it really comes down to how well you know your doc.

I was able to obtain another prescription approx. 4 days after my 1st corepharma-filled prescription. My Doc had absolutely no problem writing it and went on to explain that Barr was likely the “1st generic supplier” which meant they had to conform to 90% of the original adderal formulation. Subsequent generic suppliers only had to conform to something like 75-80% of the original formulation, which in turn caused all sorts of adverse affects on patients who were used to taking the “real thing”.

And I brought the “pink stuff” to my appointment just in case the doc wanted it. As far as I was concerned that shit is worthless and he could keep it. Needless to say he never asked for it and I promptly tossed it in the trash on my way out of his office…..To hell with anything corephamra!

  John wrote @

I have been taking 4 Adderall 20mg for a few years until just a while back I moved up to the 30s. Onetime early on when I was shopping for the best price I found that Ingles Grocery’s Pharmacy was $20 cheaper or better (it’s been a while ago) but they were the round ones, and they tasted crappy if I chewed them up. I got the round ones a few times but found I preferred paying more to get the oval orange ones. Walmart or Sam’s club seem to have the best price on them and always seem to have enough on hand when I refill. I know people that swear the round ones are better.

But this is what I’ve noticed. When taking only the oval ones I get sometimes, inconsistant effects.
Sometimes They really get me going.

Sometimes they don’t seem to kick in at all, but then later seem to have been waiting, almost dormant. Then the build up of pills seems to all kick in at once, sometimes not until skipping a few regular doses, and it lasts and lasts.

Other than that the ovals seem to be very consistant, per refill, the whole script seems to act the same way.

I mostly picked the ovals ’cause the round ones taste crappy, lol.

But I am betting most of the fluctuations in results may be related more to freshness, or age of the pill, or maybe the age of the batch of goo they make the pills with than anything.

Or, maybe the fluctuation of my personal chemistry is the bigger factor in effect.

Probably a little of both.

And that is all I have to say about that.

Except… I never tried to crush and snort the round ones. Tthe ovals are just too sweet and … it just doesn’t seem like a nose thing to me.

I bet, just a hunch, that the round ones would taste better to my nostrils.

OK, now I’m done.

  More Walgreens Shadiness « Love A.D.D.erall wrote @

[…] Walgreens pharmacies due to their refusal to carry Barr Laboratory generic Adderall. Along with hundreds of readers of this blog, I feel that the CorePharma pink Adderall is inferior to the Barr version, but […]

  Justin wrote @

I will keep this short and sweet. First of all I have been on every mg and every form of adderall for the last 9 years. Adderall is a key part of helping me have a productive and focused day. COR 135 (pink pill) is made by COREPHARMA LLC, out of NJ. They just began deriving the formula and have now been able to get an FDA Patent to sell this garbage. They DO SUCK! Barr is another generic company you have probably seen and they look like “footballs” with a “20” and scored and are orange. They are orange for a reason. Barr has merged with Shire Labs (who are the BRAND NAME makers of adderall) and you are safe with either SHIRE OR BARR and that is all period. Sandoz blows, COREPHARMA is absolutely the worst generic out there and not only myself and a few others are complaining about its horrible effects, or lack there or! Unfortunately the Barr (generic) orange footballs use to be a $10 copay or so but now when asking for generic you may be amazed to see that your pills that cost you just under $300 for 90 or 120 20’s or 30’s (both are the same price) will NOT be SHIRE and will still say AD with 20 or 30 on the flip side. Don’t worry it is still the same classic BRAND NAME ADDERALL THAT nobody in their right mind could hate! On the other hand please WATCH OUT for the COR 135 ( 20mg) trash pink pills and the COR 136 (30mg), as the company has obviously cut corners and it has taken them years to get it by the FDA. STICK WITH WHAT WORKS! HAVING SAID THAT, remember this….If you went to the store to get a say box of cereal and you saw the store brand and the Box that said Kellogs Flakes, you and I both know why one is priced higher and why that one tastes better and I refuse to buy generic anything anymore. There are so many different generics out there and it is just a competition to make the shittiest possible pills while keeping the manufacturing costs and overhead so low that they may have a website that looks like COREPHARMAS does. There is no substitution for the BRAND NEW which SHIRE LABS still owns Patents on the XR formulation as well as Datrayana Patch ( weak:)) and the new Vyvanse which is a new XR derivative and comes in 50mg 70mg and is a capsule with white powder. Shire’s idea in making another drug to replace Adderall XR is smart and only because their patent on XR will run out soon it looks like.

This is NOT in my Head and as far as doing a double blind sort of study to prove your hypothesis, ,my only concern is that you will #1 You would have to take the CORE pink trash pills and probably wont get shit done except eat your other Orange Brand Name Adderall after falling asleep 30mins after you took the mystery (pink ) pill, and #2 on a more serious side is that simply already knowing how each one affects you differently, that poses a problem and once either hits or does not hit you when you take the mysterious pill, your mind will start forcing you to play the guessing game and say something of this nature; “well I feel like shit, I am jittery, and am not getting anything done, and it looks like I should say fuck this experiment, take some BRAND NAME and draft a letter to the VP of COREPHARMA LLC and at the very end of your letter explain to him or her that this letter was written on “ADDERALL” 100% pure SHIRE/BARR ADDERALL and you wouldn’t have been able to do it on these pink shitty looking pills that not only can not compare but can not stand another year on the market as the FDA will run trials of their own and the truth will come out. IT IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD! IF you got prescribed Adderall, get Adderall! If you can’t afford to get it due to better quality costing more which is unfortunate in this case, get anything but COREPHARMA’s horrible attempt at a generic version of this amazing formulation, and I advise against Sandoz (generic ). The bottom line is everybody reacts different to drugs because everyones body chemistry and makeup is different. If you see or fell no difference, I would not argue with you but ask what other medications you are taking that may be boosting the effect of such a poorly made generic. Good Luck and STAY ORANGE!

  thx Justin. wrote @

10/10 as far as informative.
What Justin explained has been my experience the last 6 mo. with Barr and Eon pills.

After struggling through my college semesters and noting my family’s add/adhd history I decided to see my family practitioner and have a chat. Long story short I was prescribed 20mg adderall xr. My insurance didn’t cover it for my age greater than 18, and would have been a monthly cost of $200+. 20mg adderall generic it is then, so off I go to walmart to fill my script. I was amazed by the results, I could focus without the brain fog/brain noise and the general wtf is wrong with me associated with my add. My first bottle was what I now know thanks very much to Justin as the Barr Labs formula. The cost was $50ish.

The flop.
1st bottle ran out. I filled another script, I checked with the in house pharmacy for convenience and they gave me a deal since I paid cash. Turns out they gave me the little round E401 which I now know as Eon’s trash excuse for adderall. They really didn’t do anything for me, honestly feels more like a diet pill than anything. Thinking I was new to the formula and wasn’t a pharmacist (I even asked questions filling the next bottle with the same shit pills. What the difference was with the unknown football pills I got that works so well the first bottle.) I proceeded with my life filling 4 bottles… 4 months on a poor excuse for an adderall pill. This is extremely disappointing knowing I’ve busted my ass this semester as a sr. struggling to keep my head above the water while.

The lesson learned.
I get my perscription filled today and the pharm tech asked me If I wanted the old pills with a new bottle they were about to break open. New brand. I opted for the new brand being dissapointed with the shit eon peddles. Turns out its the same brand as the first bottle. Barr Labs orangish pink football printed with b973 with a (-2|0-) on the back. After popping the Barr 20mg I felt like I did my first experience with add meds. Everyone’s reaction to meds is different, mine using Barr vs Eon is night and day.

I’m glad I discovered this with 15 days left of the semester. Maybe now I have a chance to scrape by the skin of my teeth in my math oriented subjects. Math and add is like oil and water.

I hope my experience helps someone out there. Justin did for me. Paying it forward.

  Clean it Up wrote @

So did you write this on the Barr adderall? I’m confused. It might make you feel like the first time you ever took adderall, but you can’t even communicate. I don’t understand what the hell you are saying. This is troubling the shit out of me. footnote: Don’t worry. You are not the only one I can’t understand. Try to clean it up people. You are making everyone that reads or writes hear seem ignorant and rattled with errors.

  sleepy wrote @

I also had a problem on the corepharma brand and initially had a much better experience with Barr. But the strange thing is that I also noticed a drastic difference between taking 2-10mg Barr and 1-20mg Barr. The 2- 10s was much better and the 20 was almost as bad as the corepharma. The 10s also have a sweet taste while the 20s do not so there are apparently different fillers. Has anyone else had a similar experience with Barr?

  Clean it Up wrote @

I have had the exact same experience with the two different strengths of Barr’s generic adderall. Mark it down. Very troubling. Very real.

  shortbus wrote @

I have been following your blog and all the subsequent posts for a while now, because of the generic issues I keep hearing about. I was wondering, was there ever a ‘result’ from the experiment? I plan on doing my own experiment this month, also testing between Barr and Corepharma, and I also must say I agree with you, walgreens is one of the WORST pharmacies I’ve dealt with- they also gave me the worst time over my albuterol inhaler (for asthma) I chose to never go with them again.

  JADHD wrote @


  JADHD wrote @


  Justin wrote @


After Hrs of trying to get in touch with something besides bullshit extensions at Core Pharma in NJ, I finally spoke with a Woman in the Patient Complaints DEPT at the LAB. She got the info (told her that these pink were bullshit and I wanted my money back and there is a lot of talk going on about how horrible they are and she got a lot of info from me. I was then get a call back from the FDA inspector on site at CORE PHARMA LLC, and she got more info than I could imagine and said she would call me back after looking into it. Well I got a call back from the VP and spoke the truth about how cutting corners in their case is now going to end up screwing them in the long run. I was told it may have been a bad batch! BUllshit! She asked me tp save some for testing along with the rest of the batch at CVS and she would refund my money apparently if infact they were a bad batch! No response and I am sorry to inform you that even the Brand Name is cutting costs due to Adderall being taken off the Market soon! It will have a replacement, no worries. Be that as it may, if a company knows they are pulling a drug off the market, they will not spend a dime or any effort to make those final batches comprable to how they were made 3-6 years ago (in my opinion). Something is not right and if you want to get the best out of your script, go to a pharmacy that rarely gets people coming in to fill adderall and they may have an older batch of the goodies! Something will happen soon, just a matter of time. I spent $385 on 90 30 mg regular adderall which were circle (AD on the back and 30 on the front), scored and the color was light orange. Keep in MIND, Shire merged with BARR so dont be surprised if you ask for brand and it says BARR LABRATORIES and says AD -30 on it! I am looking at them right now and something is up, they suck. What to do from here, head to fucking Alaska or Long Beach CVS???? Vyvanese will replace Adderall XR and is Bullshit as well, it is just d-amphetamine and L-lysine ( a amino acid which in this case will help the pill not crack you out essentially) I will keep you posted on my findings. NO SANDOZ, NO BARR (anymore) NO SHIRE (wtf?) and def no pink bullshit! Ranbaxy also makes a generic which is pink and it blows so who knows what is going to happen! Keep the posts coming and I am sure it will all work out for the best once half the world stops get motivated and the economy goes to shit because Chad’s Adderall is bullshit and he is on MYSPACE ALL day instead of working that 9-5 haha!


  Clean it Up wrote @

This is good stuff.

  Anonymous wrote @

i used to get mine (barr oval orange ones) at walgreens and then they switched to the shitty pink round ones. started using cvs and yesterday went to pick up my script and got the shitty pink round ones. i’m fucked for an entire month now. anyone know another pharmacy? i can’t take these pink ones. they make me feel bipolar and paranoid.

  holla wrote @

PUBLIX! Publix has never ever given me pink.

  Heath wrote @

My coworker and I both take about 30-60 mg of Adderall and share our scripts regularly. She always goes to CVS and gets the Orange oval tablets that are generic and I go to Walgreens and get the Pink round generic tablets (both 20mg each). We’ve both noticed a HUGE difference from the Orange to Pink being the Orange are CRAP and the Pink are much better. The orange seem to leave you feeling burnt out quicker and never reach the peak strength of the Pink ones. The orange ones also seem to cause headaches a lot quicker for me.

  greensunusak wrote @

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  Clean it Up wrote @

Appreciate the post. But I simply don’t believe what you are saying. Be very careful. The pink 20’s are dangerous.

  Absynth wrote @

I have been taking adderall (the Barr generic brand) for about a month. Before that I took name brand time release adderall for about a week.
I think the name brand adderall time release was much better than the barr generic (they are peach colored). However, they are far too expensive for me to stay on.
I have switched to Name brand Adderall (non time release). The pharmacy at wal mart said they would have to order it for me and would have it in a week.
I am interested to see the differences.
I am also VERY interested in your study.
I am studying psychology, and I think your testing method is excellent and should yeild some very interesting results. In fact, I may copy your test using my barr brand and name brand adderall. Maybe we can swap and discuss findings.

  BRIAN wrote @


  Lili wrote @

I have been on adderall 2 times for about 4 months each time, (well, I’m still on it at this moment), I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids and I feel like I need this, but I have anxiety and depression issues that run in my family and the adderall makes the anxiety worse. I have gone off adderall in the past because it’s addictive and I realize this. It makes me not eat, which I don’t think is a good thing. It makes me anxious (due to my anxiety issues). It gives me bad breath, no matter how much water I drink or how many times I brush my teeth or gargle w/mouth wash. It makes me want to smoke every day even though I’m a non smoker. (Of course I did smoke in the past). It makes me cranky at night. But I love the way it make me feel first thing in the morning and until around 3pm. I am an awsome mom and totally awake until then. But I think I was before, I think I was a better mom. How do I get off of this shit?! And I’m on the orange but don’t think any kind would make a difference.

  Krissy wrote @

I was taking the orange barr brand now just got the E 401 orange ones I am not sure if they work as good. Can any one tell me their experience with the E 401 orange vs. the orange barr brand?

  wolfman wrote @

you are all wong. the difference in what you feel is your own metal state prior to taking the amphetamine. some times its a good trip, sometimes it’s a bad trip, some times it’s both. get, got,good.

  coco the gorilla wrote @

wow, lay off the adderall. Obsessed???

  Jim wrote @

I apologize if this has already been addressed (Not enough time this morning to scan through all 134 comments.)

You obviously have a lot more experience than I do on this topic, but just in case…

According to there is no generic for Adderall XR at this time.

Although it may not be the same pink pill you’re talking about, a friend takes the pink pill which is not extended release (XR) which means she gets the burst but may need more later in the day to get propped back up.

Thanks for the good information as well as the informative comments!

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

“wolfman”/”coco the gorilla”-
Thank you for using two separate names. One for each of your unintelligent contributions to the conversation.

  Meeka wrote @

There is a major difference in the generic and brand name adderall 20mg tablet. I noticed it immediately. Worth the extra money to get brand prescribed.

  addeshows wrote @

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  I hate pink add wrote @

There is definitely a difference in orange and pink! I HATE PINK!!! they make me feel BAD – headaches.. feel like a knot in my throat, went so far as my dr. ordering an u/s of my throat, to find a cyst and nodule – not related to me taking add, or I haven’t been told thats whats causing it.. so I see a specialists and have a nuclear medicine scan done, everything comes back normal.. but i guess my point is.. I ONLY FEEL THIS “knot” in my throat when I take the pink add. And I’m to the point where my body is immune, I was being prescribed 3 – 30mg tabs a day! I found a new dr. and he put me back on 2 – 30 mg/day. I have an entire bottle of the pink ones.. and really.. I just want to flush them! Thats how horrible I feel…

  PJ wrote @

Very interesting read here, glad I found it. I went yesterday to RiteAid to have my Adderall refilled, but they were out so I went to Walgreens. I had expected the football shaped orange pill, but instead got the little pink one. I had never seen these before, so I googled and found your site. I just took it about an hour ago and am still undecided. I don’t feel the normal “Rush” that I usually feel, but then again, I do not always get this rush on the orange ones. As a matter of fact, I usually only get that super-man feeling a couple of times a week. One thing that everyone needs to remember is that these comments do not reflect the total consensus of the general public. Usually, only people that are having negative experiences seek out a website and leave comments. My initial thoughts are that I am dissapointed that my medication has changed and that I will never go back to Walgreens again, but I will wait several days before making a final verdict. I’ll post again here later in the week.

  PJ wrote @

Okay, so I’ve now had two days with the pinkies and here are my thoughts: They don’t “Kick In” as intensely as the orange ones, which is both good and bad. The rush you get from a drug kicking in is pretty powerful and also pretty addictive. As much as I like that rush, I don’t think that A.D.D medication is supposed to necessarily do that. The pinkies give me a nice, even focus throughout the day with a less drastic come down period. I have had a couple of small headaches, but fortunately they went away. My mouth/breath completey taste like ass. It is possible that the pink ones give you worse ass-mouth than the orange ones, but I’m not sure of this yet. I have tried to stay hydrated, but I’m still pretty dry mouthed.

So, my in my limited experience with the pinkies, I don’t have the same utter distaste that many of you are having. They definitely work, for sure, unquestionably, but just not quite as intensely maybe, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (for me).

As others have mentioned, we all have different brain chemistry and we will all react differently to the various types of adderall. I’ll probably switch back to orange next refill, but the verdict is still out.

  M. Frederick Voorhees wrote @

Hi PJ-
Thanks for your input. That’s a good point you made in your first comment, about the consensus here not necessarily representing the consensus of the public at-large. However, I don’t find large contingencies online that have actively gone out of their way to complain about the orange and state a preference for pink.

Good point about the addictive tendencies of the orange, too. Although, I find the kick-in to be just as powerful with the pink if not more so; only, for me, it’s more of a jittery/anxious feeling rather than a euphoria.

  LR wrote @

Oh my god, I can’t believe this! I’ve been taking generic adderall for about a year and it was a miracle drug for me. I never felt many side effects and could actually sit down and do my schoolwork!! Totally Out of the blue a few months ago I started feeling like it just didn’t work at all anymore. I could only focus for an hour at most and even then it wasn’t good. I was sluggish and lazy. A complete 360 from how it had affected me before. I felt like my heart was skipping beats constantly, and if I did any sort of physical activity I could barely breath my heart would pound so fast and hard. Migraines. I was extremely agitated and nervous constantly and found myself dreading taking the drug that used to relax me and made my life so much easier. I even began to think maybe there was something else going on with me like cancer or a heart condition!

Finally out of frustration I googled the side effects of Adderall trying to figure out why I all of a sudden couldn’t tolerate a drug I’d been taking for over a year!! When I came upon this site and realized my pills were the pink ones it hit me like a Ton Of Bricks…………up until a couple months ago my pills had been BLUE!!! I feel a little stupid that I completely failed to notice the color change in the pills I was taking but besides that they looked pretty much exactly alike, it never even registered with me that I was getting different pills…… didn’t help that Walgreen’s never mentioned a word to me that they had changed my medication…….I looked up the old pills they used to give me and it was a generic brand from a different company that has recently been bought out. I’m assuming that’s why it got switched. I cannot even begin to describe how different I felt on the blue pills….no heart palpitations, no jitters, no insomnia, no constant nausea, 4 or more hours of focus before having to take another dose. I can’t beleive how pissed I am right now, and for Walgreen’s not to feel the need to inform me they were switching my medication? That’s downright irresponsible, unethical, and should be illegal!!

So anyways, for anyone that thinks it just could be in your head I guess I’m an example that it definitely isn’t. I didn’t even have a CLUE my medication had been switched and a few months later I was on the verge of making my doctor test me for anything and everything because I felt SO SICK. I can’t believe the travesty of this. They should not be allowed to say that 2 drugs are exactly the same if they can have that Drastic of a difference in effect. To me, the two are as opposite as Black and White!

  LR wrote @

PS: I Hate Pink……….It made my throat feel the same way too!! It felt like I had tumors in my throat or something, and I always felt like there was phlegm I couldn’t clear. I had my doctor look at my throat, told him I could feel lumps in it when I swallowed. He too didn’t find anything wrong, I can’t believe all the side effects this Poison has!!

  Tdub wrote @

Corepharma sucks c@ck. Barr is MUCH better IMO. Go take a look at ADDforums and you will see that most people have the same complaint. Adderall XR patent expires in 2009 – w00t!

  Bo wrote @


  Bo wrote @

well i have taken adderall xr 30mg through out collage. But resently i went back to the doctor to get back on adderall.He gave me Barr-15mg d-anfetamine salt combo they are the orange one.I saw that most people love the old orange ones but i dont know if it is just me or what, but i hate them,they make me feel like shit and dont help with anything. But one of my friends had the pink 20mg adderall that every one seems to hate. I tried one of them and i loved them,not as much as brand name but sill better than those generic orange ones.i was wondering if i am just different or wird lol.

  Bo wrote @

also for those of you that receved the pink 20mg d- anfetamine salt combo from your local walgreens and you dont like them.There is a way to make them work better.1st it is all about what you eat and have resently ate that causes the bad generic add to work better or worse. I have learned if you drink a protine shake like musle milk it will help your body absorbe the generic adds better. i hope this help some of you all god bless. p.s. i am not a medical expert ofr any kind these are just my opinions

  Oracle wrote @

d-amphetamine salt combo “20mg” COR 135 in ROUND PINK CROSS SCORED TABLETS. Manufactured CorePharma LLC New Jersey USA
This combination of amphetamine salts is comprising of a perhaps a large proportion of the d- entity with overall lower amount of active isomers. So while the racemic mixture exists in a proportion similar to Shire brand Adderall IR there may be less total amount of active ingredient. The first generation generic formula entabulated as oblong & orange often may contain disproportionate amounts of the Benzedrine component; causing possible peripheral agitation. In comparison the benzedrine mixture may be used as an acute treatment for adult chronic fatigue syndrome or in low doses administered to hyperactive adolescents, the dexedrine mixture may be more effective a chronic treatment for Adult Attention Deficit Disorder while building not as rapid a tolerance as might Dextrostat.

  Oracle wrote @


Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Duramed), a Barr subsidiary purchased our immediate release ADDERALL product for US$63 million in 2006. ADDERALL is a smaller product with significant generic competition and no longer fits our ADHD strategy. At the same time, we entered into an agreement with Duramed under which we acquired rights to transvaginal ring technology that will be applied to at least five women’s health products. We also acquired a license to Duramed’s marketed oral contraceptive, SEASONIQUE. We have exclusive rights to market these products in five major European markets of the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and other areas excluding the US and Canada. We are very excited about the opportunity of a new development and licensing agreement in the specialty area of women’s health, particularly in Europe. This agreement allows us to further build our international business and provides an exciting opportunity for our specialty R&D team.

With the impending launch of VYVANSE for ADHD in 2007 and continued advances in our CNS product pipeline, we are moving ever closer to our goal of becoming a global leader in this high potential specialty pharmaceutical therapeutic area.

SPD465: We also submitted a NDA with the FDA for SPD465 in 2006. SPD465 has the same active ingredient as ADDERALL XR but is designed to provide ADHD symptom control for up to 16 hours. If approved, SPD465 would be the longest acting stimulant medication for adult patients with ADHD. This novel three-bead formulation is specifically designed to meet the needs of those adult patients with ADHD who need symptom control extended into the evening hours due to their busy schedules and lifestyles. SPD465 is designed to provide this level of symptom control in one dose, eliminating the need for patients to remember to take multiple doses of medication throughout the day.

  anon wrote @

R.E. “My boys have taken Adderall for many years, and never had adverse physical reactions that they do now with generic. Their meds are a daily necessity around our home! …. And I do question why, after all the noise about Saccharine and NutraSweet, it would put it in a pill and dispensed to our children! ”

You’re concerned about your children ingesting saccharine and nutrasweet but amphetamines are a-ok? Something’s not right here. I took the corepharma brand for 2 days. That’s all I could stand. It didn’t help my symptoms at all. I would never even think of turning my kids (who also have ADHD) into tweekers. These drugs are WAY worse for their developing bodies and brains than artificial sweeteners. Let’s be more responsible for the lives that trust and depend on us. As an adult it was my choice to try the drug out. Kids are too immature to make that decision because they don’t understand how toxic and harmful it is. PLEASE DARE to get your kids off drugs!!

  Wondering……… wrote @

How does one explain to their Dr. that Adderall is beneficial for them? I have always dealt with anxiety and my doctor knows that.
I have 3 kids , my mom with 2nd stage ALZ living with us and my husband and I own a small resort. We work 24/7……..I can’t get anything done and I can’t deal with it. So instead of working I tend to curl up. My girlfriend gave me Adderall to try. Wow, my whole prespective of life changed. I turned into this wonder mom/wife/daughter and business owner! But this drug seems so illegal to me that how would a Dr. take it serious that it isn’t for pleasure? Are there any key words that I can use to get a presciption?

  idea wrote @

Go to your doc and share that you are having attention issues, can’t focus, overwhelmed, and see what he says. A psychiatrist will definitely help. You can also tell him you had a trial run on some and it helped. Be careful to take only as prescribed.

  Wondering……… wrote @

Thank you I made an apptment for next week.
I do not want them for recreational use. I need to start living my life:)

  steve wrote @

i take adderall the 20mg and i had the orange ones first which are better i think and i have the pink ones now which i feel only sometimes when i take it. the pink ones make me feel happy the orange ones make me feel energetic

  Wondering……… wrote @

Well, I my doctor did write me a script for them. We talked for a long time and was very reluctant to give me this because he really wanted me to be in therapy first. But our insurance does not cover therapy so……Now, that I am on it……..I dont know if this is going to help but I will try it for a month and see if it helps. These are 10 mg BLUE tablets and I take them twice a day.

  eve wrote @

I have been taking the orange generic Adderall (aka “Pumpkins” 30mg each) for about 6 months. I take between a quarter and a whole one on average 5 times a week, sometimes more. I used to eat really healthy (salads, grilled chicken, NO sweets!) until a couple of months on the orange ones made me realize I could basically eat whatever I wanted (fried chicken, candy, Gatorade) without gaining any weight. 6 days ago I got my prescription from Walgreens and of course they gave me the pink ones. I took half a pink one. I immediately felt a difference that day. I felt more anxiety, couldn’t breathe deeply enough, only got one good deep breath out of every 10 I tried to take. I believe uneasy feeling of being able to breathe only very shallowly added to the anxiety. So I found this site and read all of your post, decided to take a couple days off and see if it was just the sudden switch. I took a whole pink one (sometimes I take a whole Pumpkin all at once–usually a half, sometimes quarter in the morning than half or quarter later on) to see the full effects. The first difference I noticed was I didn’t get the initial perk up I always get a few minutes after taking the Pumpkins. I was tired throughout the day and couldn’t seem to wake up. I couldn’t concentrate either. I was taking a test in math and was the last person to finish. Every little noise – a zipper, a binder being closed, whispering, EVERYTHING that would normally have no effect on me – distracted me completely. I felt so unmotivated that I even blew off the rest of my classes for the day and just stayed home. I have never missed a class and am always at least 20 minutes early to study before hand and make sure that I’m not late. I couldn’t believe how incredibly shitty these things were. They had no “upper” effect on me whatsoever. Yesterday, 5 days since taking ending the Pumpkins, I realized I gained weight. 6 lbs! So fast! These generic Adderall do not wake me or give me any energy, do not suppress my appetite or speed up my metabolism, and do not help me focus or concentrate. Also, I took a quarter of a pink one yesterday around 3 pm and a quarter of a pumpkin would have definitely kept me wide awake until at least 10 pm at night…. I could NOT believe it when I woke up. I fell asleep accidentally at 7 pm at night, and didn’t wake up until the next morning. Could it be possible for these things to have the opposite effect of the Pumpkins or the real-Adderall, despite their obviously false claim of being “the same”? Some how, some way, the drug companies are profiting from selling this bullshit and I wish I knew why. All I know is I am going to fill as many prescriptions as I can this month at CVS, where they still have the Pumpkins. I don’t know if it will be a long time before they take are old friends off the market or not, but I am going to stock up while I still can before these bullshit ass pink ones become all there is available.
Please respond with any new information on “the Walgreens switch” or the shallow breathing I mentioned.
* Also, if anyone knows the technical term for the tingling or strange sensation in the feet and sometimes hands caused by Adderall. The feet become numb and white/purple and cold?
Thank you guys! I’m glad I found you!!

  wondering….. wrote @

Eve, what milligrams are all these pills? I am new to adderall so I am not sure about the colors you are talking about.

I am on 10mg in am and it is a blue pill and then I take it again in the afternoon.

The strange thing is somedays it is great and other days I actually get tired from it….

  awaytobree wrote @


I’m not sure about all the pills Eve mentioned, but I used to take ‘Pumpkins’, as she calls them. I am SO not down with the kewl lingo…anyhoo, these are 30mg orange generic Barr adderall pills. Unlike the Blue 10mg you take, or the 20mg orange, the 30mg are oval, but they arent a flat oval. they are rounded out on both sides, like a chubby 10 or 20 mg. Thus the nickname, i suppose ;) I was on 90 mg a day at one point…it was not good, but in LA they will give you anything, in my experience. They are hard to split up and then you are left with two 15mg…basically I started having bits and pieces and had trouble maintaining the dose. 90 mg-so 3 ‘Pumpkins’ a day. I am now back on the 20 mg orange Barr generic and it is much easier to split. I take 60 mg a day, with weekends off (unless im cleaning!) and it is much better. Sounds like you are on 10 mg twice a day? they start most people out that way. I like the blue Barr 10 mgs better, they last longer in the bottle, dont get so crumbly. I wonder if asking my Psych for 10mg pills would be weird, i just think they have the most effect. hmm, something to consider.

  addy love wrote @

I’m 23 , 5’0, 95lbs, and I have been taking aderall for the past five years. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! but This month I got a mixture of both pink and orange pills. I take 20 mg 3 times a day, and I’ve found that the pink ones arent nearly as strong as the orange. It helps to avoid a comedown if I take them in half incriments six times a day. Does anyone know if this is a normal dosage? Im scared to ask my doctor because I dont want him to lower the dose…

I also get the tingling in my hands…. and I feel as though Ive developed a social anxiety at times. Sometimes I feel like I get very weak and am going to faint in the middle of my work shifts… (I bartend at a high voume bar) I also have noticed some sever abdominal pain if I work or am on my feet for more than 8 or nine hours….

However, if i dont take it, my social anxiety is so bad that I cannot leave my apartment or answer my phone.

I just want to know if any of this is normal? or if anyone else has experienced it. I really havent had any of these negative side effects until now, I dont know if it is because of the mixture. and I cant and wont give up my addys.

  scott wrote @

I have tried almost all the Add medications over the last 4 years. I have had a problem with all at some point. Recently i filled my prescription for Amphetamine Salts 15 (pink)( thought is was the same pills as last) and found it did nothing but give me a head ache. I called the pharmacy and was told even though the pills where identical in every way they where made by different manufactures. Barr and Sandoes. (not sure of correct spelling). This throws a wrench in all discussions previous. I am fighting with them about not informing me of this and trying to get the Sadoes filled. I was told i would have to purchase them again at $120. My insurance company is also the pharmacy and there real shit heads.

  addy love wrote @

If you have a Fagan Pharmacy near you, they will fill ANY generic for $20.95 and they also carry the orange oval shaped ones :)

  justcurious wrote @

so can anyone tell me for sure, how long does it stay in your system after you take it. i only use it when i really have to. does that matter? i really need an absoulete answer. i went to ,but no answer there.

thanks a lot!

  unk wrote @

I believe the difference in the two is that the orange oval shaped addys decompose quicker than the round pink ones. I prefer the orange oval shaped. Test it out in a glass of water some time. you’ll see what i’m talking about.

  justcurious wrote @

anyone got any thing else.i have to take a test and i’m really worried. i was told its out of your system in 24 hours but i don’t believe it!

  Creegan wrote @

Adderall XR 30 mg. has been running & ruining my life for about 7 years now. i love this stuff because im a part or productive society with it but without it im literally LAZY like it’s bad. ive recently just lost my heath insurance becuase im only taking 4 classes at school not six sooo im “PART TIME” not full time like my insurance needs me to be soo this sucks but last semseter i got a 4.0! the best ive ever had but when i take my adderall my social life sucks! like my boyfriend doesnt want to come near me because im boring which is true without adderall im soo much fun im outgoing and witty but when im on it im quiet,reserved & just not me at all! im wondering what will happen to my body if i keep taking this stuff ive been on it forever now so im wondering it what will happen to my body when im like 30, will i have a liver?

  Mike wrote @

I agree with the post by Eve. There is a huge difference between the Adderall pink and orange pills. I can’t believe how some doctors and pharmacists can tell you that all the generics are the same. Anyway, after taking the pink adderall, I cant focus as well and my motivation is almost completely gone. Has anyone found another pharmacy chain that carries the orange adderall?

  cheryl wrote @

I have been on the pink generic adderall for 4 days and the hangover it was leaving me with was straight up awful! I crashed SO hard! And, the crashing wasn’t the it’s-naptime kind of crash, it was like what I would assume a crystal meth crash would feel like where you’re super depressed and you have two options to escape the discomfort, do more or take drugs to fall asleep.

Anyway, these 4 days were all I needed to know something was up. I’m handing these over to my psychiaatrist on Monday. I do no want them even near me. Also, I’m complianing to the fda. CVS said the maker was Core Pharma.

By the by, I’ve had other generic adderall with no issues other than that they tend to be a LOT harder to break.



  Kathleen wrote @

hmm interesting. I am on adderrall and i startied with 10 in morning and in afternoon. throughout the months they got raised now i am on 30 in morning 20 at lunch and 10 in afternoon. Its working. But during this process my pill (I BUY GENERIC) it is from the a kinda yellowish baige color, then I got blue pills for one month, then back onto the original. My proplem is that I felt like it worked great for the first two weeks and then, well I am greatful that I can stay awake, or atleast more alert i should say

  brandonblattner wrote @

Completely true; the pinks pale in comparison to the orange, and I have tried them ALL in my 7 years on the medication. I know “theoretically” there is no difference, but I don’t care what theories are advanced; there’s a HUGE difference, not only in the 20mg pink v. 20mg orange but also with the 30mg pills. And my friends that take it have said the same exact thing. So, great post!

  Lenora wrote @

I just wanted to tell my experience between the two. The orange ones was the ones I always took from the very beginning and from the first time I was able to concentrate better, alot more organized, I got alot more things done. That was about two yrs. ago now here in the past two months I have picked up the pink ones at the pharmacy and not only does everything seem to be falling behind and can never get anything organized but since takeing the pink ones being the only different thing that I have took . Have not changed fabric softner, soap, nothing different but the pink pills and I have developed a rash on my arms, stomach and legs my pharmacist says that I have had an allergic reaction to the dye in the pink ones and he looked and looked but there was no whole saler that had the orange ones. My question is so does this mean that they will stop makeing the orange one. I hope not because if I have to search and search I will find that one pharmacy that still carries it .

  Lynn wrote @

The pink are just from a specific pharma company- CorePharma/Ranbaxy. You’re pharmacy probably can’t get anything different from “their” wholesalers. Sounds like from all the posts above that Walgreens changed who they buy theirs from and only sell the pink ones now. You can still buy the Adderall -brand name and there are other generics made by other companies. If you were taking the orange oval generic ones from Barr Pharma, that’s all I’ve ever taken and get them at Walmart. Not sure why everyone is asking what pharmacy to get them at…I thought everyone had a WM? I have 5 within a 5 mile radius of my house! :) If for some strange reason you don’t have WM, just call pharmacies and ask them which they sell. Don’t forget Kmart, Target, Sams, and Costco have pharmacies.

FYI to everyone who is describing pills by colors/shapes…………
A good source is the website – select the tab that says Pill Identifier, do a search by drug name and enter “ampheta”…you’ll get back a list of Adderall generics (pics of each pill by dosages, what company makes it, etc). You can also search “Adderall” and you’ll get back all the brand name pills-pics, dosages, etc.

  Raul wrote @

Barr Labs makers of the sweet tasting generic version also make the Brand Name Adderall. Why? Also why is generic barr Adderall sweet tasting?

  lethal420 wrote @

I’ve taken both of these types of adderall before. Me and my brother both get them prescribed to us for ADHD. However, for some unknown reason, my brother always ends up with the orange pills and I end up with the pink ones. I do notice a good bit of differences between the two. Honestly, they both do their job well, IMO. However, the pink ones don’t seem to last me as long and do indeed make me super jittery when compared to the orange ones. Strangely enough though, the pink ones seem to suppress my appetite more. I think some of the differences really depend on the person. Other than those two differences I really don’t notice much else remarkably different between them.

  pjb wrote @

I was on Matadate to help with fatigue. Those were great. None of the side affects. I had to go to generic also due to my insurance and i couldn’t pay the difference anymore. From Walgreens i got the pink 20 mg. I had a lot of side affects like most of you do but it did help with fatigue and i got things done and i didn’t know there were different manufacturers and colors until i got my next prescrip. filled at CVS Pharmacy. They have oval orange 20 mg from Barr Pharm. I don’t have the headaches anymore and not as jittery and a lot more focused. The pharmacist said its the same just a different manufacturer. I will go to CVS next time for the oval orange and after reading several of these posts i will ask ahead of time what they have at that time. I can complete my projects now with Adderall. Yes, it is addicting but some people just don’t have that natural get up and go. I exercise regularly also so that’s not it. Go projects.

  Helen wrote @

I have been taking Adderall for many years 20MG 2x a day. I have noticed they do not work as well as before. My focus is not as great. Has anyone noticed a strange smell about the Adderall?

  Jessica wrote @

Like many people on this board, I had an extremely negative experience with the Ranbaxy/Corepharma generic. Within about a half-hour of taking the new Ranbaxy/Corepharma generic, I broke out into a profuse sweat, my heart rate spiked, and I started to have irregular heart beat. I have never, ever in my life experienced that with either the generic Barr pills or Adderall XR. The next day, I had the exact same negative side effect from the Ranbaxy/Corepharma generic. I tried it a third day, and the same thing happened again. So it was not an isolated incident. My body was just not adjusting to the new generic for whatever reason.

The Ranbaxy/CorePharma pills also made me irritable, unfocused and jittery. The coating seemed different. Perhaps the medication is being released at a different rate? I had read that some generic antidepressants released their dosages at a different rate than their brand-name counterparts.

So, I abstained from taking an entire month’s worth of generic Adderall and waited until I could get my next month’s refill. Today, I took the script to CVS, which still carries Barr and am greatly relieved to be back on my old generic.

It seems odd that a medication which is represented as being “generic Adderall” could induce such negative side effects, to the point that I would much rather be in withdrawal for an entire month and completely abstain from medication than take those pills. Has any else had cardiovascular symptoms from taking the generic Ranbaxy/CorePharma pills?

  Kari wrote @

Wow, I thought I was nuts! I’m glad to see that others have had the same experience as me. I went to a different pharmacy this month, and got the Corepharma brand (10mg, darker blue than Barr, and round instead of oval). My God, the cotton mouth! And I can’t seem to focus on what I need to do! Even made my handwriting worse again, and I am losing my train of thought. I will totally be only getting Barr from now on.
By the way, your intro. My daughter has said similar things to me (she is also A.D.D., 17 years old). She hates the fact that she needs Adderall. Hates that her brain “won’t work” without it. I feel horrible that A.D.D. can be hereditary, and I passed this on to her. :(

[…] Update on Brand Name Orange Adderall vs. Generic Pink Adderall … […]

  James wrote @

I have had the same exp with walgreens,
BUT, recently I told the pharmacist that the pink ones SUCK , so she said that walgreens has 5 other manufacturers available to distribute………………

I was like….what??!?

She said “yes, we can order from another manufctr”

She then started to list off these OTHER manfuctrs…..I stopped her when she said Actavis. I never had a generic adderall from that company, so i figured why not.

I asked her what the pill looked like, and she said its BLUE, with 30 on one side.

I was astonished. I never have even seen a blue 30 mg…….a blue 10mg sure, but NOT a blue 30.

So I went home and looked it up online…NOWHERE could i find a blue 30mg tablet…except on There it was….a blue one.

Has ANYONE had ANY experience with these BLUE ONES??????? please let me know… tempted to not get them, because i dont want it to be another “pink pill” experience.

  Bryan wrote @

For those w/o insurance, get a Sam’s Club membership. I get the Barr peach-colored 20mg qty 60 for only $34

  Mike wrote @

I’m so glad I found this thread. Most details and experiences have been covered very well, but here’s my contribution. I’ve been on 20mg x2 daily for over 2 years. Several days ago I picked up my monthly Rx of 60 pills. They are the pink marked (cor 135 with two score lines). My initial reaction, before researching, waxs that the pharmacy must have made a mistake and filled my script with either 5 or 10 mg. pills. My focus, drive and mood are suffering, although the pink pills are technically the same as the orange ones I’ve taken for over 2 years. Additionally I’ve experienced unexpected short periods of sweating. On the second day on the pink pills I got the distinct feeling that I was gong to vomit, but did not. I have no tangible evidence for proof, but this thread has provided reinforcement of my experience. I will see if my pharmacy will exchange my remaining pinks for the orange ones.
On a side note, for more convenient logistics, I changed to a different doc that told me that Adderall XR is about to start being available as a generic just like straight Adderall has been.

  oneill wrote @

You are 110% correct. I got corepharma adderall from CVS, and it’s TOTALLY different from the generic manufactured by Barr. Considering they are supposed to be identical, it’s scary how something this different could find its way into the marketplace…especially w/a stimulant.

I think the corepharma drug is clearly worse. It doesn’t seem to be nearly as effective.

  Nick wrote @

I think you took way too much adderall writing this

  Riley wrote @

Hey Nick-
Nobody gives a shit what you think.

  Devyn wrote @

I’ve been taking adderall since I was a sophomore in college in November 2008, and I have always been give the oval, orange generic pills. I noticed a positive change IMMEDIATELY in my grades and mood. However, this past month, I was given the round, pink generic pills and I HATE THEM! Within the first couple days, I noticed a severe difference. My mood swings are through the roof, I’m jittery and can’t concentrate as well and most of the time, I basically feel like I’m not even on a medication for my ADD. One morning, I almost had an anxiety attack it was so bad. I went back to the pharmacy to get help and there was nothing they could do because my doctor is 3 1/2 hours away in my college-town. I was so upset! The pharmacist looked at me like I was a nut-job or stupid. Now, I have to go a whole month with these pills that are “completely the same” which is a bunch of bull.

I hope your study is successful!

  Jane wrote @

I was diagnosed ADHD about 2 years ago, I was given Adderall, and everything changed for the better. I saw my Doctor last week who upped my ‘script from 3, 20’s a day to 3’ 30’s a day. I stupidly filled at Walgreens and am stuck with the pinks until next month.
The most noticeable diffrences to me, are the onset. The orange seems to come quicker, I feel a nice rush of euphoria. With the pink, I notice the drug, but not like the orange. I seem to be speedier with the orange then the pink, which at times I reallllly like. I am defintley getting headaches with the pink, daily. Also, its weird but the pinks seem to last longer, maybe because the onset is so slow? 2 very close friends are also prescribed Adderall and also both got pinks…We are convinced there is a diffrence.

  jimike wrote @

First, me bitching…

I see over and over people like me who say there is a difference after actually taking different versions along with others who are smugly confident there is no difference. A great improvement to this issue would be if the folks who have never taken either would not post their
“knowledge” that the generics are all the same. Congratulations, you took Psych 101 and learned about the placebo effect. Any understanding of the scientific method and you “all the same”ers would know although we who say there’s a difference have not provided evidence enough to claim a valid difference, if you haven’t even taken either, you really have even less basis on claiming generics are all the same.

What you are saying is that pharmacy companies overseas ( where all this stuff is made) are HONEST and would never try to cut corners on their pills, leave out ingredients , make the pill so it skates by legally per FDA percentages of active ingredient, but doesnt even work right. Yeah, ok. I want to play poker against you, you apparently will believe anything.

There is a huge difference in the way these generics make you feel. I was doing just fine on Shire orange brand-name 20’s prior to Shire selling the patent. Now all i can get is Ranbaxy pink non-adderall whatever-they-are pills.

I am not doing fine. I understand the placebo effect, I have a degree in Psychology. This is not that.

Pharmacists and doctors both continue to blindly recite “they are all the same” and not even consider the possibility that their patients
are making valid statements when complaining of these differences. Great doctoring/ pharmacisting morons, first rule of science, never be sure of anything. Just shut up and go on vacation in Bermuda, I’ll figure this out myself.

The Shire oranges are long gone, patent sold, not possible, and in my region Ranbaxy and Barr, both of which I hate, have cornered the market. Can’t find Eons anywhere, they have an effect on me which will at least allow me to accomplish something.

This is ridiculous, terrible job by the FDA, doctors, and pharmacists alike on average ( some doctors and pharmacists will leave open the possibility of a variance in effect among generics, those are not guilty) .

Going to have to buy this stuff online I guess.

Stupid problem to have, I try to “take my medicine” like a good mature person, to try to help myself, and it ends up making me worse because these variances in effect have been allowed to continue by the FDA, and many ( google it, theres thousands of people saying this) are being ignored by pharmacists, doctors, and others who read somewhere that they are all the same. Brilliant.

Thanks for screwing up my lives, if I’m ever in Puerto Rico where you are producing this crap I will totally fart on you.*

* Legal way of getting back at you

  Voorhees wrote @

Hi jimike-

Brilliant post! I find that the pharmacists are much more guilty because they have a financial stake in us buying their bullshit talking points. Whereas doctors tend to be just lazy & oblivious, at least at first. It took a while, but recently my doctor actively took the initiative to ask me: “Have you noticed any difference in the generic Adderall?” I was floored.

We’re getting through to them, if slowly & gradually.

  jimike wrote @

Yes pharmacists are worse. To date have only found one, at an “old-timey” pharmacy, the kind that is not a chain, who actually will talk to me like a human about it. The chain store people chomp gum, stare at you, and say “you are dumb”.

I think part of the issue is due to it being a stimulant, people who have issues with it and want to discuss it are sometimes amped from the
drug, if it isn’t working right, etc..

It’s easy for them to talk to depressed people with drug questions, depressed people just immediately give up and hide under the chairs in the waiting area.

And yes I believe some are playing the financial card, making sure the drug rep stays happy, not the customer. Some pharmacists and doctors too want the best for the patient, of course, we all know that.

And since I can’t prove that a pharmacist or doctor has a certain intention in his choices I’m not fighting that battle, I don’t care … I just want the med that helps me, you know?

I would think after the amount of people stating these differences in effect exist they would pay attention. Google will give an enormous variety of issues with generic dissimilarities.

Remember, unlike cancer meds or AIDS meds, where the efficacy of the drug can be measured via counting T cells or white blood cells ( im not expert on those, those might not be right measurables ) … ADD meds are
measured by how much they help the patient, as in how much he is happy with them overall.

Therefore, if many of us aren’t happy, the drug is no good. For us at least. I’ve seen some say Sandoz is the best ever, and they hate Eon. It’s because different brain chemistries react different ways.

I am saying that for ME, it sucks.

  jimike wrote @

I dont even really want the Eon, it’s just I know I can get something done during the day with it. Makes me jittery a little. I can’t do anything on this Corepharm/Ranbaxy, except be stoned. Not helping.

For me the original Shire was the best, could lower the dose and had very little side effects, was productive as I wanted to be, not weirdly ultra-productive, just normal person productive. Got things accomplished that I wanted to accomplish.

Eon second place I guess, Shire selling patent and all, Barr is no no for me, bad reaction.

Oh, and I know there are still some people who will say that I and 32,000 others are making this up, a conspiracy of sorts we somehow contrived over the entire nation ( great communication network by us huh? ) .

To that i say this:

PMS by women is MADE UP !!!!! It isn’t real . It’s all in your head, just get over it. It’s no big deal. You know how i know it’s fake? Because I have never felt it.

( see how idiotic i sound ? that’s what you sound like to those of us having issues with this … )

  Teva’s Generic Adderall XR « Love A.D.D.erall wrote @

[…] When the immediate release form of Adderall went generic a few years ago, it caused a shitstorm.  In particular, CorePharma’s cheap pink generic version of Adderall IR caused a shitstorm that I participated in. […]

  brent b. wrote @

Yea, all this money i payed for some FUCKING pink sugar tablets that may as well be caffiene for all I know, when Ive been taking the orange-oval ones “b 974” for god knows how long & I dont need a fucking change because ive been doing great.
I gave it a chance, greatly not to my expectations and oddly had my hand muscles Lock up (never happens) tight the 1st day and a half. Soon after I dont wanna consume what might as well be fucking poison for all I know.
Lets just say I could be doing better..
Im usually a very nice, calm and quiet person FYI.
So Somebody better fucking get ahold of CNN or other press before anybody even THINKS about typyng after this complaint!!
If i dont hear anything on cnn within a couple days after this,some form of goverment authorities WILL be involved to correct this mess. Starting NOW.

  DrPlay wrote @

Hi first of all great posts by all of you [excluding the idiots of course]. I have only been on Adderall for 32 days now. the first time i got the pink generic pills at walgreens. They did seem to work quite well, as well as seriously suppress my appetite which is the opposite of most posts on here about the pink pills compared to the orange ones [HaHa]. But maybe they only suppressed my appetite for the first few weeks because i just started taking them [just guessing here]. But i did notice the final few days or so of taking the pink ones that i did get an increased appetite. I have just started taking the orange generic pills [2 20mg pills twice a day]. I can’t really say i notice a difference YET but i will post on here again in a few days to update my own thoughts on the new orange pills. From what i have read on here the orange generic pills aren’t the same as they used to be. I also noticed that most people take 1 pill at like 9am then another at around 11 or 12. It’s great that my doctor didn’t even tell me at what times to take this medication. I will be sure to tell him about problems that people are having though with different generic medications such as the pink and orange adderall, Although i don’t really see the drug companies making any changes to the current medications that they bribe the FDA to pass. There is absolutely too much money being made, too many commercials for drugs like [Restless Leg Syndrome]… They will try to make a drug for anything these days just to make money so it doesn’t surprise me that some medication doesn’t even contain the proper chemicals that is needed by the patient. Wow i am really ranting and raving. Maybe these orange ones really are better than pink!

Update coming soon…

  scott wrote @

I just got response from TEVA regarding it new Adderall formula change. Yes brand name now owned by Teva/Barr. The new formulation does work the same as before. I feel happy but cannot concentrate. I feel great when i can concentrate and get work done. Thanks Teva for always finding a way screw thing up.

the formulation change involved certain inactive ingredients, the most noticeable being a change of the sweeteners from Lactilol to a combination of sucrose (table sugar) and saccharine. The active ingredients were not changed. Should Kaiser Permanente be able to provide a lot number please forward that information along so that the manufacturing site can review the production records for the lot.

Best Regards,
Daniel L. Loss, BA
Auditor, Quality Assurance Services
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
Phone: 215-591-3162/ Fax: 215-591-8987

  scott wrote @

to correct last statement. The new brand name Adderall does not work as good as before.


I got the makeup of BARR, CORE, and Brand, and there are differences!!!! I only listed the differences in them.

ampetatine aspartate (MONOHYDRATE)
lactose monodydrate
pregelatinized starch
FD&C blue #2
Red D&C red #27 aluminam lake

COR has lactose (making it antiacid, molecules of water, and the starch is designed to thicken in cold water vs hot) Seems Core is making it somewhat an antiacid and diluting better then Barr, which may be increasing absorption and making it stronger, hence the speed feeling. (remember your told not to take antiacids or milk with the medicine)

no monodydrate
colloidal silicon dioxide,
compressible sugar,
corn starch,
saccharin sodium – CAN BE DANGEROUS, artificial sweetner, can cause urniary problems cancer

#1 aluminum lake vs #2 on cor
Yellow number 6 aluminum lake vs 27 cor

Barr is sweet because of the sugar and the dangerous sweetner saccharin. It has regular starch vs the better on in core, and it doesn’t have any water molecules or lactose as in the Cor.

Brandname adderall

brandname has the antiacid properties of lacitol, the microcrystalline makes it VERY dilutedable (it’s the highest quality and makes it breakdown and absorb fast, strong, and breaks down very easily.

So it seems that Corepharma is the better generic, yet I don’t understand the difference in mood vs absorption. I know Corepharma kicks in at 20 minutes vs over an hour for Barr, and that makes sense w/ it’s inactive ingredients. Not sure why Corepharma makes me super focused vs Barr not much focus.

ON A SIDE NOTE:::: What you eat, and WHEN you take your meds vs when you’ve ate, and HOW MUCH WATER is in your stomach, all GREATLY impact how the med will effect you. It’s almost like you have to get it down to a science to get desired effect. If anybody has taken my personal research to the next level and knows why corepharma may make me more focused let me know.

  scott wrote @

As i stated in previous post Brand name Adderall was changed. It no longer contains Lactilol. I posted the email i was sent from Teva with a simple list of changes.

  lacitol change in adderall wrote @


Lacitol I believe will reduce acid in stomach, and increase effectiveness of the drug. I am going to test perhaps taking the med with milk OR an antiacid OR part of an antiacid.

If my theory is right, it may give major focus, and quicker effect, and compensate for the change.

  HOLY CRAP!!! wrote @

For some reason the pink Cor-135 would kick in within 15 min for me, vs like an hour for the Barr. I also get a huge mental focus difference between the two. I looked at ingridients and checked both and huge diff in inactive.

I just did a TEST. I put a pill of Cor in water and a pill of Barr in water. INSTANTLY the Cor started breaking down real fast, while the barr is slowly dissolving.

This DEFINIATELY explains why Cor kicks in so much faster for me.

Now to find out why mental focus difference. I might try breaking up the Barr pills or crushing then taking w/ water and see if my focus changes then.

That would explain why some get a major speed feeling from Cor, if it aborbs better then they are taking too much compared to Barr. If they get ‘nothing’ from it, it could be they ate recently or didn’t have enough water in their stomach and since it acts so fast it canceled out the effects. Vs Barr won’t absorb as much and breaks down slower, so eating or not you’ll eventually get the effects.

(I love having a genius IQ)

IF my theory is right, if your on Cor, you must take it an hour prior to eating or 2 hours after, have a good 1 or 2 glasses of water. Be on slghtly lower dose then compared to Barr

If taking Barr, if want quicker effect like Cor must break it up. You can take it with food and it will be more forgiving as it won’t have breaken down and you’ll still get some absorption. If taking the pill as it is, will need slightly higher dose compared to Cor.

I’m going to test this tomorrow. By crushing the Barr prior to taking it and see if it then acts just as Cor did for me.

  Anonymous wrote @

holy crap what a liar

  bull crap wrote @

took the words right out of my mouth. wow. your either the pres of corpharm or really sensitive to sugar.

  finally! wrote @

corepharm are playing the placebo effect at their own expence and are now trying to sell the idea of an inactive ingredient which lead to openly ignore concerns from psychiatrists & doctors, wrong move – my pharmacy has chosen to avoid this manufacturer completely openly admitting there is too much risk involved due to the numerous complaints from patients and caregivers. (not just their “generic so called adderall” – i’m overjoyed ! saving $ over health in this case will result with neither. ~ anonymous

  Anonymous wrote @

Lactitol can cause cramping, flatulence, and diarrhoea in some individuals. This may be in part because “Lactitol is manufactured from whey, the lactose (milk sugar) rich by-product of cheese making and processed dairy foods” and people can be lactose intolerant. Those with other health conditions should consult their GP or dietician prior to consumption.

  Anonymous wrote @

Lactose has a clean and sweet taste without any aftertaste. The sweetness profile resembles that of sucrose. However, the relative sweetness of lactose is small (only 20%) when compared to sucrose (100%). β-lactose appears to be somewhat sweeter than α-lactose, probably due to the fact that β-lactose dissolves somewhat quicker in the saliva of the mouth than α-lactose, hence reaching a higher concentration in the same period of time and thus giving rise to a higher sweetness sensation. ……. not one person has stated the ‘pink’ generic as having a sweet taste – where are you getting your information ??

  College girl wrote @

Yes actually alot of people have mentioned the sweet taste along with the pink pill maybe you should reread this forum. I actually thought about making a remark that people need to clarify the actual name brand or pill imprint verses classifying the pill by color. Because I for one know that I was so thrown off by the taste of the Cor 135 it scared me.I would also like to add some people are color blind and mostly males So until people are classifying the drug properly, I want assume that the statistics are really useless.

  Matt Was Here wrote @

This is a load of shenanigans

  Jess wrote @

I just started generic adderall 15mg twice a day. They are pink and say “b777” Has anyone heard of these? I do not know what to expect. I was taking Vyvanse (sp) 40 mg once a day. But on Vyvanse around 1 I was beat- I always needed a 16oz Red Bull to get me through the rest of my work day. From what I have read I might have to go to the brand name. Can anyone give me some advice on what would be better?

  Brie wrote @

Ok I have been taking this med ( the old orange 20mg) for years ! 2 weeks ago i picked up my ex and noticed they were little pink pills! So I knew something was diff and even talked to my husband who is a Dr about it! Well I thought it was maybe bc I have a 4 and 8 yr old who just started school that i was so tired, anxious, moody… Today I felt real weird and so I decided it was everysince I got my new rx! Did some research! Thanks I called my dr and pharmacist and I will have my old orange pills back! But this is crazy that the pharmasuit. Companys and our INS companys making more $$$ ! this sucks that we are the lab rats now for these companies!!!

  Erika wrote @

The make up of adderall 20mg and its generics should be: 20 mg (5 mg dextroamphetamine sulfate, 5 mg dextroamphetamine saccharate, 5 mg amphetamine aspartate, 5 mg amphetamine sulfate).
The inert ingredients can and do vary between brand and among generic formulations. Ideally, inert ingredients should be, as indicated by the name, inert. However, sometimes there are sensitivities or unknown reactions. Truth be told, a generic only needs to have the same exact active ingredient and the same dosage form (a brand name tablet cannot have a capusle generic, it must have a tablet generic.) Color and fillers are at the discretion of the manufacturer.
I have seen similar complaints occur which zolpidem (Ambien) generics, and not just from one specific generic to another, but from ANY generic to ANY other generic. Its easy for the pharmacist to assume its “in the patient’s head,” and it quite possibly is, however, the brain is very powerful. So whether its in your head or a real change in pharmacodynamics, the EFFECT is real, so do what you need to do to feel right.
The human body is complex and it likely gets used to certain formulations. My advice is to get your doctor to write for “DAW” (dispense as written) for brand Adderall, or seek out pharmacies that have or can get the generic you prefer.
Good luck,
Erika, Pharm.D.

  kristyn wrote @

i’m on the generic ir “mixed amphetamine” blue pills, 10 mg twice a day. . . my doctor won’t up my dose or give me the xr version even though the 10 mg i take before work and after lunch don’t do a single thing for me. the only thing it does is give me a headache and it makes me very irritable. . . anyone else experience this with the generic 10 mg blue pills? should i switch doctors or go to the neurologist?

  JamieRay wrote @

Since i was about 17, i have been taking Adderall. I was fist prescribed Addy XR 20mg. A few years later i got on the the 30mg tablets 2x a day. I currently get my script from Drug Mart. Just this last month they gave me the pink Cor tablets instead of the orange oval tabs. I have to agree there is a pretty big difference in the effect between the two. i would much rather take the orange tabs. i think I’m going to complain about the pink Addies to the pharmacy or maybe call and see if i can get the orange tablets someplace else…

  Arlan wrote @

Hey. Generic and name brand Adderall ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL!!

Shire name brand is the best because they had the patent. The generics are not only cheaper, but the compounds are crumbly, sweet, don’t stay in the system long enough, and are a weaker mix.

The FDA needs more stringent controls and random assays of these drugs to assure patients they are getting top quality they are paying for.

  anonymous wrote @

Name brand Adderall Shire is still the best and more effective ADD drug than the generics on the market. Most patients are reporting this difference from their own experience taking both versions of the same drug and dosage.

  scott wrote @

Shire sold the name brand Adderall to Barr who then sold it to Teva who has since change the formula.

  DrPlay wrote @

– Update –

Original Post
August 5, 2009 at 6:16 am

Okay well here’s the update as promised.

Like i said i took the CorePharma Generic Pink Adderall 20mg once a day for 30 days. My results from taking the pink.

[MFG CorePharma Generic Pink Adderall 20mg Review]

**These pills are circular shaped and have this written on them


±The Positive±

1. They kicked in hard and fast.
2. They suppressed my appetite extremely well. More than the orange. But it was my first time taking adderall in my life so that might have contributed to the sever appetite loss.

-The Negative-

1. They only lasted about 2 hours.
2. They made my heart beat a lot faster than orange adderall.
3. They gave me tremors.
4. They gave me anxiety.
5. They made me feel restless unlike the orange adderall.
6. Mood swings.
7. Depression.

[Barr Generic Orange Adderall 20mg Review]

*These pills are orange oval shaped and have this written on them.

-Side A-

-Side B-

±The Positive±

1. The orange adderall lasted much longer than the pink adderall. I’d say about four to five hours.
2. No tremors.
3. Much smoother effect.
4. Able to concentrate much better.
5. More energy overall.
6. Better feeling of euphoria.
7. No restlessness.
8. Decreased appetite.
9. No mood swings.
10. No depression.

-The Negative-

1. I feel like i need 3 orange 20mg pills a day instead of 2.

[Generic Eon Labs Orange Adderall 20mg Review]

*These pills are orange circular shaped and have this written on them.


I just started taking these today so I will come back with an update in a few days.

-Why Walmart Pharmacy Sucks Penis-

Well after going to Walmart and having the pharmacist tell me that “Sixty” needs to be written on my prescription along with the number “60” i took a ride to another store to see if they had the Barr orange adderall. They didn’t, so i wrote “Sixty” on my prescription myself and went back to walmart about 2 hours later.

First of all these people who work in the walmart pharmacy are the most miserable workers in the entire store, and each and every one of them never smiles or is never nice to you and they have horrible fucking attitudes. I would love to call one of my girl “friends” and have them come down and smack the shit out of the head pharmicist.

I live in Ocean County, New Jersey. So after i went back to walmart i gave them my prescription again, [not caring what happened] and the head pharmicist asked me if i drove to staten island to have my doctor write “Sixty” on my presciption. I said “Yes i just got back from new york” LOL. So anyway instead of just saying “fuck it i believe him and i’ll fill it”, she says “Ok so i can call your doctor to confirm that you went there and had him write this on the prescription?”. I said “Of course, go head”. So she says “Hi this is Ms.cuntrag from Walmart. Did Jason just visit you in new york to have you correct his prescription? During their conversation my doctor obviously got the idea of what i was trying to do and was co-signing for me that it was indeed 60 tablets. But she kept mentioning that i just drove there to have him correct it. He’s Philipino and is about 65 years old. At some point he said “Well i’m out of town”. So that fucked me right there. But he did tell her to not fill my prescription and to give it back to me, so i can obviously go fill it somewhere else. They aren’t allowed to keep your prescription anyway unless it’s already filled. If it is already filled then they can transfer it to a different pharmacy.

The point is i have been to this walmart on numerous occasions and they always try to find a problem with my prescription. Correct me if i’m wrong, but isn’t all she had to do is call my doctor to confirm that the quantity is indeed “60” tablets?

Well i won’t be going back to walmart anytime soon. I just found out today that my mom and pops indian owned pharmacy 2 miles away sells the Generic Eon Labs Orange Adderall. And it’s the SAME price as walmart for 60 20mg tablets. $60.00 !

But i am from new york originally so i can’t let anything slide. I will be reporting that cuntball to walmart management.

Stupid bitch.

  MerBell wrote @

Walmart story was hilarious, thank you for sharing that, I can’t stand that place either! Also I totally agree with you on how each pill makes you feel.

  drew wrote @

Does anybody know if Teva plans on changing the recipe of our 20 mg oval orange’s now that Teva owns Barr labs?

I’m slightly concerned that might be the case at some point; I hope they don’t, because the barr labs oval oranges are definitely the best adderalls that I’ve ever had for my ADHD, and my PTSD.

I think I might switch my major to chemistry or something……. just in case

  Crissi wrote @

I can’t tell you how many times I have considered becoming a chemist just so I can get to the bottom of this once and for all! LOL

  daniel wrote @

I just spent three weeks in hell taking corepharma “generic adderall,” or adderall equivalent, or whatever you want to call it.

I have taken brand adderall for about six years, and switched to generic after the price of my monthly scrip (30mg 60x) went over $200 (no insurance.)

While not altogether happy with the results (teva and barr) I had no doubt that I was, at least, taking an adderall equivalent.

I do NOT believe the corepharma is in any way a generic equivalent to adderall, even by the relaxed rules I just learned are used by our supposed federal “watchdog” agency, the FDA.

I do NOT believe that to be a matter of “individual chemistry.”

I’ve seen numerous complains about Corpharma, along with comments like “The FDA requires rigorous thorough testing of any generic medications to prove their bioequivalence,” would be funny if they werent so clueless.

Ordinay citizens—you and me, taxpayers–just spend several trillion dollars because of our feckless SEC. What proof does anyone have that the FDA is any better?

I am not a ‘chronic complainer,’ but this experience was so bad, and the side-effects so deleterious that I have decided I am not going to take it lying down.

I want to have the corepharma pills I have left tested to see if I’m right.

If anyone on this forum can suggest how to go about that, I’d be grateful. Thanks.

  Mrinvestigator wrote @

Dr. Play,
How is the research progressing? I noticed the post was dated the 12th of September but I am eager to get the inside scoop early. Now most doctors and pharmacists will always tell you they (generics and brands) are the same, which I suppose is true but of course fillers, delivery systems, etc will vary. Anyway, back to the report. Have you been consuming the same amount of water prior to and after your dose? Consistently eating at times prior to and post dose? I have always found that patients learn more from other patients than from the pharmacy folks and of course doctors who always try their best. Now in your case, the scary, mean, ugly Wal-Mart women who eat and talk too much and likely are stricken with guilt because their peers on the showroom floor peddle those cheap goods made from the poorest of the poor Chinese youth and elderly (But hey, if we don’t buy their cheap wares, their government can’t finance our debt, correct?) are not likely to help you. Enough of that, back to your research. I am eager to hear your findings so please give me an update and a little more info on the particulars of your control environment. Keep the chatter to a minimum and stay with your format. And keep up the good work.

  Southern_Girl wrote @

Hi ya’ll,
I have just been diagnosed with ADD and was prescribed Adderall and I chose to go with Wallgreen’s generic brand. I was weary as to what kind of side effects I would have and what the overall effect of the medicine would do for me. Like any 20 year old I scoured the internet for information and was happy to land at this blog with many personal stories. I have to be completely honest that I was scared to take the “pink pill” because everyone is so against it. Though I figured not having taken any other ADD medication I have nothing to compare the effectiveness to.
I must say that the pills to longer to kick in than I had originally thought they would and as far as side effects so far they have been minimal. At first I was a bit drowsy and that wore off and I began to have slightly blurred vision and that too seemed to disappear. Now the medicine has officially kicked in and I have to tell you I have never felt more focused or on task than I do right now. I sometimes get the feeling that my skin is crawling but not enough to bother me.
I am extremely curious as to what other side effects may occur so over the next 30 days I will be diligently monitoring my progress or maybe a lack there of. I am really excited to give ya’ll an unaltered point of view of this “pink pill” because so many of you have been switched to it from your prior medication.
I must worn ya’ll that I will be taking the 60 mg D-amphetamine in combination with 40 mg Citalopram and 10 mg Zolpidem.
I also have another query about the price ya’ll are paying for this generic brand. Mine was only $10 dollars for a 30 day supply of 90 (3 times a day). Maybe it is the type of insurance ya’ll have or maybe it is the area in which ya’ll live. Can someone please inform me as to why some prices are so high for the same drug?

Best wishes,

  Anonymous wrote @

I have been on Adderall for 10 yrs, I took the 60 mg of the XR, liked it for a while then changed to the orange 20 mg 3 times daily, once again that worked for a while, then switched to the pink.. they work as well as the orange. Any pill you take on a daily basis will loss it’s effect, you build a tolerence, stop taking any of the pink orange or xr for a day or too and tell me you dont feel the effect…

[…] placebo, prescription drugs, psychiatry I’ve been reluctant to talk to my doc about the problems I’ve experienced with the round pink generic Adderall by […]

  C.D. wrote @

just thought i’d say that i’ve been unfortunate enough to be given those pink crack pills twice and have switched from walgreens to walmart to cvs to avoid them. the second time i got them i had switched pharmacies and didn’t expect to see them again, but i didn’t specify and there they were. i threw the whole bottle away didn’t take anything for a month, which was way better than actually ingesting those evil things. now i ALWAYS make sure they have the barr before letting them fill it, so i don’t end up with a nasty pink surprise an hour later and no meds for an entire month. cvs has been pretty reliable for the last year, although i’ve had to switch stores twice. they’re really good about calling around for you to find them if they don’t have enough to fill your rx. just thought i’d pass it along. i just say that i can’t take the corepharma because i have a bad reaction to them, which is totally true. made me want to rip my face off. something is not right with those things. they really shouldn’t be on the market.

  Jim wrote @


There are lots of post, I will try and read as many as I can.

In the mean time,
What can I help you with?
questions, inquires,..


  Kat wrote @

I have been on the generic for over a year and it worked well. About 2 months ago I noticed not only did the pills not help me (I have ADD) but they made me feel strange, ie. high, like I was floating, mean and depressed, irritable etc. So this month I had the dr fill out a prescription for the Brand Name (cost me $50. $50 of which I really don’t have seeing as how I took a drastic pay cut and no come to find out my job will be eliminated next month) anyway day 2 of these pill and I they are having the same damn effect on me except I am even more jittery and more foggy in the head and even less focused. I am so sick of these greedy top execs more concerned about their wallets. Now I am stuck with 90 pills I cannot and will not take which have cost me $50 which I could have spent on groceries. We need to all band together and see what exactly it is that can be done in regards to this. This has to stop.

  Jill wrote @

I just started on adderall eight months ago and they actually started me on the pink pills. I actually felt more hyped up on them and they gave me a great burst of energy, i was possibly even more twitchy… but i was also a LOT more focused. i could get anything done and was almost obsessively on task until it was completed. I also felt ridiculously happy and was in a great mood, it also made me quite unhungary ( which i had no problem with!).

About five days ago i got my new perscription and.. they were ORANGE. Granted, its only been five days but i honestly feel as though they are less strong, all of the effects i felt before are lessened, i hardly twitch (which is good) but my mood is not quite as elated and for I just feel slightly less productive, also my appetite doesnt seem to be as suppressed as long. I cant wait to see how the study turns out to see how you react to it.


  Dextro_30.80 wrote @

Have you Ever gotten the feeling your being
Quote by : John Lydon AkA JohnnyRotten 76′

Well as a matter of fact ,
As a almost ten year daily user of Adderall i feel ripped-off…..
at a point I was on over 120mg+ aday “legaly Perscribed Of Course”and noticed the changes between the effects…And Taste!….
The KorrPharm product is poor in every aspect and the worst type of Adderall/Dextro SaltZ/etc etc i have ever gotten,Everyone thought i was nuts about saying its like “Thier cutting thier product like a bad 1980s cocaine TV show”…..Im sure you get the hint…
And the taste…I use to love the Akoloid/battery acid taste and knew it was good shit…Now even with the Red and Also Orange pills of today,it’s not the same as it was a few years back,..
I think were all getting bad shit,to make it short,…Especialy with 99% of the other posts intail the same effects/side effects “Jitters,Or that once in a blue moon Rush and you know you just taken a extremely Grade A+ batch Dex.And know im not the only one who seems to know more than the Doctors aswell as the Pharmists,about Adderall…

But keep ill keep it short…

Its good to know im not alone about questioning the product!

  erica wrote @

Hi all. I feel the same way avoppbout the adderall. The orange ovals with the ‘B’ on them are generics, they are from the manufacture ‘Barr’.. if those are the ones you are looking for, just call around to your local pharmacy. I did the other day to my local walmart and they said they are barr. if you google adderall images it will show you all the different kinds, the ones that are from ‘barr’ are the blue tens, and orange 20’s and 30’s. I thave noticed the difference is the other company making the pink ones, that company makes their pills with the ‘pies’ (or with a mark on the pill so you can divide it).. I have also noticed I can take two of the ‘pink’ 30’s and it does nothing compared to the orange ‘barr’ 20’s.. also if you find yourself getting jittery or hungry, eat two or three TUMS.. it will coat your stomach and will kick the adderall in a bit bc its an acid reducer..

  business nunya wrote @

wow, i was just prescribed adderall today for some fuzzy depression leftovers that i can’t quite shake and have both a cvs and a walgreens right by my house. i picked cvs only because it’s on my insurance card and from what i have read, i am glad i did because i got the little peach oval b-973s. next month, i might just opt to spend the extra 15 bucks for the copay to get the brand name stuff. either way, thanks for the info…if it turns out that adderall gets me going, i’ll be checking the color and contents before i even leave the counter.

  JMS wrote @

I switched from pink to orange and I hate orange. Pink wasn’t too great especially since I lost my insurance and couldn’t afford XR any more which is what I really need.
I don’t know what the difference could be, but when I went from XR to pink, I lost it. I flew into demonic rages and was such a mess that I couldn’t stand to be awake. My doc prescribed neurontin to balance it out.
When I switched to a local pharmacy to save money, I got this orange crap which has the worst crash and burn no matter how I plan my dosages (I have to take 120 mg daily). If anything, I almost feel that it has made some OCD tendencies and ADHD traits worse. My temper is ungodly.
Please help!

  Dextro _30.80 wrote @

I almost feel that it has made some OCD tendencies and ADHD traits worse. My temper is ungodly.

I agree … how bout some 2mg Xanax “barrs not rounds :” or even better 1mg of clonopin….. you shoukd have “downer perscribed due 2 ur dose”
Then the paranoia sets in mood goes to shit,,,,
through personal research i found “hydrocodoine” to be VERY EFFECTIVE to combat this roller coster effect…..or if in your stae its legal “a strain of Cannabis indica aka Marijuana…
High does means “High risk Insurane” or how some of us will say….tweekin…

what is sad is the children perscribed a substance that is hardcore like adderall,it’s not fair that kids are on speed legaly…

Adderall saved my life ,, then it destroyed it and now i bealvie it has caused CNS problems aswell as a lifelong addiction,missing teeth,agoraphobia etc…

orange are the better of the Barr and Korrpharms…..ask your doc about the generic differz of the chemmake up ….!
Corrz is a bad product…

  lacey wrote @

I’ve taken the orange ones and I love them. A friend from work gave me the pink one. I’m taking it tomorrow so I’ll give you my full opinion then.

  deb wrote @

I just switched from the generic to the name brand and everything went haywire as if i was overdosing of the stuff. I was angry, irritable, increasingly volatile…and came looking for information on the difference between the two and found your site. WOW. Let me just confirm to you that my experience so far has been night and day between the two. I’m going to cut my dose in half now that I’m taking name brand. And I’ll switch back to generic next month. I’m fairly color blind and can’t really tell which one is pink and which one is orange so maybe I’ll play roulette with them next month and let you know what happens. Put it this way, I’ve skipped two doses so far and can feel a consistent decrease in homicidal ideation right off the bat. Holy smokes. You ain’t kiddin’.

  Dextro _30.80 wrote @

Hey good news , a real good BarrPharmz “Dark Orange” 20mg 150 count non-XR from a local CVS Pharmacy this month!..I noticed the darker the better for the orange 20mg “non-Xr” Barr Pharmz tabs than the last 4 months
Beats the piss outta last months Barr batch 20 fold!!!…. maybe somone is at Barr is cookn the formula up to try to grab more $$$$$ from thier rivial pharm Co’s..
Anyone have 120mg+ Amphet saltz
with 300-600mg of Provigal chem cocktails before?…..Wow talking about a magic mystery tour,,,,, cocaine and speed!….

So try to get the darkest orangez out there!!!!

I Have a safe run through the Salt Flatz this month all/

  Dextro _30.80 wrote @

HEY all those who feel cheated “Corr Pharm Crap”~…
We should Sue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
It seems it screwed with alot of posters on here,They screwed us lets comasations for THIER POOR PRODUCT…
falulty and false marketed product!!!!

  Dextro _30.80 wrote @

sorry bad keyboard ,,,,, lotz of typoz…

  chersutt wrote @

I have the teva brand witch is barr from Israel whats up with that they are weak and i feel nothing from them like round orange ones i use to get take 120 mg still feel like brain fog all the time !

  Dan wrote @

Your an asshole. Good job on the big words, you stuck up prick.

  Phil wrote @

Agree on the corepharma brand sucking. I was taking the Barr brand just yesterday and got Corepharma today and I’m not sure if its actually doing anything. I took my usual dose, 1.5 hours later I felt absolutely nothing. I doubled my dose, and now another hour later I think I feel a little something (I know I’m not supposed to do this). Normally, there’s no doubt, I’m just focused and feeling “here”. Today, I’m re-reading sentences, can’t remember things, etc. And, this isn’t because of outside suggestiveness. I didn’t think anything of the different generic until I took it, then I went online to find all the complaints.

It was Walgreen’s, of course, that carries it. They always have the worst generics, I take a couple other generic meds and they carry the cheapest junk, but charge the highest prices.

  Brit wrote @

I just moved to a new state and I’m running out of addy’ insurance yet, need a new dr.. any advice?

  My A.D.D. Secret!! wrote @

Funny! I typed in “ADDERALL SUCKS” and this website is the first thing I saw on the list. Imagine that! I have to say, I agree, it really does suck! I am judging from the generic though-no brand yet (prob. never!)
Having the same problem, Brit…..I’m seeing a nurse practitioner in psychiatry and well, he’s not a lot of help. I need to see a psychiatrist!! Only have medicaid (which I’m sure everyone knows sucks!). No good psychiatrists will take it (really no psychiatrists at all!) so I’m basically stuck with this douchebag NP who rushes me out of his office (as if I were a “squeezed-in-on-the-side” patient-every visit!), dresses sloppily, and smokes like 3 packs of cloves cigarettes a day. Anyway, he started me on straterra because I told him I used to have a drug problem (wanted to tell everything and get correct diagnosis) which gave me horrible nightmares and worsened my already agonizing anxiety that I have most of the time. I called and told him that I stopped taking it and I needed something else. He ASKED me what I wanted to take next!!!! (Could I have just said “Oxycontin” and gotten prescribed to it?) No, I’m kidding! That’s the LAST thing I want!!! I just want my brain to work correctly…..I’ve been clean for over three years. Drugs and drug users (illegal anyway) are out of my life for good! I’m happy now without depending on that crap! Now I have to depend on this crap so that I can (imagine this!) become a NURSE PRACTITIONER one of these days! LOL …….He told me to take 10mg Adderall (generic blue) twice a day…..made me anxious when I first started, tasted sweet (like someone said up there), give a feeling of wakefulness (nothing serious) at first and then I started noticing that they were making me sooooo tired. I just kept yawning all day and I’d fall asleep riding in the car with other ppl (not driving of course!) and then when I called and told him, he told me to go pick up 60 of the 20mg orange generic Adderall (b 973) and take those twice a day. By the way, the blues were called “Amphetamine Salts 10mg” on the bottle from that pharmacy and then “Mixed Amphetamine 20mg” on the bottle from the pharmacy I got the orange generics from. (I’m also not too keen on walking around with ‘script bottles that read “amphetamines” seeing as how I used to be a drug addict-idk-just makes me uncomfortable for some reason.) The 20mg dose at twice a day that he gave me, did the same exact thing, but then I started to notice that not only were these things NOT working for my focus, time management, concentration, impulsiveness, annoyingly unbreakable hyper-focus (on things that I am really interested in), etc., but these symptoms seemed to get worse! Now, ALL I do is sit around and stare at my computer and can’t seem to pull myself away from it! It’s almost like a compulsion. I can’t stop, school just started and I can focus on the work or the upcoming TEAS (nursing entrance) Exam study manual I’m supposed to be looking over. It’s killing me! I hate this! I dealt with ADD my whole life and I knew that something was wrong, but until I went to see this idiot in December of 2009, I just thought I was not very bright (had never been diagnosed).
This Spring (2010) is my 4th semester in college now (I am a sophomore)….the Spring of 2009, my GPA was 4.0, the Summer was 4.0, the Fall was 3.9, and now Spring 2010, I am already starting off badly because I havent done ONE assignment yet and just got first ones two days ago. You’re probably wondering how, if I have ADD (Inattentive type 2, by the way), was I able to keep my grades that high…..well, my secret-that I don’t think a lot of ppl have really figured out yet, is Phentermine 37.5mg! This stuff is a freakin’ miracle!! It just so happened that I gave birth to my son in August of 2008 (after which I weighed 201 Ibs at 5’5″ tall-from my normal 145-150!!)…..I started school in January of 2009, and less than a month later, I started taking Phentermine (which I got through a weight loss clinic)-not being used to having so much weight on me (in my life!), I HAD to get it off of me! It felt as though I had a fat suit surgically attached to my body and it was dragging me down mentally and physically! Boy, is THAT miserable! Phentermine not only knocked 50 Ibs off of me in, I’d say, 6 months, but I also noticed that it hightened my mood, gave an overall feeling of well-being emotionally/mentally, drasticly improved my focus and concentration, drasticly improved my motivation and time management, I was now so “hyper-focused” on school work and studying that I had tests studied for a month before they were to be given, assignments were done sometimes months before they were due, and I was driving my professors crazy e-mailing them and asking for the next assignments! It was night and day, the difference! I have no idea why they wont approve this for ADD/ADHD!! It is truly amazing what this drug did for me in school. I mean, making straight A’s is something that I never experienced in grade or high school. Being able to “access” those parts of my brain was just ……there arent any words to describe this feeling……..if you struggle with ADD, then you know what I mean! The only way I can explain this is to put it like this….example: you know the white dewey film that collects on your car windshield/windows in humid or rainy and hot weather (southern ppl know it all too well!)……well I think of it like this: my brain is that windshield covered with that foggy, filmy crap and I am sitting in the driver seat of this car trying to see where I am going or when I can pull out of my driveway so as not to hit another car coming…….taking Phentermine is like turning on the defroster switch/heater on blast (to dry up film on windows)-the windshield clears up and suddenly I feel confident that I could do brain surgery! I felt like John Travolta on that movie “Phenomenon” when he was “hit by that light” (brain cancer) and all he wanted to do was read and learn new things and teach them to everyone else. I was constantly spouting things off to different ppl that I had learned in class that day like the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz when Oz hands him his diploma at the end of the movie! LOL For the first time ever I found myself up at the board in math lab tutoring other students in Algebra 2 (a class that I had previously made F’s and fallen asleep in, in high school)!!! Couldn’t imagine that I would ever learn it-up to this point, remember now, I’m still thinking that I’m just dumb and that I’m not capable of learning it. Now I was not only learning it after looking at ONE problem done on the board by the instructor, but I was then teaching it to other people! What an amazing feeling! Well, I’m going to cut this “short”! (ha!) Phentermine slowly started tapering off for me between the beginning and middle of this past Fall 2009 semester, BUT this is because I was taking it every day for three or four months straight! I was on 30 of the 37.5 mg tablets (with score mark on them) a month. Every day I would break a pill in half on that score mark (using a razor blade helps as these pills are really small and hard to break in even halves with your fingers usually) and take one half when I woke up each morning (don’t break the pills in advance-break when ready to take-they will crumble faster and turn into dust by the time you take them all-NO I didnt do this! Just a warning. LOL) and I would take the other half at about 1:30 or 2:00 in the afternoon as I found that taking it at 3 or 4 kept me up at night. Then again, sometimes when you fill these pills, the pharm will label it as “take one every morning by mouth.” Don’t take it all at once in the morning either….if you do this, it will wear off by 5 or 6 in the afternoon and you will want to crash (into your bed)! lol Taking halves twice a day evens out the side effects (jitters, some anxiety, hunger suppression, etc.-google or bing it! I dont have time……or patience…..didn’t I say I had ADD?! LOL) So, this dosing will even all that out and make your “good effects” (concentration/motivation, etc.) last longer. It also contains what “they” call mood elevators which I read is “related to” some of the anti-depressants such as Welbutrin.
Here is a link with info on Phentermine …
and another…….
This link is for Dexedrine which is what i was prescribed to today, but havent picked up yet. It is supposed to have close to the same effects as Phentermine. We will see! If not, then I can always go back to Phentermine once I have taken a month or two break from it. It’s almost been that long. Only thing about that is, I don’t think the NP I see will prescribe it for ADD so my only options are weight loss clinics or online Canadian pharmacies to get it. The weight loss clinics are $90+whatever the pills cost (usually $13 to $30-depending on pharmacy) and Canadian pharmacies-never know about those! I would advise NOT going to Wal-mart to get phentermine as I have heard a lot of ppl say that Wal-mart’s Phentermine crumbles and is not very effective-made cheaply! I always get mine from Rite-aid which charges $23 for 30 of the 37.5mg tablets. Phentermine is the generic for Adipex. If you like brands, I have heard that Adipex is better than Phentermine as far as headaches go. Some people get headaches on Phentermine and a best friend of mine said Adipex didnt do it when she switched. I never got headaches from it. Hope this “book” I have written helps. oh yeah, I didn’t have any withdrawls except for being really sleepy when I stopped taking it. I will be going to back to Phentermine and staying with it as long as it works and is available!

  George Smith wrote @

I stumbled on this site as an “interested party” and find it very informative. Always pays to know what is out there. Sorry I won’t be of much help with a subjective analysis. What we need here is someone with some front money to take a sample of these generics and have them anyalyzed by a chemist and prove there is a difference. That would put a stop to the bogus ones, if indeed they are – at least for a while(someone may make lots of money with a law suit if it can be proved that the Cor or any other generic brand is cutting the product – which I could easily believe – and no, I’m not a lawyer, matter of fact I hate lawyers think they should be banned, but I digress) There are too many variables involved in changing brands of drugs to be sure of anything except that they act differently. There are also a lot of counterfit pills on the market and I have my suspicion even “legit phamacies” who may get a bad batch would try to unload them if they thought they could get away with it. Wouldn’t trust the FDA or goverment to do anything about it either, hell they want to outlaw the stuff. The more problems, the more they can scream to outlaw them. This forum is definitely of help to the consumer. I will be interested to see more opinions. If any of this can be proved , I’d say the readers may have a great class action suit against someone. Public opinion does dwell on the people who have problems with these class of drugs, it would be great to show that at least some of these bad side effects are due to improper manufacture or different “formulas”

  Whitney wrote @

I JUST received my first pink ones yesterday from CVS. Actually…it was weird, they mixed both the orange and pink ones together in the same bottle. I think I’ve just become very tolerant of the orange ones, b/c lately they haven’t been working very well. Then I tried one of the new pink ones…and maybe it’s all in my head since I have been noticing a decline in the usefulness of the orange pills….but the pink ones actually work much better for me. For the first time in a while, I can actually focus better. In my opinion, the only thing the orange ones were good for was to lose some water weight to enhance this sexy bod ;) But seriously, I like the pink ones better. Anyone else feel the same?? I noticed this was a pretty old entry, so I’m sure you’ve already completed your study (I haven’t looked for your results yet); however, I have some tips to help quantitatively measure the variables you are focusing on. Dehydration – as tedious and arduous as it sounds, measure liquid intake vs output (yes measure your pee). Of course you’ll have to intellectually acknowledge the loss of some water by sweat, saliva, and other bodily secretions. Concentration – read exactly 10 pages of a book every day and record how long it takes you each time. The more focused you are, the quicker you read. Anxiety – There is no real objective way to do this…but you can subjectively quantitatify your anxiety levels on a scale of 1-10 or 1-100 or whatever you feel comfortable with and then compare these levels. Apetite – if you REALLY want to eliminate variables in this category, you’ll have to eat the exact same thing at the exact same times every day and record how many times you are hungry and the intensity of your hunger (again, subjective scales of 1-10 or whatever). Of course, I realize this is all going way above and beyond any novice scientific study for adderall…but I figured I’d put my 2 cents worth in anyway…especially since I just took a pink one and it’s working :)

  mary wrote @

any other website, a sentence or two would suffice as a comment… but you crazy adderall addicted fools have to write a damn novel as a comment. just sayin’.

  Ian wrote @

I had been living in California most of my life and was prescribed Adderall since I was 12 (starting with 10mg and then getting promoted to 30mg, haha). I moved back to Argentina almost 3 years ago and they dont sell it here, so I had to accept the Ritalin alternative which turned out to be a very bad decision (it produced extreme anxiety problems for me). Anyways, as any other person with ADHD like myself, I could rant on forever. So I’ll get to the point, I was finally able to get Adderall shipped from the US but these are new for me. The 30mg I used to take were capsules with little beads, this is a sweet tasting, oval shaped, 30mg Dex combo….. pill. My question is this (fianlly huh?), can they be split into 2 pieces and take half in the morning and half at night?

Many thanks to all for your attention, I understand how hard it can be to sit still for this long, hahaha.

Ian Kertzman

  eq wrote @

i agree! pink ones suck. anyone like em and wanna trade? i have 30mg tabs

  business nunya wrote @

i commented back in november and was just starting my dosage. so far, i love it. just as a heads up, the last time i went they still had the orange ones but the time before that the pharmacist told me they were switching brands so CHECK YOUR BOTTLE before you walk away. i always do after reading what a nightmare the pink ones are.

also, generic and name brand are not the same. my doctor told me that generic has a bioequivalence range of 80-125% and name brand is 95-105% which would explain alot of your symptoms, especially if you’ve been taking a batch that’s on the high end and suddenly start taking one on the low end.,,

  business nunya wrote @

i forgot to mention that my pharmacy is cvs.

  i knew it wrote @

i’ve been taking “the orange” 30mg for a year. i just moved across the country and subsequently was ‘off my meds’ for about 3 weeks while i got sort of settled into my new place. my new script was filled at walgreens with “the pink” 30mg… it has been 6 days now that i’ve been taking “the pink” 30mg and i am still walking around my apartment with one shoe off, one shoe on, water running in the kitchen sink, the Wii half-way hooked up to the flatscreen that’s only partially unpacked… I thought I was going crazy — that I had developed some RARE NEW FORM of ADD — but it’s these frigging pink pills!
-calling my doctor right now! thank you for posting.

  Drug Conspiracy wrote @

Hello, I have been on adderall for a couple of years now and seen THREE different types of generic adderall brands (30 mg). I don’t understand why it is legal for these companies to put out products that may be KNOWINGLY different in their concentrations as well as fillers. I have never been on the brand name but I find best effects with the orange oval sweet tasting one. I feel more agitated with the round pink ones and do not think they last as long. I tried the ROUND orange ones for the first time today and they seem to be a bit better than the pink. I have not had a bias with generics until very recently although I knew they affected me in different ways and were supposed to essentially be the same. I say that because I know some people think it is psychological to notice the differences because we know they are but I don’t think that is essentially the cause. I am a very medically educated soon-to-be graduate student so I am not talking out of my ass here. I think it is great that medications have generics for those with crappy insurance and low incomes with illnesses but I definitely think the FDA could do a better job of monitoring these differences. In the end it causes patients to make more frequent visits to doctors and waste insurance dollars on these visits AND non-adequate medications ultimately adding to the problems with high insurance costs and brand name medication costs. I’ll get off my soapbox now but thanks for the site!

  i knew it wrote @

part 2 — i made an appt and told my dr. about the ineffectiveness of “the pink 30mg corepharma” and he wrote me another script and instructed me to call pharmacys & verify the brand of generic they use before i had it filled. he was not at all surprised by my experience and he also said that this was a phenomenon that he and his colleagues had noticed before, with other drugs, wellbutrin and its generic forms in particular. for what it’s worth, i find Barr generic adderall to be best for me, and my dr. said that he believes Barr to be creditable and reliable pharmaceutical lab. (and to buy stock if i could!)

  DEX- 30 Odd 80 wrote @

Boycott— Core-Pharmz —–

I had several discussions with pharmacists,Docs,and a well known Neuro surgeon, on this topic,…
CVS will not carry Core-pharm anymmore,due to thousands of complaints,and adverse effects to some patients,such as withdrwall ,and emotional rollercoster rides…..

I find that Core-pharmz pills are atleast 20% weaker than anyother company snake oil……also a world reconized neuro-surgeon has told me that core-pharmz are up to 25% weaker than other generic adderall markers….


  dennise wrote @

wow! i thought it was just me.. honestly I started on adderall but the next month switched to the generic seeing as im self pay and i find myself a little more irritable and definitely the effect wearing off a lot quicker. however i have only been taking this generic for 2 months now but I hate it. i mean at first its fine but seems to wear off very quickly!

  La from LI, NY wrote @

I have always taken the orange 30mg Adderall, I’m actually prescribed to take two a day. But a few days ago I had to get my script from another pharmacy. When I opened the bottle there were pink round pills. At 1st I thought they gave me the wrong script but no they were “adderall”. I say this in quotes bc these new pink round “adderall” are horrible!!! I think they’re imposters! Plus I had to pay $80 dollars for them w/o insurance. There is a total difference between the two pills. I have never even knew heard or saw them until this last script & my Fathers a doctor, so I happen know a lot ab meds. Since I’ve been taking these pink ones I am like a zombie, I can even fall asleep right after I take them. Even my man said he see’s a big difference in Me & this is the 1st time taking the pinks. I want my orange pizza pie pills back, right now! I will never stray from my regular pharmacy ever again!!!

[…] lady this morning had no idea what an asshole she looked like in my eyes. She didn’t realize I’d given much thought to the matter, compared and contrasted the two generic Adderall brands—CorePharma (pink) and Barr Laboratories […]

  Bob wrote @

Summary of my personal experience:

Sweet tasting orange ones worked the best for me. Core-pharma pink ones didn’t bother me with side effects so much but didn’t work as well either. Sandoz was kind of in between. (all referring to IR generics. I don’t know if I ever saw a brand-name adderall IR, and I’m not sure from what I’ve been reading that I could still get them even if I thought I was…

For adderall XR on the other hand, the generic 30mg “M. amphet salts” are not only completely worthless compared the brand name XR, but generally make me feel like crap and/or just sleepy at “best.” Of course being sleepy isn’t what I’m taking Adderall for, so I say ‘at best’ only because being asleep is better than being awake and sick.

Hopefully this is not redundant, but I don’t have any of my meds at all right now and couldn’t sit through reading the rest of all the posts on here: If the drug company is saying that the generic XR pills are identical to the brand name ones, is it possible that they are referring to TODAY’S brand-name XR rather than the brand name XRs they made a year or 2 ago? What I mean is maybe the generic XR actually IS in fact the same, but it’s only because they are simply no longer making what they used to call (brand-name) Adderall XR. From what I did manage to read, as well as from my own experiences with XRs and their generics, it sounds like that is what has been happening.

And for the one or two of you who like to comment about how we’re just addicts or that it’s all in our heads: Congratulations, you understand the idea that people taking medications for a psyciatric condition have an issue that’s “all in their heads.” Isn’t that kind of the whole point? And arguing about chemical composition similarities or where the person writing the comment works (and what they therefore think they know) doesn’t mean anything to people who know the differing effects of a medication in their own personal experiences. Again, you said it yourself, it IS in our heads. So please keep your arrogant yet ignorant comments for use on a website where people actually care what you think. This one is for people who want to benefit from other people’s experiences.

To the rest of you, thank you for your input.

  Anonymous wrote @

Your study sounds pretty well planned out, but I would suggest undergoing a “single-blind study” (where the researcher knows what they’re giving you but you do not know what it is) at least with one other person, so that person could administer you the drug everyday. Also, you could go certain days with the researcher (or friend, whatever) giving you a placebo as well to see if you still “felt” like you were on Adderall on those days. I know this may not be plausible, however, and that is why I understand where you’re coming from with your idea. In terms of testing hunger and dehydration levels, this may be difficult. There are a number of ways you could test these, but most are probably inaccurate. Your way of simply writing down how you feel each day would probably work the best. If you know any friends willing to join in your study, the more subjects there are, the better results you will get. A one subject study may prove to you the points that you are trying to make (in other words, an experimenter bias). The reason psychologists would not do this study is because it would be deemed “unethical” unless they could coordinate with Adderall manufacturers (which could actually happen under certain conditions and probably has before) and also get informed consent from participants (but they would probably have to pay them), and they would have to be able to get a good representative sample of the population in order to conduct this study (which might be difficult). This is an awesome idea though, and although so far you are the only participant/researcher in this study, it’d be interesting to hear about your results.

  Cokiwa wrote @

I use Target pharmacies and have received the Barr (b974) orange ovoid 30 mg tablets each time I’ve had this prescription filled there. I don’t usually take the full 30 mg each day, because I don’t care for the side effects and can manage on the slightly lower control, usually taking half in the morning before 10 am and then an additional quarter or half around lunch.

I was on Adderall XR capsules (which IMHO is far superior to tablets in providing greater positive effect with fewer side effects) for 5 years, but changes in my health plan to a ‘generic Rx’ formulary have removed XR from coverage. As noted by some previous posters, name brands are significantly more expensive than generics, and I simply can’t afford to absorb the cost difference (roughly $1,000 a year), so I’m back on the generic tablets. They do the job almost as well, but I definitely notice the side effects more.

  Doug Burks wrote @

Haha I am honestly the only comment to your awesome article!?

  GF wrote @

The only effect the pink ones (Corepharma/Ranbaxy) have on me is an adverse one. Bit light headed, not focused, slightly disoriented (particularly right after they kick in), and mild headache sometimes. Overall I would just call it a “not good” feeling.

I called my doctor and told him of my issues surrounding the pill and as it turns out he’s had similar complaints. Basically he said don’t get it filled at Walgreen’s and insist on the name brand or at least the orange wherever you do end up filling it.

I’m also a law student, and to be quite honest I’m very surprised there has not been some sort of class action suit after the almost universally negative response the medication has received. Something must be wrong, it simply cannot be the same formula and whatever the difference is it causes a harm which manifests itself physically in the form of the cited side effects; and situational as people are not getting the beneficial result which the medication is intended to remedy by definition. I’ve done a search of both cases and court documents, and there is nothing pending…it’s unfortunate. Someone needs to find the scientific difference between the Corepharma/Ranbaxy and the Barr and document it.

  MerBell wrote @

Thank goodness it’s not just me. I haven’t read everyone elses comments yet but I just had to respond, eager to to agree! I have been taking adderall since I was 16 and am now 27. I don’t go without, though recently it just feels like it isn’t working the same as it had in the past. I can’t really explain which pill gives which different affects but something isn’t quite right, i am sure of it! I am actually going to drop off my perscription in the morning and I am so confused about which generic adderall I would like to request at the pharmacy. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Now I will enjoy reading everyone elses similar replies. Very pleased to see this website. Let’s get to the bottom of this! ;)

  designerman wrote @

Well folks, I’ve read so many posts on this from the original person that made his recorded his observations. I’m not a youngster, in my 50’s and take anywhere from 30 to 60 mgs IR generic Adderall prescibed by my Phyc. and have been for a few years and it has made my life very functional and focused, very much a big dif. in my life on the postive side. Most of my life, I had known something was not right for years as I could never get organized, accomplish much (though did quite well even with the short fall.) About 2 months ago more or less, I took my 1st CorePharma pink 20 mg IR. Within 2 days (and actually the 1st to so degree), I knew there was something different. The original poster of this goes all the way back to Aug. 2007. I have always went to the same Pharmacy, a grocery store pharm. and they just said they were to changing brands, money thing. Okie. I looked at the pill and I thought, this looks better, it’s harder pressed, scored very well 4 ways-at least that look good. I have always taken the orange IR 20 mgs, I checked and they were Barr, but thy could have been from a different company; I never bother to check until now. Everthing the original poster said about these with a few exceptions was right on the mark. They are as follows. Dehydration, I believe much more, but he did state that-for me very noticable. Has many more side effects. Much more edgy, orange ones were minimal. They do give you your focus, but the extra side effects are too numerous. Bad taste or not pleasant in my mouth all day. How about diarea? If anything, it’s always been the opposite. I eat well, fruit, haven’t changed my diet. Something is very different with these CorePharmas for me. My script comes up in 2 weeks; I hope I can find the old IR’s orange and I would love to know what the heck is going on, what ingredients they have different. I read a few posts about persons liking the new ones, but very few. Since this goes all the way back to 2007, maybe it’s just geting into my neck of the woods-who knows.

  Crissi wrote @

What a relief to find all these blogs about generic Adderall. I have been experiencing issues with this medication for YEARS now. I take reg 30’s. I have experienced issues with BOTH colors. Usually, I take the orange. Some months it works as it should. More often it doesn’t and I walk around in a fog. I know it’s the multitude of formulas that labs keep switching out even though the pharmacists will look at you like you’re crazy if you out right ask them. My doctor has confirmed that the fillers the labs use affect different people differently.

Just when I thought I had finally found a good source for my generic Adderall (Target) because it was consistently working from refill to refill, I found once again I am stuck with a bad month’s supply. I just refilled my script about a week ago…and guess what? It’s NOT effectively working. Again…same store I’ve been refilling at for the last 4 months with great results. My fiance could tell immediately (he can always tell because I’m dingy and grumpy). This refill was made by the same lab (Teva) which my drugstore has been carrying and it working great…now it suddenly couldn’t be more useless. (Orange reg 30’s, btw.)

Another thing I have noticed is that even when the pills in a refill are good and work correctly, I find about 10-20% of the pills in the bottle are ineffective “duds”. Has anyone else experienced this? I seem to have the best luck with orange pills that are dark in color. This time around the pills look more faded orange. Teva usually has the darker ones. These say Teva Pharmacy, but look like Barr. Barr absolutely sucks now, though they used to have the best generic formula.

See what I mean? I’m SOOO sick of this. I just know that my work-life and my personal-life is adversely affected when my Adderall isn’t right. It seems very unfair and downright shady.

I am interested to know what generics (pharmacy labs) out there are working right now. Please share!

  Kelly wrote @

I just started taking Adderall to help me focus better and help me from being so tired all the time. The first pill I tried was a sample from the docs offices and it was GREAT!!!! I focused during work I had great energy and I never actually felt like I was taking any medications. Then the nightmare began, I went to walgreens to get my scrip filled. My scrip said Adderall on it. SO when they brought me out those lil pink things I didn’t thing much of it. Maybe generic or something like that. But I wish I would have done a lot of questioning before I went to Walgreens. This pink thing just Sucks. I have tried it 3 times in 3 different dosages and I can not believe I don’t feel a damn thing. I mean nothing. Well maybe a lil more stressed trying to figure out what the crap this thing is.

Has anyone had any luck on taking there pills back to the pharmacy to switch them out for what it is suppose to be, not what they want it to be?

I hope anyone out there getting ready to take any form of adderal comes across this site and read all these peoples messages about this lil mystery pink pill that amazingly does nothing. Get the orange adderall and save your self a big headach!

  Timm wrote @

I’ve had ADD/ADHD since i was 12, so for about 8 years now. The entire time i have been on what i believe are the “Barr” generic brand, my doses have varied but normally consist of either 2 of the 10 mg blue oval pills in the morning, and one in the afternoon, or 1 20 mg orange oval pill in the morning, and one in the afternoon. It has always helped me concentrate and focus in school, work, and just my social life. I’ve seen/felt very few negative effects, such as if i don’t eat my lunch before my second dose of the day, i may have trouble eating, or if i take my second dose reallll late, ill have a little trouble sleeping. But these problems were not everyday and not severe.

I recently just moved from new york to Kansas and have found my prescriptions are being filled with the Corepharma 20 mg pink round pills. The first day i started taking them, i found i could concentrate and focus, but after about an hour of it kicking it, i started getting jittery, and then even becoming very tired, finding myself nodding off. After about a week and a half on it now, i’m finding the same results as the first day, but when a dull constant headache. My parents have told me that i am edgy and not the same, although i can’t tell. All in all, i’m quite upset with these Corepharma pills and am going to stop taking them and try to find a pharmacy around here with the Barr generics which i find extraordinarily helpful, with little side effects.

I have never had the brand name Adderall IR, and if i can not find the Barr generic around here, i will give it a try and let you all know how it goes…

As for Adderall XR, i know very little, i was originally perscribed it, and once again had the Barr generic, it worked well, but i found it basically impossible to eat lunch/throughout the day and switched to the IR on suggestion from my doctor after only a few months on it.

Is it possible the inactive ingredients effect absorption rate, or how the drug effects your body at all?

Oh and i’ve noticed many posts about people having headaches from the pink pills, and i i noticed a few even said they feel their headaches in the front right part of their head, this is where i am feel my headaches i get from um too, and am wondering if its that way for everyone?

  terry wrote @

heres what i know…shire( original makers of adderall,) nor any other manufacturer will EVER be making the original formation again! Its over folks. im talking ir, xr, generic or original. all gone. only CHEAP imitations.


i suffer with severe innatentive type, no motivation ( due to the dopamine loss) with out my adderall.

  Matt Was Here wrote @

This blog gives very useful information to many people, but many of you should work on correct spelling and your creative misuse of vocabulary before posting anymore. I mean, like, we get it and stuff, but u don’t want to sound like a etard win talkin bout some tghing important with these contingencies of people.

The point I want to make is that we do understand what you are trying to say, just take the time to slow down and write it to so that it is credible and you don’t sound ridiculous. The issue at hand on this blog is a real issue. We believe you because we know from personal experience. You don’t have to apologize for rambling, we are able to follow you through more than two sentences. There are 300+ posts here But if you want people to take you seriously you have to make sure you spell correctly and use proper English.

The more scientific you are with your evidence, the more useful it is for people to derive theories, conclusions, and potential solutions to your issue. You don’t have to have pictures, but numbers are extremely helpful to rate and report feelings, doses, durations etc.

  Matt Was Here wrote @

In response to the previous post, the brand name 20 mg adderall made by shire still seems to be very helpful from my own personal experience.

It’s still a crutch. It’s still expensive. If you don’t have insurance it will most likely cost >$200 for a months prescription as opposed to $75-$100 for the pink “nervous” pills. If you do have health insurance I advise you to ask your doctor to write on your prescription “Name Brand Medically Necessary”. Your insurance will cover it, but you might have trouble finding the name brand medication at your pharmacy. I recommend calling around before you go to the pharmacy to be certain. 24 hour pharmacies generally carry the name brand.

If you have a credible source, please let us know why you believe the original formula made by shire is not being manufactured anymore.

  Clean it Up wrote @

Just wanted to add a legitimate argument here.

We all know the pink adderall from corepharm are far different than the adderall made by barr or shire (at least the most of the older versions). The new formula has profound negative effects that have affected millions of Americans.

What we know: 1) The new pill looks different in color and design than the older. 2) The new pill tastes different (unanimous consensus)

Arguing that it is the same thing is absurd based on this alone if nothing else. Can’t say it’s like comparing sugar and salt but sugar and sweet ‘n low most definitely.

  Clean it Up wrote @

Another fact. Whether it is time, exposure to moisture, the sun, palm sweat, heat, etc. everyone notices the pill begins to break easier throughout the month. I believe the original formula adderall had some form of coating or seal around the pill to work as a protective layer against the elements but the newer versions don’t have this film. As the pill becomes softer you can only wonder what is happening to the chemical makeup.

Suggestion. Try to keep your medication away from the elements listed above. Don’t leave it in your car. Don’t leave the pills laying around out of the bottle. And don’t repetitively pour all of them into your palm.

  terry wrote @

hello all. illistration:

if you go away for the evening, and come home, open the door and find the house in a chaotic mess, things gone, drawers open, stuff everywhere, you would say “Ive been robbed!”

please dont assume its not true because no one SAW it being robbed, nor take credit from the one telling you because it needed to come from a “credible source”…

guess what…we ARE the CREDIBLE sources. WE have been robbed…and no one can convince those who depend on this drug that it NEVER happened…our minds and bodies tell us…and alot of us!

im credible and so are you all

imagine standing in your neighbors torn up house saying…PROVE IT!

  Clean it Up wrote @

I am so upset about this issue, I am going to do something about it. In fact I am certain this issue is playing a role in the problems we are having with our economy. I’ve been paying attention to it and gathering evidence for quite some time. So, starting tomorrow, I am going to take action against corepharm and sue them. I’m not going to be lazy or become discouraged either. I’m going to sue them no matter what the cost. It will take some time, and I’m certain it won’t be easy, but I am going to sue corepharm and possibly walgreens for not listening to the complaints. There is an obvious reason why CVS switched back from corepharm to barr. They would continue to sell the cheaper corepharm version if there wasn’t something wrong with medication. This will most likely be a very lengthy process so don’t expect results over night. But I will update the progress on this blog.

In closing I want to issue a warning to everyone who reads this blog. Do not take the corepharm medication being dispensed by walgreens. You can read this entire blog and hear from hundreds of people about how horrible it makes them feel. Feeling bad is not the only danger. From the evidence that I have, the pink pills are linked to seizures, nervous break downs, violent behavior, permanent damage to joints, and even suicide. Do not experiment with these s.pills. They do not work.

  Clean it Up wrote @

By the way, I will need your support. So please post as often as possible to encourage my efforts here. I’m organizing for all of us to get this done. This is not an effort rooted in selfish ideals of monetary gain. I want to fix this problem and advocate to get some retribution for many of us.


  terry wrote @

you may want to see some info on the bar /teva merger and the window of time they managed to enter. in other words, the original maker of adderall had a time period where they could sell the name to generic company (or anyone) and this window was approached with pre- set goals to do exactly what they did. of course, the formulation was then changed. keep in mind that the maker of a new drug, vioneese, want people on the old adderall to shift to the new vioneese. alot of money was put in this new drug, and they do not want it lost. by losing the great affect of original adderall, they hope the people switch. notice that on every sight that you type in adderall, there is a vioneese add…think thats a coinsedence?
also, it is my opinion that too many people who were not add in any way were taking the drug adderall illegally. at large amounts, as well. im sure there was some government intervention there, as well.
unfortunatly we the people very rearly know the true facts. the motives may appear pure, but when the dust settles, we often see its for the almighty dollar that these things occur.
one more thing….i did find the generic ir by sandoz. it seems clean enough, but the part missing is what i depend on the most for social behavior and ease of interactions. i believe its the LOVE part, which has to be dopamine. seems as the government doesnt want any one to feel too good…..

  designerman wrote @

Terry, I would have to agree with you one hundred percent. That’s why when Vyvanse came out, my next follow-up a year back plus, it was kinda pushed on me and touted how much better it worked. I had no complaints t the time, but I got the free sample thing and I was off. I have too much work to do here, but I’d love to hear exactly what this new”Vioneese” is comprised of and how it is supposed to work. Yea, the goverment has its nose in everything. I now some control is needed, but the dollar rules.

  terry wrote @

you may want to see some info on the bar /teva merger and the window of time they managed to enter. in other words, the original maker of adderall had a time period where they could sell the name to generic company (or anyone) and this window was approached with pre- set goals to do exactly what they did. of course, the formulation was then changed. keep in mind that the maker of a new drug, vioneese, want people on the old adderall to shift to the new vioneese. alot of money was put in this new drug, and they do not want it lost. by losing the great affect of original adderall, they hope the people switch. notice that on every sight that you type in adderall, there is a vioneese add…think thats a coinsedence?
also, it is my opinion that too many people who were not add in any way were taking the drug adderall illegally. at large amounts, as well. im sure there was some government intervention there, as well.
unfortunatly we the people very rarely know the true facts. the motives may appear pure, but when the dust settles, we often see its for the almighty dollar that these things occur.
one more thing….i did find the generic ir by sandoz. it seems clean enough, but the part missing is what i depend on the most for social behavior and ease of interactions. i believe its the LOVE part, which has to be dopamine. seems as the government doesnt want any one to feel too good…..

  designerman wrote @

Well all, just when I was about ready to tell the doctor that I did not want to be on Adderall as I have been on it several years and to date, it has always helped a lot as my post above states. After 3 months of almost doing asking my Phyc. to change, I ask for “name brand only.” Unbelieveably, the Adderall name brand ws just as bad as the Pink Corepharma. However, the walmart carried the oval 20 mgs made by Barr (same manufact, as you all know) but it was Friday and the I had been out a few days (always take as prescribed) but got busy and forgot to mail in my request and ask fo the name brand only. When I found out that the Pharm had(same walmart) had the oval 20 mg. peach colored made by Barr-WOW same Manufacturer), I tried to get the pharmacist to change and could not as my Doc could not be reached. SO THIS MONTh, I had my follow up, as every 3 months and almost ask to change, but let it slide. The peach ovals are the same as I always took, got a small b on the back, and they are the same as always. Hope they keep them in stocck. Unbeleiveable, the name brand is crap, supposably same manufact., and the generic peach oval IR is the old formula. What gives?

  designerman wrote @

I don’t want to beat this subject to death, but I must ADD one more thing, no pun intended. I did read something about the actual name brand formula being changed, but thought no way possible. What the original formula adderall does and always did for myself – (even the IR which I only tried the time released a month or so and the time-it just released ore money form my pocket. It brings a calm over me and I can focus and do a project and it has very little side effects. Dehydration is minimal, though drinking plenty is necessary as I work both in and out in a very hot location. My wife noticed my change a few times, edgy, whatnot, and in general, I’m very easy going. The Barr 20 mg Oval that I just had filled and have been on 2 days is so different, calming and at the same time energy. The pink corepharma and even the name brand(1st time in over three years) that I ever got the name brand due to costs for me, and I know we all have different body/brain make-ups was actually like being on a differnt med completely. Felt like an overdose of caffeine, like an entirely different med. I know some here would say it’s all nonsense-well maybe for them it is. I have weened myself off before and was fine-without the benefits, and my phyc ask me why? I thought well maybe I’ll try some natural items. Not even close, but a couple did help. The name brand for me was not quite as side-effect hitchhiked, but the Barr, 20 mg Peach oval have very minimal side effects. My Doc thinks I’m full of it;he even ordered blood work which I’m ready for anyway. One more thing, though I eat fairly well and work in physical (very physical) job in the heat, suddenly my weight went up gradually with the Pinks and there were no changes in diet, exercise, etc. If I cannot continue to get the Barr Ovals, or if I notice a change in them, I’m going to vyvanse, which I don’t care for and cost more, completely destroys your libido(or mine), and for me, kicks in all at once and then is metabolized by my system qiuckly. Oh well, I’m finished-feel free to say that’s it’s all nonsense, but if it was not, this posting board would not be lit up with so many comments.

  terry wrote @







  designerman wrote @

It’s cool Terry, I’m very upset, probably more than you. I have the dopamine problem and and have had it all my life, ADD inattentive, very unable to focus. and not personalable. It changed my life and it has been working along time for me with very few side effects. I am making a special appointment, though it may not do much good to visit my phyc. and tell him of this bull@#%*. I almost became completely disfunctional in my old sense the last 3 months. I truly wonder if the Docs know what is going on. My Phyc just look at me as if I was completely full of it, using more than prescribed, etc. though my blood test are always normal at 50 plus years. It’s not the governement though they are in bed with the Pharm companies, it’s the Pharm companies-I just wonder if the Doc’s truly know what’s going on here.

  terry wrote @









  terry wrote @



  designerman wrote @


  terry wrote @

go here and thread adderall. comments re shire and only making xr not ir and why and who is making the others.

good least shire is making the still same xr but make sure doc writes no amp salts..even after you get your pills open right there and make sure all are shire xr..none have d amp salts on them.

sorry i havent gotton back sooner..just got this myself…so much secrecy with these companies…if they would have made that clear in the beginning we wouldnt have to spend all this wasted time!

  terry wrote @

see my reply on last leg of this comment line..

  rogdog wrote @

i just got put on blue tens, generic. at first i thought they were great, but then i tried an orange twenty and it seemed waaayyy stronger and better – more concentrated, smoother – than taking two blue generics even. I DID NOT KNOW at the time that there was a difference between them i.e. that one was generic, one was brand name. Planning to ask my doc since i’ve been on the drug for a bit for some orange twenties, please.

  terry wrote @

but who is the manufacturer? that is what apparantly makes the difference. please respond. thanks

  amy wrote @

I experienced the exact same thing and i was researching and feel like a guiena pig. im struggling on pink and the orange helps me. i did same thing you did and i am having friends test too. i wish i could sue

  Sherri wrote @

The pink adderall is different. I have discussed it with my Pharmacist and told him I do not have the same affects as the orange tablet. The orange tablet is the name brand and the pink is generic. Less adderall for less money I suppose. It suxs.

  cvl wrote @

Just got a prescription filled at Kroger, they carry the orange Barr pills.

  terry wrote @

my understanding is that shire still makes the original formulation of adderall, of which they alone are so famous. however, xr only. ir is supposidly represented and bought by barr teva.

another important thing…make sure your shire xr does not say d. amphetimine salts. just plain adderall xr.

im a little more hopeful now..will see psy. next week, try to fill and let u all know…cant wait to ditch the scattered thoughts again…ahhhhh…peaceful focus at last!

  Blunt wrote @

Its funny how you can see whose tweakin’ hard cause they leave long ass wickid messages. Nobody cares lol and the ones that do, no one cares aboue .

  Simon wrote @

I was prescribed 70mg of Vyvanse a day and I took it for one month. I had my follow-up appt. with my psychiatrist just the other day and he and he wanted me to try Adderall IR @ 60mg a day due to the side-effects I was having from the Vyvanse (insomnia, loss of appetite, and a strange rash on my arm). I must say that this pink $h!t is terrible that I got from Walgreens! I feel the EXACT same as I did several months ago (can’t focus, very sleepy while driving, no motivation). I’m thinking about switching back to Vyvanse in a month and just dealing with the side-effects because I have no idea what pharmacy carries the “orange” pill that most of you speak so highly of.

  Lisa wrote @

I’m glad i stumbled upon this site. I had been getting the orange OVAL 30 mg generic adderall tablets for years and years. One day i picked up my prescription from shopko (my normal pharmacy) and they gave me orange tablets in the shape of a circle. I was also on a new antibiotic that ive never taken before and turns out one of the two were causing a reaction. i was told they could no longer get the oval tablets and i could either go somewhere else or keep getting the round ones. walgreens had the PINK round tablets. So i went to walgreens and talked to the pharmacist about them possibly ordering the oval shaped ones. they ultimately told me that they were no longer made, and that the company that made them was bought out and therefore would not be manufacturing them in the future. so ive been taking the pink ones for months now. all this time i have been miserable. they’re even so hard on my stomach that i feel sick nearly every time i take one. its even worse if i try taking them on an empty stomach! i finally decided to go back to shopko and try the round orange ones again. before getting my script filled i talked to the pharmacist about the possibility of a certain generic causing problems over another. the pharmacist acted clueless and without saying made me feel like an idiot. i picked up the filled prescription and inside are the OVAL ORANGE generic form! i was going to stick around and ask questions as to whether or not theyre going to continue getting that brand or not. i even suggested to the tech that maybe they could keep the remaining brand for my script every month until they run out (i used to work for walgreens as a tech and there were situations where we did this for customers who request a specific manufacturer not normally carried). of course the tech acted dumb and couldnt comprehend what i was talking about whatsoever, so i just paid for my script and left. i know some people might say the horrible symptoms from the pink generic form couldve have been a mind over matter thing, however there were several occasions where i was able to take an orange oval one due to keeping a few at my boyfriends house in order to not have to transport the bottles every other day when i go sleep over there. before i even attributed all the negative symptoms to the pink form of the generic, i took an orange one and realized how much better i felt. through trial and error i am 100% sure that the pink generic form were not equivalent to the orange OVAL 30 mg tablets, and i’m very upset that i’ve been put in this situation. now i have to worry that i wont be able to continue getting the kind that work for me and i think its ridiculous.
if anybody knows the long-term status of whether or not they are going to continue manufacturing the oval orange ones, please let me know!
(sorry so long)

  Bose wrote @

Go to Shires website. It is correct that they still make adderall XR and no other version because under products it only list XR.

  terry wrote @

yes to shire making only 30 mg xr BUT the formula is definatly different than the earlier shire 30 mg xr. i make sure that they say adderall and NOT amphetimine salts. however, it is not the same. the seeming difference is the dopamine factor..and the motivation they used to give me is arrested as soon as i begin to feel it. I get tired into the second hour. on the fourth hour i try another. again i am tired into the 2nd hour. the remainder of the day will keep me somewhat focused, but no where near the way they did. and the socialation factor is innatentive add i desperatly need this. been looking and looking for answers..had hope with knowledge of shire making 30 xr, but very disapointed. do they not see that those of us who are truly add need this to be normal?

  John wrote @

Yo it’s cause the orange are extended release and the pink ones are instant release.

  terry wrote @

yo shire only makes xr now…check it out

  College girl wrote @

Hi everyone,
I find all this information very useful I am very disappointed that I cannot find the results from the author though. Here is a brief description of my adderall history I have tried an adderall before from a friend and I have really liked the effects. I recently went to see a psychiatrist and was prescribed them due to me having adhd. I started out on the 15 mg Barr brand and I have had a great experience my grades dramatically improved, to make a long story short I was recently put on 20mg and to my dismay I got them filled at Walgreens same place I got my 15 mg Bars at well yeah you guessed it I was given them nasty tasting little pink pills called COR 135. The first thing I noticed was the look and then I read the bottle and decided it was the right medication and I took one right away because I was out of mine for a day.The taste was awful but life goes on I was headed to a Christmas party and had no time to contemplate. No headache but I did notice that I was not getting the same feeling and that I was actually very hungry a bit strange. Well I ended up having to many cocktails that evening so I woke up in the morning with worst hangover ever. So after re-hydrating and sleeping it off I decided I would take one of my adderalls to help me stay awake I noticed hunger, extreme irritation, and almost a panic attack feeling so I decided to do my research. This is what I have gathered and where I am at, I am going to continue the medicine today but only half my regular dose because they absorb quickly I am going to drink lots more water while on this medication and eat a few hours after I take it. All I know is that if one more weird side affect occurs I am quitting cold turkey. I do not or should I say have not got the same effect as I do from all other forms of adderall. I am and will not be a manufactures lab rat I am sorry to me my life is worth more than that. At the same time I am going to give this a try because I have found a lot of consistency in certain aspects of the medication COR 135. For example, a.) The people whom have started out on this form of adderall like it b.) It sort of makes since as too why some people are experiencing more adverse affects such as nausea it may be due to the fact that they are probably sensitive to lactose, c.) It is common sense and doesn’t take a bio chemist or doctor to know that switching any medication can cause adverse affects even if its just the fillers and d.) We have ADHD or ADD you know what is accompanied with the learning disorder OCD and addictive personalities meaning see one little thing wrong we will obsess over it and e.) this product has been on the market for nearly three years if it was that bad it would of been removed after a year. Trust me I am not a member of this pharmaceutical manufacture I am a simple girl who likes the drive and enthusiasm I get from my medication and the way I can concentrate and focus, I am just stating that before everyone goes in a huge anti pink pill boycott we should try different methods and give it a chance and if that don’t work someone truly should get this medication tested. I am mostly concerned about the little ones taking these meds and that is why I will give it a chance. If these pills cause me anymore dismay I will fight alongside with everyone who wants them pulled of shelves.I still get the same cotton mouth I have got from other forms and I have experienced far worst headaches from other forms of adderall that is just some more consistency I thought I would mention but on the other hand I seem more ditzy and am sleepy and hungry which has never happened while consuming adderall. I may also just give up my adderalls completely for a few days and retry depending on the severity of the side affects. I will repost and let you know how my experience went. I would also like to mention to the female who lost her hair and got a really bad UTI that this sounds like more of a hormonal issue then just solely the medication it is possible that taking the two so close together could of caused a chemical imbalance and which at the same time that may be the cause of the major mood swings as well. I really think sticking to the exact same medication or giving yourself a break before implementing new ones is the most realistic recommendation is the bet advice one can offer. I also strongly think that pharmacies need to be boycotted for there lack of the best interest in the consumer, I was going to become a PT but now I am not sure I want to work for some asshole who make me do this to my customers. Could you imagine giving a child who was lactose and intolerant a pill that is filled with lactose ummm.. I would feel awful. I know its stapled to the package but there still needs to be some sort of policy against switching medications without the consumer being very aware of the new product.

  College girl wrote @

LOL I just reread my post and you can clearly see this medication does not have the same focus affect look at my post above I had a lot of inconsistency and rewrote what I was trying to say three or four different times.

  College girl wrote @

Just another thought referring to the weird fluttery feeling that you get that sometimes makes you think something is wrong with your heart could possibly be just gas. It is a known side effect and think about it so many people mistake gas for heart problems try drinking something carbonated and see if you can belch or yea I think you got the pic.

  College girl wrote @

Okay 5:30 a.m I am quitting the medicine today there is no no need to awake to vomiting and a hangover worst then I have ever experienced. I just want it out of my system it feels dirty like poison,my teeth feel weird,I am seeming to be depressed,I gave it a try I am not overacting whether this drug is the same or not bottom line is that it has a really bad adverse affect on alot of people and the sudden switch in medication needs to be stopped. I am calling Walgreens and going up there with all the complaints I can find and getting something legally documented about them giving me this medication and it causing adverse reaction on me. I am calling Corrpharm and demanding my money back and telling them about there shitty third party distributor, and I am reporting this drug to the FDA. Then I am going to get a bunch of petitions filed against this whole switcheroo on peoples medications so abruptly without there knowledge.

  Jordan wrote @

I have had harcore ADD since I was a child. Im talking about ADD where I talk with a lot of pauses and slowly because he takes me so long to think and focus about what im saying. I have taken both of these medications and the D-Amp pretty much turned me into a hungerless troll. The name brand Adderall worked better but made me feel sometimes over stimulated to where it actually made me unfocused and dehydrated.

  Donna Michelle P wrote @

I’ve been taking adderall 30 mg, 2xdaily, since December, 2010. Before I took Adderall 20mg., 2xdaily. Since I am not able to afford the brand name, I have always requested generic. When I first received the pink pills, I was surprised, but didn’t think too much about it until I began taking them. I found them to be profoundly different. I felt irritable, wasn’t able to focus, was hungrier and I DID NOT like them. After the first time of taking the pink ones I always called different drugstores to make sure they had the orange generics.. I still do today..The orange works for me the pink doesn’t. That’s all there is to it. I never have mentioned this to my Psychiatrist, but I think I will now. (I thought it was just me until I found this blog.) It never bothered me to ask the pharmacist if they carried the orange or the pink…Don’t let it bother you. DMP

  Donna Michelle P wrote @

I’m curious to find out the results of the authors study…or were you able to do without you adderall for the month? Hope to hear from you. wrote @

So interesting. For me personally, the hot pink COT 135 adds seemed to make me more jittery and nervous compared to the other versions. I’ve had this complaint for 2 years and never shared it. Also, much less of a euphoric feeling I’ve experienced. I’m interested in your results and what this particular brand’s effects are having on the C.N.S.

  wigbeater wrote @

dear santa….. it is kind of crazy how many people on here really do just compare which one gets you higher. Sorry its just funny to me.

  Anonymous wrote @

I used to take 15mg of the brand name adderall xr which with my insurance cost me 50 dollars per month, theses are the blue capsules with that you can see the salt inside. This was getting to be too costly for me and my insurance did not over the generic adderall xr. For this reason, i switched to taking regular adderall but the generic brand, the PINK pills because my insurance would cover this and i would only pay ten dollars.

I started the switch while i was on winter break from college and i didnt notice how big the difference was until i actually started classes and was not getting the help i needed from these generic pink pills. These pills suck!! They take a long time, about an hour to kick in and at most they last 4-5 hrs….when adderall should be in full effect for 6-8 hours. I tried to get the brand name and try the regular adderall which i think are the orange pills but my insurance doesnt cover all of it and it would cost me 210 dollars. Of course they know nobody is going to pay that much for one month supply of adderall, so its almost as if the pink pills are the only option…or i go back to taking the adderall xr.

  Austin wrote @

I actually am glad that I found this website, beucase I was going to go back to the pharmacy and accuse them of giving me the wrong Rx. Completely different. I love my orange pills, the pink are the horrible. I had to lay down that last time I took the pinks, because i felt like i was going to pass out.

  bebe wrote @

I too can only get generic because of my insurance, but there are generic orange 20s that are fine – just as good as the “real” orange 20s. Try another pharmacy. Walgreen’s gave me the pink pills only once – around the time college students would be taking exams – right before Christmas. I told my husband that they didn’t work as well and seemed half the strength of the orange 20’s. I found it strange that the same Walgreen’s that normally gave me orange all of sudden gave me pink. I wondered if they were running low due to exams and gave me the lousy pinks for this reason?? The next month, that same Walgreen’s gave me my usual orange. Also, Target has always given me orange.

  Matt wrote @

I have been prescribed to addy’s since 2002 which was 60mg XRs a day. Well whien I got dropped from my parents insurance around 4 years ago my doctor and I talk about the outrageous price of the XR’s and so I switched to the generic non-time released. Which was the best decesion I could have ever made. My doctor also doubled my dosage to 4 30mg tabs: 120 mgs! She has it in her head that the XR’s are twice as strong or something that since I switched to the generic tabs I have to double up.

So now I get 120 30mg tabs a month! Since I have to insurance I recently figured out that CVS and Walgreens carry secret discount cars; maybe thats going to far to say they are secret but its not like they advertise them Id been paying alot more until about 6 months ago. The cheapest I’ve paid for 120 mg tabs is $44.00!!!!! at CVS. and the most ive paid is I believe $84 at Walgreens. Its easier to have the workers/pharmacists to run each discount card to quote you the cheapest price if you walk into the store rather than using the drive thru. Alot of them are lazy and dont want to do it so I just say well Im going to go to your competitor if the price isn’t lower and they will run each discount card they have. Atleast they do everytime for me.

Addressing the issue of the orange 30mg ovals/footballs vs. pink 30mg pies/wagon wheels Non Time Release of course which I go back and forth between the orange and pink every month. I honestly think its a tolerance issue if you believe that one has different effect than the other; which I was skeptical about in the beginning. Obviously it makes sense that they both are made/cooked differently but come on there both amphetamines its like comparing two different types of meth which I am completely opposed too. I do every month switch between the orange and pink just for the simple fact that my tolerance/ I could feel the pills better.

Feel Free to shoot me an email thanks for taking the time to read me typing away on addys lol and please forgive me for the unprofessional punctutaion and lack there of the all mighty spell check..

Thanks Matt

  Matt wrote @

correction I have “NO” Insurance

  Matt wrote @

lol another correction lol my email is

  Mindy wrote @

The pink Corepharma pills don’t even feel like adderall (or generic orange oval Barr’s – I have never taken the brand). I have no focus, my performance at work over the last 2 months that I have been taking them has dropped 30% per my supervisor, and I do not feel engaged in anything at all – just apathy. I found the only thing that helped was taking twice as many of the pink ones as the orange ones which I am going to explain to my Dr. when I see her next week. I just pray she doesn’t refuse to prescribe this medication because I over took them – when I don’t have the medication I can’t work and I am suicidal. Hopefully, if print and bring this thread, she can see I am not the only one.
I looked all over town for the Barr’s last time I filled them but no one carries them anymore.

  ashley wrote @

I need some help. I am the only one here who seems to think pink adderll vs. peach generic.
is better. I have had horible side effects. on the peach ones. Blacking out, falling down stairs, forgeting where I am when I come to . Small seizures etc. Has anyone else had better luck with the pink?

  jordan wrote @

I came searching for answers– I totally agree with you! Something is not right- however, the orange pill is generic as well. The blue pill is the original adderall

  mwoolley wrote @

I have been taking 20mg 2x/day for about 12 years. I just got the pink ones yesterday. I yawn all day long, am very sleepy yet fidgety and do the typical drumming of fingers on the desk while shaking one if not both of my legs. Conclusion: the pink pills ARE different than the orange ones.

  beasto wrote @

I have an uncle that does genetic research for one of the major drug companies. At a family gathering one time, my grandma jokingly offered me some generic meds that she didn’t want because they made her ‘see squirrels running around the house.’
My uncle asked the name of the med and said she should stick with the brand name on that one. I asked my uncle, “Is there really a difference? It has to be the same chemical, right?”
He said that the chemical formula has to be the same, but when the formulas get released to allow generics, the manufacturing processes usually aren’t released. So, with certain molecules other companies figure out how make, there can be different shapes of the same chemical that end up inert, less effective, or have slightly different effects. and are mixed in and counted as part of the weight of the drug. There can also be manufacturing byproducts that have a different synergy with the original chemical. Anyway, he said that with a lot of drugs, the generics are perfectly fine, they can only be made a certain way, but with some drugs there can be big differences on molecular level.
Hope this helps explain why sometimes you need a higher dose or notice different effects because I noticed a difference between the types of adderall too and thought his insight made sense.

  James H Long II wrote @

They are different & that is why I had 2 change my meds. The generic ones did nothing…The non-generic ones did nothing except give me huge headache. Thanx Teva/Barr!!! wrote @

I’m on 30mg qd of both reg and XR but have always taken generic and amazingly I am a rarity of the Adderrall users; they all make me hungry all the time! But the pink amphetamine salts make me groggy, unfocused, teeth grinding, total bitch! At 37 and years of misdiagnosis I was ecstatic (this year 2013) when I was started on generic Adderall. After they played with my dose and finally got it right. I was like other people. (mostly lol) Then pharmicist filled blue XR and would not change it was awful. I lost my insurance but had my MD fill all my scripts for 3mth supply but they filled pink and different XR from previous type that worked-bc I trusted the pharmacy wouldn’t make same mistake so I didn’t check before leaving pharmacy. So, I have been stuck for almost 3mths as a crazy mom of 5 and 4 year olds…that they deserve the mom that was awesome for a few months (I was great mom before meds) but awesome after…I want to be the person I was in the spring

  MammiAllina wrote @

Help, I Ask you I Beg you Help.
My mother is very seriously ill,
and my beloved daughter needs heavy operation.
My mother and the daughter will die soon if you don’t help,
help please, very much I ask you,
God won’t forget you,
I am kneeling and I beg, help…

my Bitcoin purse

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